Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Honeymoon's Not Over

Greetings Happy People,

I'm Baaaaack!!!

As I write this message to you, lots of good things happened to me.

First, I got a promotion at my job.

Then I stepped into the role of District Governor for my Toastmasters community in southern Nevada and central California

Speaking of which, my face was on the front page of the website. CLICK HERE to check it out.

And there was one more thing - I JUST GOT MARRIED!!! YAY!!!

That's right, Happy People!! Mr. I-I-I is now a married man!! On July 1st, I celebrated my union with my beloved wife Dana and some amazing folks. Before we tied the knot, Dana and I have been going out for four years. Call me crazy, but I think this marriage will be awesome.

After the wedding celebration, we went to our "mini-moon" at the Luxor and had a great time. It is amazing what free upgrades you can get when one wears a tuxedo and the other wears a bridal gown. I was wearing the tuxedo.

Our big honeymoon will take place next month in beautiful Orlando, Florida!! We are so looking forward to that :o)

Twenty-one days have passed and as I think about this in depth, I am glad that I made the right choice that Christmas night in 2009 when I proposed to her. It was a wise decision, indeed.

As we acquaint ourselves as man and wife, I also wonder what other couples go through in their marriages. Today, there are couples out there that fight over things like money, jobs, or sex. Some of these arguments can get nasty and bitter. Strong couples can weather through these minor storms for better sails. Others would let the ship sink and are either left drowning or holding on to someone's dinghy.

Either way, it is better for someone to take the time to know a person before going into a serious commitment like marriage.The great philosopher Elvis Presley said "Wise men say only fools rush in." I am thankful that I did not rush into this relationship and had the time to get to know Dana. It certainly paid off now, and will pay off in the long run.

As I write this message to you, I can tell you that this is only the beginning. While it is true that Dana and I have been going out for a while, this is something new for the both of us. Will there be challenges along the way? Yes, but there will be more good fortunes too!! Once we can take the time to be grateful and appreciate the good things in our lives, the honeymoon will never be over!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Sunday, June 17, 2012

That Monday Morning in February

Greetings People,

I remember this day with two different types of emotions. One is with a heavy heart and the other is with gratitude.

While some people are celebrating and remembering their fathers on this day, I am getting through this day in a very different fashion. So far, so good.

To understand this story, let's go back to Monday morning, February 27, 2012.

As I was getting ready for my day at work, I got a phone call from my mother. She wanted me to come to the house as soon as possible. At first I was reluctant, but decided to head over there. On my way to the Oakley home, I get another phone call. It was from my little sister Crystal. As I answered the phone, I noticed she was crying. It was at that moment I said, "Oh shit. This is not good at all."

When I got to the house, the ambulance had just left the house. I asked my mother what was going on. She said that she found my dad unconscious in the bathroom. She was talking to him as he was getting ready for his dialysis appointment. The last word he told her was "okay." Then she noticed a long period of silence......" When she walked into the bathroom, she saw him on the bathroom floor. She screamed so loud that it alerted my sisters, nieces, and nephews. My older sister Rita tried to perform CPR on him, it did not work. Rita dialed 9-1-1 and the paramedics soon arrived.

As we left the Oakley home, we went to nearby Summerlin hospital in Las Vegas. We walked into the emergency room and the paramedics tried to get all of us into the consolation room. It was then, that we knew.

30 years with diabetes.

15 years of surgeries and hospital stays.

5 years of dialysis.

All of this culminated to that Monday morning in February.

He suffered a heart attack with some fluid in his lungs. He went real quick. No goodbyes. No farewells. No words to let us know.

It was the similar way that my grandfather left. When he left in that fashion back in 1979, my dad was 36. When my dad left, I was 36.

The last conversation I remember having with him was picking him up from his last dialysis appointment the Friday before. We talked about car care and wondered when his mother was going to get their car services. I also remember getting his favorite meal from Burger King - a Whopper value meal. I would never thought that those would be my last moments with him.

As I type this message to you now, I can say that I had a great dad. The times, the talks, the wisdom, the memories, I would not trade them with anyone. If it had not been for him, I would not become the man I am today.

If you have a dad, please spend some time with him. Let him know that you love him. If you lost a dad, think of the good memories you have of him. Let him know that he is remembered.

As for me, time may go on. Days may pass by. But I will never forget the time I have with the Ol' Man.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It Ain't the End of the World

Greetings Happy People,

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of doing a radio interview with friend and fellow Toastmaster Mike Keeler.

He has a radio show called "You and Your Money" and he would talk about different financial related items.

On this special episode, we talked about Toastmasters.

Before the radio show, I felt a little nervous. I did not know why because I have done many radio interviews before. Heck, I met my soon to be bride on a radio show. For me to feel a little nervous about this is a little unusual.

As I went into the interview everything started off a little nervous. Then, it happened.

As I was talking about examples on how Toastmasters can help different people, I stumbled on a certain word. Luckily, no "pharmaceutical schools" were damaged in this verbal foul up.

It would have been very easy to let this goof up bring the whole radio interview down, but it went in the completely opposite direction. After my mistake, I was able to laugh it off and become better at this interview.

For the rest of that hour, I was having more fun with the questions, the interview, and using that word of the day "pharmaceutical." At the end, I felt a lot better than I did before I went in.

In life, we have times where we are unsure about how things will go. Sometimes we let fear get the best of us. But once that foul up happens, you have a choice in how to handle it. Luckily, my choice was to laugh it off and just have fun with. Fortunately, it paid off for me.

Imagine if I were to take the other direction. Chances are it would have been excruciating to the ears for many people that listened to that radio show.

You have a choice in what you can do after a mistake. Are you going to let it beat you down or are you going to laugh it off and have the best fun you can with it? If you choose the latter, you will be better off. You will learn. You will grow. You will have fun.

If I can laugh off a mistake and learn from it, so can you!! It ain't the end of the world!! It can only be the beginning!!

That is all I have for now, take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cultural Wasteland

Greetings Happy People,

As I flipped through the channels, I see plenty of television shows I used to watch as a kid. Many of them had  entertaining situations, challenging scenarios, and a valued message to leave behind at the end. These shows from the 70's, 80's, and early 90's were outstanding.

After watching these shows, I ask myself this following question.......


Today, we have shows that either miss the point, poison our minds with useless dribble, or just don't care anymore. If television is a reflection of today's society, we are not only heading towards a cultural wasteland, but UNDER it. It is at the point where the only channel I care to watch is ESPN. It is a complete and downright shame.

