Thursday, July 30, 2009

Checkmate Moment

Greetings happy people,

I love playing chess.It’s a game that involves strategy, focus, and quick thinking. It is a game where you not only think of your next move, but three moves after that. It is a game where it would take minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master.

How did I learn to play chess? Was it from my days in school? Nope! Was it from co-workers? Not really. The person that taught me how to play this game was my little sister Crystal. She taught me how each piece on the chessboard moves. She taught me how each piece can capture any opponent’s piece. From pawn to king, I learned the various move structures of each piece on the board.

When it was time to play against Crystal, I learned that knowing the pieces and playing the game are two VERY different things!

I played my first ever chess game. It was a tough start but after mounting an impressive comeback…..I lost. I played against her again, and lost again. Never giving up, I played against her for the third time!! Was the third time a charm? YES!! FOR HER!! I suffered defeat at that game too. It took me ten times to finally beat my sister in a game of chess. Through each loss, I learned lessons in the process. What worked and what did not work. I could have stopped playing the game five losses ago, but I knew that there was a way to eventually emerge triumphant.

Now that I finally beat my sister in a game of chess, it was time for me to face my next opponent, the computer. I bought a chess CD for my computer and started playing. Like the first few games with my little sister, I experienced defeat against the computer. This time it took me four times to beat the computer – WHOOPPEE!! Then, I noticed the skill level of the game….it was at “moron” level. The more I played the game, the better I became. I learned lessons at each level the computerized game offered: moron, drunk, patzer (amateur), tit-for-tat, reckless, desperado, steamroller, and assassin. With the exception of the steamroller and assassin, I managed to beat the other levels in this game. It took numerous losses, but I did become victorious at the first six skill levels.

Learning to play against the computer was a lot different that learning to play against Crystal. The computerized version had different equations and strategies compared to that of the human mind. Thanks to the experience on the computer, I managed to beat my little sister more than ten straight times. I played against other friends, relatives, and co-workers too. Whether it is by victory or defeat, a lesson can be learned at each game.

What major lesson can be learned from this simple, yet complex board game? Well, It can be summed up into a simple math equation: 100% Intention + 0% Mechanism = 100% RESULTS.

This equation means that once you have the intent of your goal in mind, you can achieve your results by taking different paths. Let’s look at the game of chess for example. The intent of the game is to have a checkmate – capturing the opponent’s king. The mechanisms you have are the supporting 15 pieces on the chessboard. Whether it is a pawn, rook, knight, bishop, or queen, each plays a role in not only capturing the opponent’s king, but also protecting your own. When it comes to playing this game, the “one-track” strategy will never work, because it would become very predictable. Instead there are many moves and strategies that can help you get the checkmate. If one play does not work, try another one! One way or another you will bellow the words “CHECKMATE!!”

This equation can also be used in many strategies that go beyond the chessboard. If you have a presentation to prepare and your PowerPoint doesn’t work…go to a different backup plan. If you experience a traffic jam on your way to work, find another way to get there. What about singing a note that is too high for you? Try a different note! Once you have the goal and the supporting resources to accommodate you, nothing can stop you and you will have your CHECKMATE moment.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Neighborhood Hero

Greetings happy people,

When you think of the word hero, what comes to mind?

Do you think of comic book heroes like Superman or Batman?

Do you think of brave professions such as a solider, a firefighter, or a police officer?

While these are great examples of what a hero is, there are many more people that can fit this description. Who? Anybody can be a hero…even me!! How could I be a hero? Well, I have the following story to share with you.

It was a Saturday evening and I was about to leave church. I was walking downstairs when I noticed a young girl handing out church programs. She had an uneasy look on her face as if she was feeling incredibly sick. Within a matter of seconds, she passed out and fell to the concrete ground headfirst.

Seeing what happened, her mother ran to her in horror. I followed to see what help I could offer. The young girl faded in and out of consciousness as her mother and I walked her to a nearby place to sit her down. Her mother kept asking her if she was okay. The daughter whispered to her mother that she wasn’t feeling well. Feeling frantic, her mother asked me to take her outside while she went to get their truck. As she dashed to her truck, I picked up the young girl and carried her in my arms.

