Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Perpetual Victim

Greetings happy people,

One point or another, you have worked with a person that is nothing more than a perpetual victim. You know the type. The person that always says the following quotes, “Everyone is against me!!” “This person always wants to put me down!!” “Oh whoa is me!! I am the victim!!” “I can’t do this because I feel certain pain in my hypochondria physique!!” I have worked with people like these before. At first, I would start to feel sorry only to back away because they choose to be in this woeful spot. Yes, there is an old saying that misery loves company. Well, I can say that I am one of those people that choose not to be a part of another’s pseudo-woes. I have my own life to live!!

These perpetual victims actually feel comfortable being at their low point in life. They could stay there for long periods of time. Heck, if possible, they would like to bring people with them too. Perpetual victims always complain about certain aspects in their lives. Whether they think they are owed something or just wanting to get any type of attention, they just never stop!! The only difference between these people and others is the fact that the others would know how and when to get out of the ruts they are in.

Within the ten years of working for my current employer, I managed to not only get promoted to where I am right now. Additionally I managed to create a Toastmasters club and take advantages of some opportunities inside AND outside of my own workplace too!! This would include things that can boost my own personal stock such as taking part in different seminars, work related courses, and passing different tests that are relevant to my workplace. Meanwhile, the perpetual victim does nothing but complains and feels sorry for him (or herself). This of course being done in vain, hoping to land a sympathetic ear.

I could be one of these people, but chose not to be. Instead I choose to live in the now. If things do not go my way, I just don’t just stand there, feel sorry for myself, and hold my breath til I turn blue!! I would prefer to move on and go to the next route in life!! The only people that these perpetual victims are hurting are actually themselves and no one else!! Their personal stock, dignity, and self esteem would decline deep enough to the point where it is not at rock bottom, but below that. People with some common sense would find them to be annoying and just walk away. These perpetual victims would only attract other perpetual victims only to have a contest to see who has the most “miserable” life!! Meanwhile, the unnecessary strife they would put on themselves would cause them to age quicker, worry more, and create a greater chance for real ailments that would come along the way.

If you ever come across a perpetual victim, please don’t spend too much time with them!! Instead go forth to your own path. Face it! You really do not have the time, patience, or brain power to deal with them. Be responsible for only yourself and the choices you make!! You will be better off that way because you will be the one moving ahead, while the victims would hem and haw with their own way of life. Believe me, you are better than that!!

That Is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.

Jesse I-I-I

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