Twenty five years ago, we had shows like Family Ties, The Cosby Show, and 227. Now we have Survivor, Jersey Shore, and Basketball Wives. What happened? Have these Hollywood executives lowered the standards to the point where they can put ANYTHING on television for a price? This makes me want to shake my head in disappointment.

Thankfully, I have other options than to watch today's mindless dribble some people call entertainment. I can enjoy my favorite hobbies. I can step outside and enjoy any beautiful scenery that is out there. I can even spend quality time with friends and family.Many of these things are more captivating that what can be seen on television. Unlike the pseudo-reality mess that is being shown on a daily basis, I choose to do other worthwhile things.

It frightens me how minds are eaten away by this garbage. If television is like this right now, I dread to imagine what it will be like in the year 2027.

Are you sick and tired of what is being seen on today's television? If you are, remember that you do not have to put up with it. You have many choices in what you can do with your life. After all, it is better than having your mind erode away with unnecessary drama. Remember, you have the ability to turn off the pseudo-reality shows and turn on the reality of something better.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Knowing the Speed Limits

Greetings Happy People,

I live in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

This city is not only known for the amazing casinos and the glimmering lights, but also for the interesting traffic.

In some areas of the valley, you see plenty of bustling freeways with all types of vehicles moving from one end of town to the other. Some go blinding fast while others go at a snail’s pace. Add some side landmarks and you got an even more interesting ride. There are many important landmarks on the Las Vegas highways. Some are as beautiful as the desert artwork on the walls. Others are not as beautiful as those orange cones and drums. But for me, the most important landmark is the speed limit sign.

Why the speed limit sign? It tells the driver how fast they can go on certain roads. Unfortunately, some Las Vegas drivers have misinterpret the definition of “limit.”  On any given day in this city, you have drivers going 30-40 miles an hour over the speed limit. In the same breath, you have other drivers going 20 miles under the speed limit on the far left lane of traffic.

If these folks don’t know how fast they’re supposed to go, they can get in lots of trouble. The consequences can range from a traffic ticket to a thirteen car pile up. Either way, it is not fun to receive this type of punishment.

Instead of freeways, what if we put this logic to what we do in our daily lives? Instead of driving from the Las Vegas strip to Hoover Dam, why don’t we see this as going from start to finish on an assignment?

One of my problems involves completing a goal. Many times, I go too fast. Few times, I go too slow. Either way, I have to learn how to manage and control my speed.

If I were to go too fast on things, it can create haste. I may get there first, but there are some things that can be overlooked. At this point, I need to STOP, REVIEW, and THINK about any moves I need to make before I reach my goal.

If I were to go too slow on things, it can create waste. I may take my time, but there are some things that causes me to impede things. Whether it is by fear, procrastination, complacency, or any other obstruction, it can create a waste of time for me and anyone else that is involved. At this point, I need to just KEEP GOING and STAY FOCUSED on the task at hand.

When it comes to those goals and deadlines in my life, it doesn’t hurt to have a few speed limit signs along the way. These signs are helpful for me to maintain that good running speed so I do not go over board or under arrest.

It is okay to have some speed limits in your journey. If we don’t have them, how fast could we get from one point to the other?  

Knowing how fast to go prevents us from getting into any unnecessary accidents. 

Knowing how fast to go establishes our credibility as very good drivers. 

Knowing how fast to go makes us better prepared for any road that lies ahead of us.

Once we are able to know our speed limits, we will be able to have a better drive on the directions we choose to take.  All it takes is us to understand where we want to go and how fast we want to get there.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sheep's Clothing

Greetings Happy People,

Never lose faith in yourself. Never lose faith in your God. Those two things will be saving graces when you face your challenging times.

People may talk about certain things, but it is the true colors that will always come shining through. It may be as colorful as a rainbow or as gray as the darkest storms. No matter what happens, never let them deter your own vision of certain things in life.

When my dad passed last February, my family and I were going through some challenging times. One of which was to find a church that would hold a funeral service. Through this experience, you can say that a lot of churches have shown their true colors.

One church my family went to wanted a ridiculously high amount of money just to perform the service. Another church we use to go to would not give us the time of day because we had no immediate family members that belong there. A third one wanted more money than the first one. When we finally found a church that was willing to perform the service, let's just say that they were marginal at best.

The service was okay, but there were two things that had my eyebrows raised. The first one was the fact that the church offered their condolence to my eldest sister and her husband for the loss of my dad. No mention of my mother, no mention of myself, and no mention of the rest of the immediate family.


I did not care if my eldest sister is a member of that church, the oversight made by them was not right at all.

The second thing was the preacher talking about how Obama was the greatest President ever. I know he was trying to connect the message with how he and my father were great men in what they have done, but he could have done without the political tones. I knew people at the service that were not big fans of Barack Obama and they were from different races. He skated on thin ice with that beginning as my mother and I looked at each other with real concern on our faces.

Whatever the church service lacked was strongly made up for with the burial service. The military style burial in Boulder City was done with class, integrity, and succinct professionalism.

Before all of this happened, I had questions about the different churches in the Las Vegas valley. Thanks to this experience, my questions were answered. I was surprised with some of these churches that talk about offering a helping hand. When it came down to the wire, that hand they offered came with a price. For me, that was a complete turnoff. While I may know some cool people that attend these churches, it would not change the fact on how I feel about the houses they choose to worship. It is a shame that some of them are led by the dollar instead of the Word.

No matter how many of these churches are out there, I still believe that there are some good ones around. I am feel grateful and blessed to know that my faith in these good churches have not wavered. It would have been easy for me to close my mind and say that all churches are corrupt, but I know that is not the case. All it takes is keeping faith, and a good one can be found.

Today, so many people have lost faith in many things. Whether it be in churches, work, news, or anything else, they can deplete our beliefs in more ways than one. No matter how negative these things can be, it is important that we never lose our own faith. Believe it or not, our own faith can help guide us through some tough times. All it takes is for us to believe.

It may not be as soon as we like for it to be, but it will happen. Never lose faith in your God, never lose faith in others, and never lose faith in yourself.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Monday, May 14, 2012

I Am Awake

Greetings Happy People (or Good Morning Happy People),

No matter where I am, no matter what I do, I am glad to be awake right now.

Even at 4'o clock in the morning, as I type this message to you, it IS good to be awake. Heck, it is better than the alternative.

