Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wish Upon a Star

Greetings Happy People,

“When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you.” – Jiminy Cricket

Last night, I went on a nighttime stroll at a nearby park. During my walk, I looked at the sky and something hit me. I realized that the many times I looked at the star-filled sky and wished for something, it became real. No matter how long it took, IT BECAME REAL!!

To prove this, I will give you the following examples.

The first example involves the current relationship with my girlfriend. When I was lonely, I looked up to the sky and wish for a nice companion to spend time with. I imagined holding hands with someone in a light rain shower. I imagined feeling the warmth of a hug accompanied with soft kisses. I also imagine having a relationship where no outside influence can mess it up. I have been on many dates where that did happen. When the opportunity came seventeen months ago, I had the courage to take the first step and ask Dana out. What happened after that was seventeen months of happiness I would not trade for anything in the world.

The next example I have involves a three-year vision. I currently work for a government agency and I am also involved in Toastmasters. Within other government agencies, I noticed that they had different Toastmaster clubs. Time after time I asked myself why there wasn’t one in my workplace? One night, I looked in the star-filled sky, made a wish to have a club in my workplace, and made all type of efforts to make it happen. Throughout the journey, I had naysayers telling me that it would not work. I also had lack of cooperation from people that were flaky. But in the end, I finally got the club into the government agency I work for. It feels good to get something like this accomplished. Thanks to a simple wish, many people from this government agency benefited from this club. My only wish now is that more people in this agency take advantage of improving their speaking skills. With the way things are going, I would not be surprised if that happens in the future.

The final example I have was keeping in touch with people I have seen in a while. Again I looked up in the sky and not only wished for that, but also what some of them are doing right now. All I got to say is thank goodness for two things: Facebook and Third Thursday. Without them, I would not know if I would come in contact with a quarter of the people I am talking and writing to right now!! It is simply amazing!!

As I looked at the star-filled sky last night, I made more wishes. What were they? Was it something that involved my career? Was it something that will make me better off? Was it something that more people can benefit from? I will not tell you what they are. All I can do is keep wishing upon the same stars in the sky. Whatever I wished for will certainly come my way. When it comes, you will know :o)

Wishing upon a star is nothing new, but somehow it works. If you have anything that you would like to see happen for you, don't be afraid to go out at night and wish upon the stars in the sky. Who knows? Someone or something may answer back!!

“When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you.”

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Always Have a PLAN B!!

Greetings Happy People,

Today I am getting ready for a Division level Toastmaster contest. This contest is to determine which contestant are the best evaluator and humorous speaker at this level of competition. These contestants competed and won at their respected club and area level competitions. It will take place today 6:30pm at the CSN Cheyenne Campus – Morse Arberry Telecommunications Bldg. Admission is $10 for one person ($15 for two people). If you have time to stop by today’s competition, please feel free to do so.

Why am I promoting this contest and what message could I possibly give in this blog? Well, this contest almost became a disastrous mess. How you ask? Well, let me take you back to last Wednesday. We were scheduled to have this contest at another venue. When the chair of this contest wanted to do a walkthrough of the place, the people at that venue would not let her do so. Why? The person that scheduled to have the contest at that venue was fired AND the current people won’t let us hold the contest there. Could this have been a panic moment? Yes!! However, it did not feel that way. The current Division D Governor, and my successor, Narayanan (pronounced na-RYE-un) looked for different options on a new venue. Later that afternoon, he found another venue to hold this contest. YAY!!

A crisis was averted and the contest was saved!! This story reminded me of what I went through back in the spring of 2006. At that time, I served as an Area Governor. I was getting ready to host an Area level contest scheduled for that March. Two months earlier, I secured a venue to hold my contest. At that time I asked if someone was going to open the doors, they said that the scheduled “Sharon” to open the doors for me that day. One month before the contest, I asked the same question, they gave the same answer. As I did my own walkthrough the day before the contest, I asked the same people if “Sharon” was going to open the doors for me tomorrow. They said no problem.

On the day of my contest, I encountered problems. It was Saturday afternoon. The outside temperature was 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The time was 3:00pm and “Sharon” did not show up to open the doors.

3:00pm became 3:30pm – no “Sharon” in sight.

