Monday, August 8, 2011

Look Before You Leap!!

Greetings Happy People,

Before you give a speech, please research your audience.

Many years ago, I was asked by my little sister to write her a Halloween story. Knowing that I was a pretty good writer, I agreed to help her out. For a couple hours, I pondered at what to write for my little sister’s story. Then an idea struck my head. With no haste, I wrote a Halloween story that was surely going to give her a good grade in her class. When I finished my masterpiece, I gave it to her. In return, she thanked me for helping her write her Halloween story.

When she came back from school, I asked her how the story went. She gave me a glare that I would never forget. I asked her if she got a good response from the story I helped her write. She looked at me and said that half the kids were crying and the teacher was disturbed after I read YOUR story. She did get a passing grade for it, but the after effects left an unforgettable mark on some of the kids at her class – as well as the teacher. That was the last time she ever asked me to write a story for her.

Something told me that I should not write a wanton graphic Halloween story that involved things that were too extreme for the likes of Jason, Freddy Kruger, or Michael Myers. Especially for second graders!!

This example is to show you the importance of considering your audience when writing a story or giving a speech. When I wrote that story for my little sister, I did not think about her audience. In return, I probably contributed many nightmares for her classmates. This can be a big mistake for anybody.

Before you write or give your speech, please think about who you are giving this to. If you are giving a speech on how awesome the Democratic Party is, please don’t give it at a Republican Convention. If you are giving a presentation on the beauty of cats, please don’t give it in front of an audience of dogs. Live props can only make things worse.

Giving an inappropriate presentation can cause embarrassment, shock, and plenty of negative responses. When a bad word travels, it can destroy one’s credibility!!

To put it briefly, please review information before you present it. Think about the audience you are going to give this to. When you are able to do that, you will be better off than not knowing at all.

A little research can save a lot of embarrassment.

That is all I have for you. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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