It amazes me how some people take the simple fact of waking up each morning for granted. Many people wake up worrying what the day will bring. Others wish they don't wake up at all. Nevertheless, these people overlook the importance of getting up each morning. How can anyone do anything if they can't wake up?

Within my 36 years of living, I have met people that have been through what life has dealt them. Whether it is a financial hit, a terminal illness, or some bad break in life, they are able to wake up and continue the day that awaits them. Call it what you want, but they chose to get up when life knocks them down.

For me, I am glad to wake up in the morning. Each day allows me an opportunity to determine not only how to take on the day, but also find the different opportunities and possibilities that are out there.

Do I have challenges in my day? Yes, I do.

Am I going to make mistakes? Probably.

No matter how big or small these challenges may be, I know that they cannot keep me down forever. I know that I can overcome any obstacle if I choose to do so. All I have to do first is just wake up. If I don't do that, what else could I do??

As you wake up and read this post, you have a choice to look at what I am writing. You can choose to go on your way and miss this message entirely, or you can choose to be thankful that you are up this morning.

Either way, the decision is up to you.

Just remember that when you make this decision, be sure that you are awake. It helps.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.



Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Best Men

Greetings Happy People,

Today, I went to a tuxedo shop to get fitted for my upcoming wedding. Three of my best men were also there too. When I looked at the tuxedo, I was amazed by the black and purple color combination. When I tried on the tuxedo and looked in the mirror, it really hit me.

What hit me?? Everything!!!

As I looked at myself in this tuxedo, one of many thoughts came into my mind. This thought involved the three men that are going to be the groomsmen. I prefer to call them my best men. Each of them have a real significance in how this blessed union came for Dana and myself.

Let's get started with the first best man Tim. If it had not been for him convincing me to go to a certain motivational seminar named PSI, I would not have had the courage to ask Dana out on a date four years ago. Attending that seminar broke a lot of walls for me. It broke walls of doubt, walls of negativity, and other walls that had been dominating my life for the years. Attending this seminar allowed me to breakthrough as a whole different gentleman. For that, I am very grateful.

The second best man is Vince. Vince represents a pivotal point in my life where things began rolling for me. He is a fellow classmate from Bishop Gorman High School (in Las Vegas, Nevada). This school has made a major impact for me. Without Gorman, I would not have gone to UNLV. Without Gorman, I would not have heard of a thing call Toastmasters International (as a UNLV student) . And without Gorman, I would not have had the chance to meet Dana. I treasured my four years at this high school. I also learn many lessons that were in and out of the classroom. I also created solid friendships that are still standing to this day. One can say that Bishop Gorman was a starting point for all of the good things that were about to come my way. For that, I am very grateful.

The third best man is Gene. Gene represents a very important part of my life. Without him, I probably would not have met my soon to be bride. Six years ago, Gene offered an opportunity for me to be on a radio show to talk about Toastmasters. Without any delay, I took that opportunity. When I got to the radio station, I met another guest panelist who was new to Toastmasters. From that point, we knew that we would click pretty well. From that first meeting, a new relationship began. Who would have known that these two people would actually get married six year later? I sure didn't. For that, I am extremely grateful.

As I looked at myself in this tuxedo, I felt pretty darn good!! Call it the alignment of the stars in the universe. Call it a coincidence. Call it whatever you want, but there are some things that seem to just fall into place.

Things happen for a reason, Happy People. Today, people complain and worry about things that may or may not come their way. All of this worry can only bring more worry to the person and no lessons could be learned. But if one were to take the time and see how things can fit into life, all that worry would go away and the lessons will begin. Even if things don't go the way they do, one can still learn. This happens in the past. present, and future as long as one is able to read between the lines.

Thankfully, I am able to read between the lines of my best men and become grateful for what they represent. Are you taking the time to read between the lines in your life? If you are able to learn from the lines you read, you can become the best man or woman. If it can happen for me, it will happen for you.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Dancing One-Legged Man

Greetings Happy People,

I have challenging days.

I have those days where things don't always seem to go right.

I have those days where the ball does not bounce in my direction.

I have those days where I can be either be in an incredible funk or a very foul mood.

No matter how bad a day I can have, when I think about a dancing one-legged man, things don't seem that bad after all.

10 months before he passed away, my dad had his leg amputated. A near 30-year battle with diabetes took that part of his body, but it did not take all of his joy. Somehow, he managed to keep living with a positive outlook on life.

"I have nothing to complain about. If I did, who would listen?" was his customary response on how he's doing.

On a given day, he would stand up in his walker and give the best shimmy that any one-legged man can give. Folks, if that is not the definition of a positive attitude, I don't know what is!!

Seeing a one-legged man like that made me feel that anything is possible if you have a positive way of thinking. Even in the last year of his life, he continued to dance to his own beat.

As I see people complain on their two legs about the problems in their lives, I can only shake my head. Whether it is about money, their job, or what they don't have in life, it gets them in their own personal funk. Some of them would continue to be in that downward spiral thinking that there is no hope to get out.

As a human being, I do get caught up in that negativity. Fortunately, it is not for long. Instead of basking in the gray clouds, I choose to focus on the silver linings. After seeing the streaks of light, I am reminded that some things in life are not that bad. One of those streaks happen to be that dancing one-legged man.

People, I am not here to tell you how to run your life. I am here to say that you do have a choice on how to deal with things. You can either let them beat you up or make you a little stronger. It is your choice.

Whatever you choose, please remember that if you see a dancing one-legged man, then you know that you can still have a good day. It is possible!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Carbon Copy

Greetings Happy People,

Who says that you can't be yourself?

I am myself and I like the person I see in the mirror. I like doing things that make me feel happy. I am also learning that I don't have to do things that don't make me feel comfortable. When I am myself, I know that I can live guilt-free by being Mr. I-I-I.

There were many people that want me to catch up with some of the trendy things such as fashion, language, music, and which "in crowd" to hang with. At first, I thought it was a requirement to do these things just to fit in. But what am I actually fitting into? If I were to fit into someone's expectation, I am being that person that they want me to be. And that my friends is a very uncomfortable feeling.

Anytime I meet up with relatives that is trying to catch up with the latest thing, I ask them what are they doing. Their response is trying to be "themselves."

Now let me get this straight. You are dressing, acting, and talking like the people you see on TV, yet you want to become an original? To me that doesn't make any sense at all. As these same folks look at me as if I was out of touch, I can say that I am grateful that I don't have to follow what is in. After all, what is in today can be out by tomorrow.

