Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Best Men

Greetings Happy People,

Today, I went to a tuxedo shop to get fitted for my upcoming wedding. Three of my best men were also there too. When I looked at the tuxedo, I was amazed by the black and purple color combination. When I tried on the tuxedo and looked in the mirror, it really hit me.

What hit me?? Everything!!!

As I looked at myself in this tuxedo, one of many thoughts came into my mind. This thought involved the three men that are going to be the groomsmen. I prefer to call them my best men. Each of them have a real significance in how this blessed union came for Dana and myself.

Let's get started with the first best man Tim. If it had not been for him convincing me to go to a certain motivational seminar named PSI, I would not have had the courage to ask Dana out on a date four years ago. Attending that seminar broke a lot of walls for me. It broke walls of doubt, walls of negativity, and other walls that had been dominating my life for the years. Attending this seminar allowed me to breakthrough as a whole different gentleman. For that, I am very grateful.

The second best man is Vince. Vince represents a pivotal point in my life where things began rolling for me. He is a fellow classmate from Bishop Gorman High School (in Las Vegas, Nevada). This school has made a major impact for me. Without Gorman, I would not have gone to UNLV. Without Gorman, I would not have heard of a thing call Toastmasters International (as a UNLV student) . And without Gorman, I would not have had the chance to meet Dana. I treasured my four years at this high school. I also learn many lessons that were in and out of the classroom. I also created solid friendships that are still standing to this day. One can say that Bishop Gorman was a starting point for all of the good things that were about to come my way. For that, I am very grateful.

The third best man is Gene. Gene represents a very important part of my life. Without him, I probably would not have met my soon to be bride. Six years ago, Gene offered an opportunity for me to be on a radio show to talk about Toastmasters. Without any delay, I took that opportunity. When I got to the radio station, I met another guest panelist who was new to Toastmasters. From that point, we knew that we would click pretty well. From that first meeting, a new relationship began. Who would have known that these two people would actually get married six year later? I sure didn't. For that, I am extremely grateful.

As I looked at myself in this tuxedo, I felt pretty darn good!! Call it the alignment of the stars in the universe. Call it a coincidence. Call it whatever you want, but there are some things that seem to just fall into place.

Things happen for a reason, Happy People. Today, people complain and worry about things that may or may not come their way. All of this worry can only bring more worry to the person and no lessons could be learned. But if one were to take the time and see how things can fit into life, all that worry would go away and the lessons will begin. Even if things don't go the way they do, one can still learn. This happens in the past. present, and future as long as one is able to read between the lines.

Thankfully, I am able to read between the lines of my best men and become grateful for what they represent. Are you taking the time to read between the lines in your life? If you are able to learn from the lines you read, you can become the best man or woman. If it can happen for me, it will happen for you.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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