Friday, August 15, 2014

A Little Prayer Can Do a Whole Lot

Greetings Happy People,

For the first time in more than 30 years, I will be travelling outside the United States.

As I get a few things together, I stop and wonder if things will be alright. When I had this opportunity to travel outside my home country, the one thing I made sure I do is to get on my knees and pray for not only a safe vacation, but also a safe return back home to Las Vegas for my wife and I. After doing that, I had a feeling that no matter what happens, we will be alright. Why? Because I choose to put my faith in God's hands.

If I am able to do that, I can remove a great deal of worry and concern that could come with this upcoming travel. Folks, a little prayer can do a whole lot.

For every friend, family member, and loved ones that have concerns about travelling anywhere around the world, remember that the best thing to do is to get on your knees, put your hands together, and say a prayer with your heart and your words.

Believe me, God will be listening to what you have to say.

Any form of prayer can work for any situation. One does not have to travel many miles to receive a prayer. Whether you have concerns or want to give well wishes for someone that lives in the same country, town, or neighborhood, a little prayer can still do a whole lot. Never get too big to get on your knees and talk to God. Who knows? It will work!!!

Even if you know someone that has crossed over, you can still pray for their soul and hope that they are in a good place. A good prayer from the heart knows no boundaries.

Like Dana and I, there are also other people that are travelling to different places.It doesn't matter if the destination is to another country, a workplace, or up the street, as long as you pray for their travels and wish them well, it will continue to be in God's hands and there is no safer place than that.

So when you have those concerns about a person you care about, remember that a little prayer can do a whole lot.

At least you know that when you pray, you are not only right with that person you are praying for, you are also right within yourself for the journey that will be taken.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Monday, August 4, 2014

Mr.III's Leadership Diary: Lesson 2 - Let It Go Dude, Let It Go.....

Greetings Happy People,

No matter what leadership role you take on, there is always that one person that is willing to test your patience.

This person will go to different levels and find different ways to get under your skin.

Whether the methods are by email, social network, phone call, or face to face, this person will not stop until you lose it.

Sadly, there are people like that in Toastmasters.

What is the best way to deal with these people?

One thing NOT to do is literally fight back. If you try to get down to their level, they will not only win, but you will lose.

You will lose your cool. You will lose your credibility. You will lose your freedom. You even might lose your leadership role AND your membership in Toastmasters.

Fighting fire with fire not only creates a bigger fire, it also creates greater damage. The next time someone gets under your skin, remember to tell yourself that it is not worth getting into this person's unnecessary battle and drama. It is not worth losing what you have over someone's foolishness.

Remember that when you take on a leadership role in this organization, you are under a microscope. The higher the leadership role, the finer the microscope gets. People are watching your moves, your words, and your situations. One slip up and it can come back to haunt you. Remember that you are not only serving the community in you area, division, or district, you are also a representative of Toastmasters International.

It pays to keep your cool and remain professional. If there are people that want to test your mettle by being a jerk, all I got to say is just let it go. You do not even have to move one finger because karma exists and will get that person in return.

Once you are able to use your head and let some things go, you will look good by becoming the better person that will always come out on top.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse Oakley I-I-I

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