With that said, it is always good to be yourself. Like it or not, you don't have to answer to the rules that someone else makes on what is the in thing to do. If you like to do some things, that is great!! If not, that is okay too!! No one says that you have to do some things in a certain way. Just be yourself and the rest will follow. Life is too short to be an imitation.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Promote Yourself Through Rejection

Greetings Happy People,

When was the last time you ever had a shot at a promotion?

It could be at work, or an organization, in a team, or anywhere else.

I have a shot at many promotions right now. One involves my job. Another involves an organization I belong to. And another involves my personal life as I tie the knot.

Yes, there are many opportunities on the horizon for Mr. I-I-I and I am grateful to take part in them.

Do I hope to get promoted in whatever I do? Of course!! Every promotion offers new challenges, different steps, and plenty of opportunities to grow. I always win when I grow. Whether I am accepted or rejected, I can take it as growing lessons.

As I look forward to these potential opportunities, I am reminded on how others take promotional opportunities way too seriously. For them, it seems like a life and death situation. I have seen people throw themselves into heart attacks, grievances, bitterness, and other negative viewpoints. Thanks to this, their trust is destroyed, their hopes faded away, and the visions were blinded.

While it is true that these people take rejection very hard, they also fail to realize how much negativity they created for themselves. It may be true that they deserve to get promoted, but they are relying on others to do their own promoting. This happens.

If I was a few years younger, I would fall victim to the venomous sting of rejections. I would create my bitterness about people, places, and things. I would let the door close on whatever future opportunities  come my way. I would let the anger, fears, hatred, doubts, and turmoil, eat me up until I am engulfed in my own woe.

Thank goodness I grew up.

While it may be good to get that promotion from others, it is better to promote yourself first. No matter what happens to me, I can always learn from any promotion or rejection that comes my way. I can see that if something wasn't meant for me, a better opportunity will come my way. All I have to do is believe it and find ways to make it happen. If I can promote myself as an individual, I will be better off in the long run.

How does one promote him or herself? There are many good ways to do that. Take part in things that will help you grow as a person. Whether it be education, visualization, cooperation, or imagination, you can become your own creation. There is no crime in boosting your own personal stock.

Some people think that they have control over whom to promote and whom to reject. It is only true if you let them. Never let anyone else determine your own self worth. It doesn't matter what one's race, gender, or creed is, promoting that person in the mirror pays off in the long run.

Rejection may be a part of life, but it doesn't have to part YOUR life.

What are you going after you get rejected? Will you promote yourself? The answer is up to you.

That is all I have for now. Thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trust Me!! I Won't Kill You!!

Greetings Happy People,

Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?

Well, I have and one of which took me by surprise.

Just for curiosity, I decided to type in my name on the Google search engine. And I found so many interesting things!! For starters, I have seen my handsome self in a suit and tie. I have also seen a picture of my first ever published book "Greetings Happy People" (which you can get on or - wink wink).

I also saw my name associated with an awesome communication and leadership organization that one can join and have fun with amazing friends (for good times - click here baby). There were also pictures of Oakley sunglasses - no relation.

As I scrolled down the page, I found an interesting story. It was about a 36-year old man named Jesse Oakley.

Hey!! Wait a minute!! I'm Jesse Oakley and I'm 36 years old!! What are the odds?

As I read the story, I notice that this 36-year old Jesse Oakley is not the person I would meet anytime in the future.


Well, number one - he lived in Minnesota.

Number two - he is dead.

And number three - he was responsible for a murder-suicide with his former girlfriend!!

HOLY STRAWBERRIES!! And I share a name with this dude!!

If you don't believe me, you can read the story right here (click here)

After reading this, I was thinking "I hope no one mistakes me for this guy!!"

I think it would be hard since I am alive and writing this post to you from Nevada!!

There are people that have been mistaken for someone interesting or infamous. I knew people that were mistaken as champion bird callers, sports figures, and actors in the pornography business. One way or another, mistaken identity happens.

What is the one way to cure this assumption? Instead of trying to find out who the person is via the internet, take the time to know an individual. You may be amazed with what they know, where they've been, and who they are. Believe me, it is a lot better than having to assume via online.

Heck!! If one REALLY gets to know me, they would know that the only thing I would kill are certain red fruits that I love to have on my plate (click here to find out!!).

It pays to know a person in person. Who knows?? A good friendship can be created from a simple hello!! All one has to do is have the courage and say "HI!!" You'll never know how much time you can kill.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.

Jesse I-I-I

The Close Relative

Greetings Happy People,

I am going to write about my personal dilemma to you Happy People.
It is one that involves me and my wife to be Dana.

While this is something that is not new, I feel that it has to be brought into the light.

There is a person out there that STILL doesn’t like Dana due to how she looks on a picture. This person, who happens to be a close relative, still calls her a “fat white-trash whore that likes to suck…….”

For the past four years, this relative has not one good thing to say about my fiancĂ©e. I don’t know about you, but I am starting to get sick and tired of it. What I want to do is based on my life. I have the right to see who I want to see and be with who I want to be no matter the appearance, the age, or anything else.

This close relative has screwed up many dating opportunities that I have had before I started dating Dana. Among the good dates I had, this person always seems to find something wrong. Whether it be the skin complexion, the nationality, or age, it seemed that no one was “too good” for me to date. It was a shame because I would never know how it would turn out due to the interference this relative has caused.

When I got further away from this individual, life has started to become a little better. I made new friends, travelled to cool places, and found a person that was willing to go out with me (Dana). Everything seemed to be going so great until that same close relative decided to butt into the scene. This time, I had the power to avoid this person.

During this time, I noticed something interesting. As I take chances to open up new doors and opportunities in my life, this close relative has done the complete opposite. Even as we went through a very tough family separation, this close relative decided to stick in the same rut as before. This person would chose to sit in the house most of the day, worry about what might not come, and become angry if things did not go the way it should. When it comes to swilling alcohol and taking medication, the troubles multiply. This person can be characterized as the Perpetual Victim.

It amazes me to see this close relative try and wreck something that is good for someone else. It would not surprise me if anybody that lives in the same house with this relative moves out because they can’t take any more personal wallows and strife. I would also not be surprised if this close relative sits alone with no one to talk to because this person chooses to drive people away. It can only get worse if this person continues to stay on this track. 