3:30pm became 4:00pm – still no “Sharon” in sight.

4:00pm became 4:30pm – Sharon STILL has not arrived. At this time 40 people including myself were waiting out in the cold for her to open up the doors. It was at that point I decided to look for a PLAN B. Fortunately, a friend of mine named Deecie offered her house to have the Area Contest. Making a BIG game time decision, I accepted the offer!!

As I was driving over the Deecie’s house, I was disheartened and disappointed with the people at the venue. I was going to feel hot-headed, but I was too cold to even do that. When I got to Deecie’s house, I saw about 10 people at her place. But before I believe this contest was a complete disaster, 30 more people showed up!! Yes, these were the same people that waited in the cold with me at the other place. Talk about your miraculous moment!! Despite what was thrown at us, we STILL had a successful contest that day!!

These two stories are examples on how something can STILL turn out good, despite the odds. How did Narayanan and I pull this off? SIMPLE!! WE BOTH HAD PLAN Bs!! Imagine if we thought things in a one-track mind. We would have experienced disastrous results!! It is always good to have a backup plan when things go awry. One of my favorite things to say is the following:

If PLAN A doesn’t work…..go for PLAN B up your sleeve.

If PLAN B doesn’t work…..go for PLAN C in your back pocket.

If PLAN C doesn’t work…..go for PLAN D in your shoe.

People with different game plans are more likely to get results done. No matter the situation, they always find a way to make things a success. They always find a way to get to their goals. So if YOU are ready to get to where you want to go, make sure you have backup plans for your journey. It will come in handy in the long run!!

That is all I have for now. Thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Tale of Two Quarterbacks

Greetings Happy People,

If there are any San Diego fans out there, please forgive me for the example I am about to use.

It was the 1998 NFL Draft. At that time, everybody knew the first two picks in that draft were going to be quarterbacks. The question was which quarterback would be selected first? Would it be the quarterback from the smoky mountains of Tennessee? Or would it be the quarterback from the Evergreen State. Both had led their college teams to great success. While one quarterback played in the Rose Bowl, the other one played in the Orange Bowl. They both did not win the Heisman Trophy, but they were two of the top three candidates in the running. All the accolades, the collegiate success, and the expectation came down to who will be the first pick in that NFL Draft.

Then-NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue walked up to the stage and made the following announcement,

“With the first pick in the NFL Draft, Indianapolis selects….Peyton Manning!!”

Fans cheered this decision as Peyton walked up to the stage to accept his new blue & white jersey with a matching baseball cap.

Minutes later, Commissioner Tagliabue made the following announcement,

“With the second pick in the NFL Draft, San Diego selects……Ryan Leaf!!”

Fans also cheered this decision as Ryan walked up to the stage to accept his jersey and baseball cap.

It seemed that these two quarterbacks were going to be major stars in the NFL for years to come. Unfortunately, it would happen for one of them.

As the season began, both quarterbacks had rough starts. While Peyton developed his skills as a proficient quarterback, Ryan developed headaches for San Diego fans. When Peyton gave professional interviews, Ryan shouted at the media. By season’s end, you know who was bound to have a successful career in the NFL.

Now, let’s fast forward to today. How did these two former college quarterbacks do for themselves? Peyton Manning is currently playing for Indianapolis. He became a three-time NFL MVP. His team won an NFL Championship and he became the MVP of that game. He also was selected to the Pro Bowl 9 times, becoming a Pro Bowl MVP once. He is bound for the NFL Hall of Fame.

As for Ryan Leaf, he unsuccessfully played for teams in San Diego, Dallas, and Tampa Bay. He was going to play for the Seattle, but quit the NFL before his 4th season. He became a quarterbacks coach for a small college in Amarillo, Texas, but had to quit due to a drug scandal. He now faces burglary and drug charges. He is bound for the NFL Hall of Shame.

What was the major difference in these two football players? The answer is in their attitudes. After they got drafted, reporters asked Peyton and Ryan what they are going to do now that they are in the NFL. Peyton responded by saying that he was going to learn the plays and be the best quarterback he can be. Ryan said that he was going to party in Vegas. While Peyton was gaining respect from his teammates, Ryan gained the complete opposite wherever he played. As Peyton received commercial deals, Ryan received “Where are they now” stories. The comparisons between these two are a different as day and night.