As for myself, I am blessed to have good things rolling in my life. Even when I lost the Ol’ Man last February, I can still take in to account how grateful I was to have him in my life. Even when I was going through a rough month this past March, I can take into consideration that things were still going well. And now, I choose to be with good opportunities, better people, and the best fortunes that lie ahead for me.

Happy People, you have a choice on how you want to live in life. Your attitude DOES affect your altitude. You can either stay down and make things miserable for you and others OR you can turn it around and take part of the good things that are offered. I benefitted by choosing what I want to do in life and it has paid off!!

As for that close relative… can only hope how she chooses to live her life. If she keeps going the way she is going, she will have no one to blame but herself.

I made my choice. What are you going to do?

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I  

Monday, April 9, 2012

You Suck!!!

Greetings Happy People,

When was the last time someone told you that "You Suck?"

Was it last week, last month, last year, or any time before that?

What did you do after someone told you that?

These two words have an impact on one's life. It can either make one become better than before, or allow one to just give up.

What a person does with these two words is up to that person. Nobody else can make them feel what they want to feel.

From childhood to right now, I have been told that I sucked many times. Whether it was in sports, school, work, or any other part of my life, I have been told that I would not amount to much.

What did I do?

At first, I would believe these people and allow them to eat away at my self esteem. This would make me feel lower and more worthless than I am. Now I know better.

A good example of this was my speaking and writing. As a kid, I always had trouble when it comes to doing these two things. I got constantly corrected by teachers and humiliated by the worse teachers.

And just when you think it was worse, there were the fellow classmates. Some of them were a "complete delight." Picking on me, making me feel dumb, and adding worthlessness to my own personal value.

How did my fortunes change? Thank goodness for high school!! Those four years were seen as a rebuilding process. With the right amount of encouragement and good company, I greatly improved my writing and speaking skills. Slowly but surely, my confidence was coming back.

As I heard the "You Suck" comments throughout college, I had the nerve to just keep going. Not only was I able to further sharpen my speaking and writing skills, but also strengthened my mathematical knowledge too!! Motivation can be a powerful tool if it is correctly used.

After college, I still hear the "You Suck" comments. Although it is not as frequent as before, the negative words are still there. If there is anyone that told me how much I suck, I simply contributed that to their negativity. Like crabs in a pot, these people try to clamp on and pull me down to their level. This time, I chose not to go there.

At any given opportunity, I prefer to better myself at anything I do. It may take time, but at least I would suck less :o)

Do you have someone telling you that "You Suck?" If so, listen to them first and decide what you want to do about it. Are you going to better yourself? Are you going to let them get you down? You have that choice. Whatever you choose to do with those two words, be the best at what you do. You never know how much you can be motivated by those two words.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hey Bud!!!

Greetings People,

This has been a challenging month.

As thoughts go through my head, I can only hear those words “Hey Bud!!”

This was what I hear every time I see the Ol’ Man. That was his customary greeting to me.

After the greeting, we talked about sports, news, and things going on in our lives. They were good conversations. Additionally, he offered some good words of wisdom. It was something that helped me out in the long run. I remember his positive attitude, his jokes, and his good natured spirit. Even when diabetes took away part of his leg, he continued to dance. If that is not the definition of happiness, I don’t know what is.

Now, I am coming to the realization that I will never hear or see those things again. I grieve now and will continue to grieve for a while. If there is a silver lining in all of this, it would be the good memories I have. From childhood to right now, the memories are with me and I am grateful to have them. Another silver lining I can think of is the fact that does not have to suffer anymore. He has been battling diabetes for the last 30 years. 15 of them were through different surgeries. The last 5 was through dialysis. I remember taking plenty of sick hours from work to accompany him to different hospitals and pickups.

Within the last couple of years, I have experienced the loss of friends, relatives, high school classmates, and fellow Toastmasters. Even though they were tough to take, it does not compare to the loss of someone so close. It hits home and it hits hard enough to put a chip in my heart.
What advice can I offer you people? If there is someone that is or has gone through something of this magnitude, all I can say is that it is okay to cry. It is okay to grieve. It is also okay to remember and appreciate the time you had with a loved one. That comforting solace will help one go through life day by day.

That loved one may be gone, but remember that piece of the person will always remain in your mind, thoughts, and heart. Once you have that, it will make things a little easier.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

In Loving Memory of
Jesse Oakley Jr.
“I love you Ol’ Man”

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life and Death Lessons

Greetings Happy People,

It happened on Monday morning, February 27, 2012.

I was getting ready for my day at work when I got a phone call. Little did I know, that phone call changed my life.

Within the past four months, I have seen many Toastmaster friends pass away. I have also seen relatives of friends pass away too. Those moments hit me hard, but it was nothing compared to suffering a loss that was so close to home.

It was a difficult time for the Oakley family. What I have been through in the last two weeks was painful.  As I go through a mix of emotions writing this to you, I can tell you that I learned some lessons through this time. Some of them were good. Others were bad. Either way, they are lessons that I will not forget.

During the last two weeks, I have seen plenty of selfish people. Like vultures, those wannabe opportunists want to take whatever they can get. It doesn’t matter if it is related to finances, material items, or anything else, they always want a piece of the pie when someone dies.

I have also seen the overly dramatic drama queens. These people never cared when someone was living. Once the person dies, they go into theatrics. The tears start pouring out, the sobbing gets too loud, and they try to make themselves look like “the good person” by consoling other family members. To make things more interesting, they would stand in front of the mourning family to just put attention on themselves!! Can you say “Holy strawberries??”

I had to turn away one relative that was like that. Hey, if I could not trust this person when I was drunk, what make them think that I could trust this person sober? All I can do is shake my head, cross my arms, and say “Really?” 

Another thing I have seen was one of the lowest moves of all. Just because a person dies, it does not mean that the widow is “available” at that moment. If a widow grieves, now is NOT the right time for anyone to make the moves on that person. I have seen one of the limo drivers try to make the moves on my mom and she was not having it. He tried to get to her via yours truly and I was not having it either. Yes, you do have people like that.

While all of these bad things can happen when someone dies, there are also a lot of good things too. Many of which I am grateful for.

The first thing I am grateful for is the love from friends, family, and other people that I barely know. These people showed condolences, offered thoughts and well wishes, and gave a kind word, a few dollar bills, sympathy cards, and some good food. Nice gestures like these are amazing to see and it I am happy and thankful for it. It is times like this that make me think that for every bad person that exists, there are ten more that are still good.

The next thing I am grateful for is the memories of me and the Ol’ Man. For my 36 years of living, I can honestly say that the time I have spent with the Ol’ Man will never be forgotten. I will remember the words of wisdom. I will remember him for being an awesome provider. I will remember the positive attitude he displays even through the last few years of his life. I will remember how grateful I am to have him in my life and how proud I am to carry his name. Anytime I go to Boulder City, I will make sure to stop by and tell him “Hello.”

Good memories and moments like this can outweigh the bad at any time, any place, and any level.

As I conclude this message, I would like to say is that if you have anything in your life, take the time to cherish it before it goes away. There may be some bad things that come along the horizon, but remember that it will either pass or come to roost. If you can be grateful for the things you have right now, it will make the moments and memories that much sweeter.

I may have lost the Ol’ Man and there maybe a chip remains in my heart, but I will never lose him for all the days I live because I will never forget him. I love you dad.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Monday, February 27, 2012

Know Where To Go

Greetings Happy People,

Do you know where you want to go?

At an early age I did.

One of my favorite passions is travelling. Whenever I get an opportunity to go from one place to another, I would take it. When I was 12 years old, I started looking at maps. Just before vacation time, I took the time to open up a good atlas, look at the different routes to travel, and estimate the time it will take to get from Point A to Point B. There are some things about the open road that I like. I like the adventure, the scenery, and the opportunities that arises. There is never a dull moment when it comes to my travels.

One of the major challenges of travelling are the detours. At any given moment, one can have a detour that can affect the how long it will take to get to that destination..When that happens, it helps to have a map. Think about it, one can open up that atlas and look for alternate routes to the same place. It can help in more ways than one.

What if one doesn't have a map? Well, there are many options to take. One could ask for direction, others can make a split second decision to take a path on the forked road, and some would just be lost. Being on the road has its up and downs, you never know what can come your way. No matter how a person gets lost, they can always find that path that will get them back on track. And when they get to that place, they can rejoice in arriving at that destination.

There were many times that I got lost in a journey. Fortunately, I found ways to get back on track and get to the place where I want to go. Other times, I found my way back home.

It's amazing how a road trip parallels what one goes through in life. Like the open road, life has many detours, forks, and dead ends. The question is how one is able to get through these obstacles to get to that place they want to go. Some people make it, others are not as fortunate and end up getting lost.

Sometimes it helps to have direction in where you want to go. You can have a map, a GPS system, or just a vision. It does not matter as long as you know where you want to go.

Do you know where you want to go?

If you know, then go!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bad Excuses - Nobody "Likes" This

Greetings Happy People,

When was the last time you've ever made an excuse for something?

Was it something that was out of your control? Was it something that involved a personal crisis? Was it something that just came out of the blue?

Or was it a complete "cop out?"

We humans have a tendency to make excuses. Some of them are credible. Others are worthy enough for a 3-5 minute Tall Tales speech. Nevertheless, these excuses are a temporary obstruction of things that we want to do in life. For the goal-minded individuals, excuses are seen as challenges that can be conquered. Some people are honest with their excuses, others are not so much.

We also have those people that overuse excuses to the point where they blame others faults and situations. One good example of this is someone calling into work because of a dead goldfish. That's right, a dead goldfish kept this person from working that particular day!! Holy strawberries!!

In the age of big brother - I mean social networking and emails - some of us can tell whether an excuse is credible or not. If one backs away from a certain thing due to any type of excuse, it is shown on different levels. Credibility can be questioned if one person claims to have the flu while pictures of them were taken at a nearby golf course throwing their golf clubs in the lake. More credibility can be questioned if a person that claims to be visiting their sick grandparents gets caught in some illicit affair with the neighbor two houses down the street.

When these type of "excuses" happen, it is best to be upfront and honest about it now, than get caught later in life. So many heartaches can be saved by this.

If you are a person that likes to make bad excuses for the sake of it, remember that karma exists and whatever you do will come back to bite you. One can run, one can hide, but somehow the truth comes out.

When will be the next time you will make an excuse for something? Will it be for something that is out of your control? Will it involve a personal crisis? Will it be something from out of the blue?

Or will it be just a complete "cop out?"

Only you have the answers to those questions.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Monday, February 20, 2012

Open Door, Closed Door

Greetings Happy People,

Seventeen years ago, I had the opportunity to look into an 8-week program called Speechcraft. It was a program that gave an idea what a Toastmasters meeting is all about. I loved it so much that I joined two more sessions before graduating from UNLV.

That experience allowed me to do pretty well in Toastmasters.

This coming Wednesday, I have the opportunity to give a presentation about Toastmasters at the same place where it all began for me. Talk about a good payback opportunity!! This happened when a fellow Toastmaster named Michon told me about a chance to talk about Toastmasters to some engineering students. It will take place at a celebration known as Engineering week (or E-week for short).

At first, I was a bit hesitant. I had questions about when and where this was going to take place. I worried about how I would look in front of these people studying the same things I studied back in the '90s. What words could I say? Without any delay, I told Michon that I would be more than happy to do it.

Somehow I knew that this is going to be an awesome opportunity. How well will I do? You will find out about it either on a Facebook status or the next post I write on this blog.

As Michon opened this door of opportunity for me, another one remains closed.

Days later, my Manager walked into the office and told me an opportunity to talk about a company that I have been involved with for the past 12 years. I asked her about the details and they sounded a bit sketchy. To find out about this "opportunity," we walked over to the office of our public relations specialist.

According to this person, the people responsible for organizing this opportunity at E-week did not have anything ready. No flyers, no programs, no script to tell people what this company is all about.

I shook my head and said "What?"

Apparently they wanted to keep the doors of opportunity closed for many people, but why? This closed door prevents anyone from taking steps to become better at what one can do. This does not look good at all. I would not be surprised if some type of negative response comes from someone's closed door.

I just gave you two stories on two different opportunities. One door was open and the other was closed.

If a person wants to grow, that person will walk through the open door. If the door is closed, that person will either open that door or find another on that is open.

If you are holding the doors of opportunity, please make sure that they are open for someone else. That chance WILL make a difference in your life and someone else's. Life is too short to keep that door closed.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pixie Doll

Greetings Happy People,

The following poem I want to share with you is called "Pixie Doll."

"Smoking my last cigarette of the night,
I stroll the sidewalks of Boulder Highway.
As I glimpse across the neon lights, 

It makes me feel so empty and confused.