You do not have to be an NFL player to experience this positive-negative attitude experience. Just look around you!! It is everywhere!! When I see a negative person, I see someone that is high stressed, rapidly aging, uptight, angry, poor shape, and in a state of paranoia. When I see someone positive, IT’S THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE!!

Whether it is at work or some other facet in my life, I notice that leaders with positive attitudes are easier to work with. Why? Because they bring that same contagious spirit to everyone!! This allows people to work more productive and less people wanting to quit. On the opposite end, you see leaders with negative attitudes bring strife, pain, and hopelessness to everyone.

It is always good to have a positive attitude. It will relieve tension and allow you to do better at whatever you do. Just think it and it will be there. Who knows, you might be an MVP in what YOU do!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Boomerang Effect

Greetings Happy People,

The following example I have for you is something I really don’t follow, but I think the message behind it is worth the attention.

Last Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards, two significant things took place. One was horrifying, the other was good. As she walked up to the stage to accept her award for Best Female video, musician Taylor Swift was rudely interrupted by rapper Kanye West. As he yanked the microphone from Ms. Swift, Mr. West proclaimed another music video to be “one of the best videos of all time.” This act of rudeness was jeered by the audience watching the event. From that simple action, he got what he deserved in return – disdain, disrespect, and complete disappointment.

On the other side of the rainbow, we see Beyonce Knowles win an award for Video of the Year. Instead of giving her thank you speech, she called Taylor Swift to complete the thank you speech she did not get a chance to finish. What Beyonce did for Ms. Swift showed respect and integrity. Both Beyonce and Swift earn their kudos for that night and big time respect from the audience.

The example I gave you in this blog is known as The Boomerang Effect. What is it? The Boomerang Effect is an act where you receive what you put out. If you were to do a bad act to someone or something, you are going to get bad fortunes in return. However, if you were to do something good to someone or something, you will get good fortunes in return.

To show how this “Effect” works in everyday life, I give you the following example that happened to me.

Earlier today, I received a mindblowing email message from Barbara, a fellow co-worker from Carson City. She brought to my attention, the story of a person going through a rough time in life. Apparently, this person read something that made his day and thanked Barbara for sharing this message. What was it? It was blog I wrote entitled “Seven Creeds to Success.”

Last week, I had the chance to email this blog message to some people at work. One of the people I sent this to was Barbara. She is a person that does training classes at my workplace. When she received my email, she forwarded it to other people at her workplace. A week later, I got the aforementioned email from her. Apparently, the words I wrote made an impact on the life of someone I did not know. It brightened his day, yet sent chills down my spine. To that, I can only say one word “WHOA!”

The intent of my email was to brighten the spirit and give a positive message to different people. When I threw that “boomerang,” I got something back in return –great feelings and gratitude. The Boomerang Effect was definitely in play.

It does not matter if you are a famous celebrity or someone from down the street. This Boomerang Effect works for everyone!! When we do good deeds for someone, we will get good fortunes in return. Just imagine if more people put this effect into use. Wouldn’t it contribute to a better society? After all, it is important to be nice because whatever we do will come back to us the same way, just like a boomerang!!

That is all I have for you. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Orion's Belt

Greetings Happy People,

When I woke up at 2am today, I went outside for a walk. The temperature was cool. I heard cars zip along US 95. I looked at the sky and saw the moon, clouds, and stars. Of all the constellations I saw, one really stood out. It was Orion’s Belt.

There is something amazing about the three stars that make up the belt of the hunter. It is even more amazing that the constellation remains intact every night. It’s just unbelievable. As I scanned the rest of the star filled night sky, I kept asking myself, "How many stars are out in space?". I am sure that the number is infinite. I also asked myself, "where is the furthest star in the universe?" I am sure that answer is also infinite. We have wondrous technology on this planet, yet we are unable to determine the furthest part of this universe. Nevertheless, we do our best to find out.

This type of exploration has people wondering how far we can go. Whether it is by scientific equations, telescopes, space shuttles, or satellites, we use different means to search for an answer. Big time kudos goes out to those people who dare to discover. It is these people who have no fear in thinking without any limits.

This limitless thinking can also be seen in people that do not work for the likes of NASA. It does not matter if one is a teacher, an engineer, a doctor, or a great leader. People that think without borders are more likely to reach higher, travel further, and go bigger. We are our own starting points. We also determine where our end points will lie.

Unfortunately, there are people that still live with lids above their heads. You know the type; if they were in a mayonnaise jar, they would have a big huge lid above them sealed airtight. Jar people think there is no hope in going beyond their boundaries, climbing out of the jar, so to speak. These individuals deal with the greatest stress, as well, as they exert extra pressure on themselves. If they see someone trying to get out, like crabs in a pot, they do whatever they can to keep the other people inside.

I have heard the following phrase, that is cliché in nature, many times – Think Outside The Box. While these words can be a tool for people wanting to get to their goals, those people must still do one thing….MOVE!! Stepping outside of the box allows us to move closer than merely thinking. Without this, we would just be dreaming instead of doing.

As sure as a satellite can travel across the universe, we can go where borders are infinite. Who knows how far we can go with limitless possibilities? To really know, I will leave that for you to answer.

That is all I have for now. Thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Seven Creeds of Success

Greetings Happy People,

I have been rummaging through my notes again and found more mind blowing stuff to share with you today. The following notes I have for you came from a separate lesson I took. Like what my friend wrote in “Some Words of Wisdom” last year, this also can be seen as a benefit for those that read and believe it. The reading I have for you are simply known as the Seven Creeds of Success.

Since finding this, I looked at other sources, read books, attended different workshops, and listened to some CDs on something relevant to this. What I have for you today runs parallel to what successful people told us in the past.

You know what is funny about this? The positive things I experience in the last few years are based on what I envisioned. I also saw this in other people too!! With the way things are going, I have a feeling that this type of experience just is only the tip of the iceberg.

Ladies and gentlemen, I now give you the Seven Creeds of Success:

1. I have the ability to accomplish all that I can do. I know that to succeed, I only have to believe in myself.

2. My thoughts and visions will become real. To ensure this, I will do the following items:

a. Think of what I intend to be,

b. Create a mental picture of this thought


c. Transform this picture into reality.

3. I will study fundamental principles through which I may attract the desirable things in my life. Through this, I will become more positive and be in that state of joy.

4. I will give respect for my fellow individual and become mentally and physically stronger.

5. When it comes to setting goals, I will make sure that I not only start the process, but finish it as well. This will be done by the following steps:

a. Plan all that I wish to do

b. Make a clear picture of it

c. Walk, climb, or create paths to it


d. Let nothing interfere with my plans until I turn them into reality.

6. I fully realize that genuine success will come through the way I treat others. Instead of engaging any action that benefits no one who participates in it, I will do the following:

a. Succeed by attracting to me the resources that I intend to use.

b. Gain the friendship of people due to the kindness and willingness of being a friend myself.

c. Promote courage, develop faith, and cultivate my love for humanity.

7. I will learn to stand up and express myself in clear, concise, and simple language. And to speak in a matter that carries conviction and enthusiasm. In the same breath, I will cause others to become interested in me because I will FIRST become interested in them. This will be done through the spirit of service.

If you found these seven creeds interesting, read them on a daily basis. The more you read them, the more it will make sense. Heck!! After finding and reading this myself, I am starting to understand these creeds. I tell you that this and other things relevant to this are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle slowly coming together. When you read, believe, and act on these successful creeds, more opportunities will come your way. Just believe it!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Monday, September 7, 2009


Greetings Happy People,

Throughout my blog, I mentioned “The Perpetual Victim” many times. I mentioned what they were, what they did, and how to handle one. There were stories and examples that involved this type of personality. You may say that they got plenty of recognition in the blogs I wrote.

Now, I want to introduce you to something completely opposite -The Perpetual Lion (or “Lion” for short).

Why a lion? When I think of this massive four-legged feline, the following words come to mind: strong, noble, courageous, brave, king of beasts, queen of prides, and majestic. Lions are animals that go wherever they want to go and do whatever they want.