My first years here were started in school,
Broke and penniless in every way.

I was tempted with mountains of cash
Greener than the doors I walked through.

I wasn't proud of the things I've done, 
To earn the cash I've made.
If I were to tell the things I've done,

It would disgrace my parents for life.

Performing tricks for different strangers,
Dancing in perfume and smoke-filled bars.
I brought delight to men and women,

But I could not find any joy of my own.

I thought I found it in empty bottles,
I thought I found it in pills and needles.
After surviving the crashes from these highs,
I knew that I had to stop. But how?

As I put out my final cigarette of the night,
Sunlight crept over the ample mountains.
As I behold the beauty of this sight,
It reminds me that it's never too late.

It is NEVER too late!!!"

This poem was about a prostitute named "Pixie." She started off on the right track, but somehow made a wrong turn in life. She has been through the dangers and pitfalls that one would not be proud of. From dancing to drugs to prostituting, she knew that something was not right. Unlike some of her "friends" that ended up in worse situations, she still has a chance to turn things around. Sometimes it just takes those first steps and she chose to walk in a different direction. One can hope that she ends up in a better life than the one she lived.

For the people that are not happy with the way they are living right now, all I got to say is that you have a chance to turn things around!! It may not be an easy thing to do, but somehow it has to be done. Whether it is by looking at the mirror, taking your first steps, or just believing you can do it, you have the ability to get out of that rut and into something better!!

Life may be too short, but it is never too late to do anything.

It is NEVER too late!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is It Worth the Price?

Greetings Happy People,

I had a pretty interesting phone call yesterday.

It was from a friend that I have not heard from in a while. Let's call her "Rose."

We spoke for 20 minutes. It started off with nice hellos. After that, it took a different turn after being asked the following five-word question:

"How is life treating you?"

On my end, life has been pretty good. I am getting married in a few months, visited my folks, enjoying good company with fellow Toastmasters, and took a nice trip to Seattle.

On her end, she had the same problems that stuck with her for years. The man she is seeing is still treating her terribly. He would not allow her to do the things she wanted to do. He talk down to her as if she was a dog. He also put his needs over hers in an extremely selfish manner. To make things even worse, he abuses her physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Like the many times before, she complains about him and wishes to leave him one of these day. I asked her why doesn't she leave him?

Her response was money. She did not have enough money to move or go anywhere.

As a response, I asked her, "Is it worth the price?"

Silence dominated the conversation for the next few seconds..........

Talk about some food for thought.

Somewhere in the world, there are women that are in Rose's situation. They are in a relationship where their partners are abusing them more ways than one. It does not matter the age, race, gender, or financial situation, relationship like these can get worse if the person chooses to stay in it.


Some would say that it is finances. Others say that they can "change the person." They can also say that they are staying for the sake of the children. You also have some people that say that they just love them?

What?!! How they can love someone that abuses them goes beyond my understanding.

Hitting someone is not love.
Talking down to someone is not love.
Any type of abuse is not love.
Love beings with looking in the mirror
and asking yourself "if it's worth the price?"

For my sake, I hope Rose has enough courage to leave that jerk and start her life anew. Will she do it? Only she knows the answer. I just hope she picks the right one.

Life is too short to go be a part of this abusive cycle. One is way better than that.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back On The Horse

Greetings Happy People,

For my next story, let me take you back to 2007. There was a girl named Doris. She was getting ready for a speech contest and wanted to do the best she can. To get ready for the next level of competition, she searched for different advice on how to make her speech better. What she got was more than what she bargained.

One person told her to move this way. Another told her to say it this way. A third person told her to stand here. A fourth person told her to say it that way. A fifth person wanted her to stand on her head and say "Wubba wubba wubba." And yes, a sixth person told her to turn around and do the hokey pokey. As I stood in the back looking all of this, I can tell that her mind was overfilled with way too many instructions for a 5-7 minute presentation.

When the time came, I was not surprised at all. Doris did a great job at the first part of her speech. She was knocking it out of the park and having the audience filled with laughter. Suddenly, she stopped. We were waiting for her to say the next line. Thirty seconds later, she was still silent. The audience was encouraging her. Her family was supporting her. Even I was saying, "Come on!! You can do it!!"

With a frozen look on her face, she said "I'm sorry, I forgot what I was going to say." And she ended her speech. Once that happened, the audience felt bad for her. I felt bad for her because I knew what she went through to prepare for this moment.

As we waited for the moment of silence, I heard her whisper to her husband "I can't do anything right." It was at that moment, I  stood up, pat her on the shoulder, and told her "It's okay. These things happen. Don't let it get to you." At the end of the contest, more people offered her support, encouragement, and well wishes.

Any person could understand if she did not compete again. These things do happen. I had not seen her for a few years. One day, I saw Doris at a Toastmaster meeting giving a speech. This was the first speech I saw her give since that contest. I went up to her and said "It was good to see you give speeches again." She replied, "Sooner or later, I got to get back on the horse." Hearing her say that cracked a smile on my face.

People can take so much advice. But it is you that have the choice on what you want to do. You can either take in a lot or a little. Just take enough that you can feel comfortable with and keep going. You never know how far it could take you. And when it comes to falling, just remember that it takes a stronger person to get up than to stay down.

Doris learned those lessons very well. Hopefully others can learn the same lessons too.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

"When life gets too serious, remember to just have fun."

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Greetings Happy People,

Another milestone has been reached!!

This is the 250th post on Mr. I-I-I's Blogsite!! YAY!!

It is an amazing thing what stories, messages, and ideas can come from one individual that goes by the name of I-I-I!!

From Day One to Year 3, all I can do is be as real as I can for you, the Happy People!!

Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. Either way, I have few regrets in writing the other 249 posts on this blog!!

The inspiration happened 7 years ago. The action started almost 3 years ago. Since then, I took off with it!!

It goes to show you that what ever intentions you have, you can make it happen if you take action!!

From this simple goal, I wrote and published a book "Greetings Happy People."

From this simple goal, other people are blogging - one of which happens to be my beloved fiancee Dana!!

From this simple goal, Happy People from all over the world are viewing this blog!!

Cool, isn't it??

Do you have those goals in your life?  Do you have those intentions to make yourself better? If you do, then take action my friend!! An awesome future can be created if you have a positive attitude and positive thinking!!

Just give it a try!! You never know who might be inspired by you!!