Like the Victim, you also work with people that are known as Lions. You know the type – strong, fearless, confident, and courageous leaders. Someone that is willing to take on any challenge no matter how big or small. They also have a noble personality.

Lions can also be seen as great hunters. Instead of hunting for zebras or wildebeests, these Lions hunt bigger game. They hunt for goals, visions, and other things relevant to their personal development. Instead of feeling caged in, these Lions majestically roam in different paths. And when it comes to making a statement, Lions don’t meow – they ROAR!!

Lions also have a big heart. When something happens to them, they have the ability not only to forgive but also continue to walk to their destination. Compare this to a Victim staying at one place for a long period of time – wallowing in sympathy. Where the Victims won’t grow, the Lions will go!!

Lions are people you can count on. Lions are people you can be proud of. Lions are what you inspire to be. WAIT A MINUTE!! If you fit these qualifications yourself - you may already be a Lion yourself!!

Whether they roam alone, or travel in prides, Lions are the movers and shakers in this world. At work and at Toastmasters, I have seen many Lions in action. These people would go on to do great things for not only their communities, but also for themselves! Lions are the innovators, the motivators, and the encouragers. People like to work with Lions because they aspire to be in that same category themselves.

When you are a Lion, you are unstoppable!!

When you are a Lion, you are powerful!!

When you are a Lion, you climb the highest peaks!!

When you are a Lion…..YOU are a winner!!

The cool part about Lions is that YOU can be one yourself. How, you ask? All you have to do is the following:

1. Take in that energetic thought of being a Lion

2. Start walking the paths with fearless courage

3. Don’t let anything stop you. Even if it is temporary…keep going until you get to your destination.

In no time, YOU will be a king (or queen) in whatever you do!! Just take those steps and BE A LION!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Friday, September 4, 2009

Some words of wisdom

Greetings happy people,

I was looking through some things in my computer and found something interesting. This is from a year ago when I had my breakthrough moment. One of my friends wrote this when we attended the same seminar.

To think is to Create……in other words life is what we make of it.

Win-Win……if we live our lives with a win-win attitude we play the best game in life we know how to play, but against ourselves. Let the other people around you play the best game they know how to play and you both win!

"If you are not part of the solution to the problem, you are part of the problem."

I translate this by thinking in my own life if I just sit around and let everything happen then I am the problem. I am not trying to change it. I see people practice this so much. They are the victims and people are always doing things to them! NOT TRUE YOU ARE ALLOWING IT THEREFORE YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! MAKE A CHANGE. LIVE IN A DIFFERENT STORY!

Rules to live by: "Funny these are so simple but most of us don't live this way!"

1. Take responsibility for yourself! We are responsible for our own experiences!
2. Believe in yourself! We are all capable of creating our own dreams!
3. Be, Do, Think and live 100%. We are always contributing, are you contributing positively or negatively because you get back what you put out.

Ancient philosopher Socrates said that in life we begin as a single point of energy. From there we grow and come into a state of stability and from stability we go into a state of decay. Socrates was incorrect and one of his students Plato mastered the theory in saying: In life we start as a single point of energy and go into a state of growth. We stay in a state of growth until we enter a state of decay. There is no such thing as stability. You are either learning new things and growing or staying the same and starting to decay.

"We spend our whole lives trying to achieve stability, when in fact stability is just a mere illusion our minds create."

Live the "I AM" theory. Stop the negative talk in your head. Until this weekend I was unaware of how often I down talked myself in my head. I was constantly putting myself down.

Of course most of this is untrue but some of it is because I have convinced myself of it. I began to believe it because that is what I have been telling myself. Think of what we are capable of if everyday instead of talking down to ourselves we told ourselves things like "I am smart, I am beautiful, I am committed and I will do it!"

I have been living with that thought process for 3 days and I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted. And it was within me to lift it. I have more energy. My mind feels clear and I am not so hard on myself. We need to give ourselves a break!

We need to stop living in the fear that we have created through our programs. Embrace fear and use it as your ally. Use it to motivate you!

"Everyday man crucifies himself between two thieves. Fears of tomorrow and the regrets of yesterday!"

Those were some great words and I am glad to read it. I hope you enjoyed these words as much as I did.

That is all I have for now, take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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