Here's to another 250 more post on Mr. I-I-I's Blogsite, Happy People :o)

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Monday, January 23, 2012

Respect Never Ages

Greetings Happy People,

Do you have one of those relatives that drive you crazy?

The type that demands respect despite the fact that this person is an overall jerk?

If you do, then I can only shake my head and say how sorry I am that you have this problem.

Unfortunately, I have one of those people in my life and let's just say that it has been an ongoing thing since childhood.

When I was a kid, this relative was a constant thorn in my side. She would tell me how to live my life. Try to control different aspects on what I do, when I do, and how I do things. It got annoying and rude at different times.

To make things more insulting, this winner constantly reminds the people in my family how she is the only person in the family to have a college degree. There is nothing wrong with getting an Accounting degree from UNLV, but it gets pretty disrespectful to rub it in people's faces over and over again. Eleven years later when I got my Civil Engineering degree, I turned around, looked at her and said "Really?"

Can you say "Advantage I-I-I?"

Even when we became adults, it did not stop. She still criticizes what I do. She still puts her two cents in despite no one asking a single question. Like her mother, she tries to have a hand in controlling things that were beyond her limits. She was not only selfish, but incredibly disrespectful!! Holy strawberries!!

Last year when I was in the hospital visiting the ol' man with my family, we were talking and minding our own business. She waltz in to the room with her Miss Thang primadonna self and tried to be the center of attention. It's kind of hard to be the center of attention when another person is laying in the hospital bed with an amputated foot.

Having enough of her "it don't stink" attitude, I finally let her have it!! The words I used were not only true, but they were on point. As the drama queen she walks out of the room crying her eyes out. When she came back, she wanted to talk to me. She said the following words,

"Jesse, you are going to respect me because I am older than you."

Huh?? You mean to tell me that you want me to respect you just because you have 10 years on me? I knew I was in a hospital, but the words I wanted to say started with an F and ended with a you. I let her go into this overly dramatic rant knowing that she was and always will be "a piece of work."

What can one learn about respect? It knows no age. It knows no color. It knows no religion. And it knows no gender.On the other side, disrespect knows no depths.

There is no way around it Happy People!! To get respect, you got to give it!! If you can't give respect, don't expect to get it in return. If you choose to disrespect someone, you better be ready for the karma to come your way. I would not be surprised if she get hit by the bad karma wagon.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

After the Mistake

Greetings Happy People,

It's never the end. It's only the beginning.

We all make mistakes in our lives for we are human beings. For every mistake that happens, we have a choice. Either we can learn from them or let it beat us down.

Without them, it would be pretty difficult to learn what we know right now.

In my life, I have made plenty of them. Some of them on a greater scale, others were smaller. Whether it involves work, play, or somewhere in between, I do have my goof-ups.

Is it embarrassing? Yes.

Does it feel good? Not exactly.

Do I keep going forward? I do because I choose to.

Are there people that point them out? Yes, but there are two different types that emerge from my mistakes: the ones that either point, laugh, criticize, rub it in, and bring it down OR the ones that help me become better at anything I do.

It's good to have both of them because I can thank one group and prove the other wrong. In addition, you can prove yourself that you can!!

For others that can't, it is only their belief. No one can make them think different until they see for themselves. They chose to be at that point. They can choose to get out of it.

As for myself, I can only learn from each mistake I make and go forward. The memories may be there, but at least I know.

What are you going to do when you make your next mistake? Are you going to let it bring you down? Are you going to run away from it? Or are you going to learn from it and keep going forward? That decision is up to you. Whatever decision you make, I just hope it benefits you.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Saturday, January 7, 2012

True Colors

Greetings Happy People,

One day, I was at the grocery store picking up some food when I saw something completely interesting.

There was this kid walking down the aisle with his mother. He was rapping and talking some street lingo. Feeling frustrated, the mother looked at her kid and told him, "Stop talking like a black person!!"

After hearing that, I walked up to the mother and said in my American English language "Excuse me miss, but I don't talk like that."

The look on her face was priceless.

She was embarrassed. The kid was surprised. Both of them walked away without anything to say.

I don't know about you Happy People, but it's pretty fun to bust up another person's stereotype.

For me, this is not a surprise at all, I have been getting this for the past 25 years from both sides of the fence. Either I am "too black" for some people or "too white" for others. As a kid, it was pretty painful because I always seem not to measure up to anyone else's standards. As an adult, I choose to live by my own standards and just take comfort in being the person within. When I am able to grasp the latter concept, my true colors will always come shining through.

In this world, there are people that judge others on looks, behaviors, beliefs, and anything else under the sun. It is a shame that they never take the time out to look at the person. They never know the fascinating things they might find. One might like the same type of music. One might agree with some beliefs. Heck, one might have the same hobbies that the other is interested in. You never know unless you go beyond the physical colors and see the true colors.

If you feel like you don't fit into someone's standards, just ask yourself what standards are you trying to live up to? Are they your own or what others want you to be? If they are your own, then you don't have to worry about it. If they are not, just ask yourself "Why?" Life is too short to be pigeonholed into someone else's category, just be the best person you know you can be and your true colors will start shining through!!

Who knows? You might bust someone else's stereotype and open up something more!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I    

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reaching The Door

Greetings Happy People,

I have the following poem for you called "Reaching The Door." Written by yours truly :o)

My fellow friends let's not forget,
The goals we have that's at our door.
At first they may seem far to reach,
We will get there, with great belief.
Standing right now, we must move on,
For it takes strength to stay the course.

With faith and hope, we stay our course,
Achieving goals we won't forget.
With strength and grit, we carry on,
Until we make it to that door.
All it can take is some belief,
And it won't be that far to reach.

Getting closer, we are at reach,
Blazing a trail at our own course.
Challenges go past our belief,
Reminding what we won't forget.
As we make steps towards our door,
We do our best to just move on.

Never quitting, we're moving on,
With arms and hands we choose to reach.
Closer to the knob of the door,
With our hopes remaining on course.
Thoughts in tact, we never forget,
Our hearts that beat in our belief.

We put our faith in our belief,
By choosing simply to move on.
Where we came from, we won't forget,
What we did to get within reach.
We walk through weathers in our course,
Alas we made it to our door!

As we have made it to the door,
With countless efforts of belief.
Never quitting, staying the course,
We made the goal we've focused on.
For other goals that's hard to reach,
We move with strength, we won't forget.

Never forget in your belief.
Open the doors you focus on.
Reach for the goals and stay the course.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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