While carrying her, I noticed that she felt extremely bony for her frame. It was then I realized that this young girl could be suffering from an eating disorder. To keep her conscious, I kept asking her questions:

“What is your name?”


“How old are you?”


“What school do you go to?”


As I kept asking Katie questions, her mother drove to the front of the church. We put her in the truck and her mother took her to the nearest Quick Care. Luckily, she arrived in the nick of time. The doctors discovered what I had already surmised. She did suffer from an eating disorder. She was treated and released from the medical facility.

Weeks later, I met Katie’s mother and was happy to find out that Katie was feeling better. She had started eating and was getting back to her normal weight. Katie’s mother thanked me for helping her out when no one would. I also had a chance to meet Katie at church. Like her mother said, she was looking better and feeling good. She thanked me by giving me one of the biggest hugs a 15 year old can give.

This story is about how anyone can step in and be a hero at any given moment. You do not have to have superpowers or a life-risking profession. All you need to have is the heart, compassion, and determination to do what is right. Whether it is saving someone from a house fire, getting a cat from a tree, or donating blood, you too can be a hero in your own right. You don't even have to leap buildings in a single bound!!

That is all I have to say for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Ignorance is NOT bliss

Greetings happy people,

“Why don’t you find some other boy to mess with your blubber?!!”

This comment was made to the person I am currently dating.

The person that made this comment had never met her.

This person never took the time know her personality.

Instead, this person only saw a picture of what she looks like.

No matter whom you are, being the recipient of any message like this hurts. How can you make a comment like that not knowing the actual person? How can you have that much anger against someone you really do not know? When I found out who had made this comment to my girlfriend, I was angry!! It was someone that I least expected. I was filled with so much rage that I wanted to rip the person’s head off!! I had my own shouting match with this person. We traded verbal blows until the point where I found more words a worthless endeavor.

Other than my girlfriend and me, the only person that this comment hurt was the one giving it. Instead of creating a bigger war, I just ignored whatever was spewing out of this person’s mouth. I did not want to talk to someone that could make this ignorant remark. Heck, I really don’t want to be in the same room with this person!! My trust in this person is gone. When my trust in someone is lost, it is VERY hard to get it back.

There were three self-destructive processes that happened throughout this mess: resentment, resistance, and revenge.

Resentment is any emotional response that can be viewed as negative. The beginning quote at my girlfriend generated plenty of resentment. This act not only hurt my girlfriend, but it also killed my trust with that person. This first “R” can be seen as the starting catalyst for something disastrous. One way to combat this process is to let go of it as soon as possible. The longer one holds it in, the worse it will become!!

Resistance is not accepting what is. A good example of resistance in this story was the person never meeting my girlfriend. Instead, this person saw only a picture of her and created a snap judgment based on her looks. Had this person taken the time to know my girlfriend, this destructive process would not have existed. Resistance creates barriers for everyone!! A good tactic to combating resistance is one simple, friendly word….”Hello.” That start alone establishes communication and breaks down any resisting wall a person might have erected.

The third and final “R” is revenge. Revenge is basically getting even with someone. Yes, I confess that my response can be seen as a form of revenge. Getting into a shouting confrontation was not a good idea. Instead of focusing on the negative, I could have focused more attention on my girlfriend. She was the one that the comments were hurled at. She is someone positive in my life and should be treated with greater respect. Revenge not only escalates tense situations, but also kills any dream one would have. Before we go off on our instinct, we must gather ourselves and look at things before we leap at them.

What I would like to tell to you in this blog is very important. As long as we are human, we have either faced this experience or thrown it in someone’s face. Either way, this is not a good thing. Wars have been created due to resentment, resistance, and revenge. Not just the wars between different countries, religions, or ideologies, but also by we individuals. The only way that this vicious cycle can be stopped is by ourselves.

We have the power to reverse the ignorance into something better. Together we can avoid the blinding ignorance and make this a blissful place for all of us to live.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.

Jesse I-I-I

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Louis and Clark

Greetings happy people,

There are two guys at a nearby workplace that are complete opposites. One is named Louis and the other is named Clark. These two have made their impact in completely different ways. How? Well, let’s look at the tale of the tape.

Clark has worked at my place of employment for 13 years as a supervisor. He cannot write. He cannot perform simple calculations on different tests. He can barely read at a 5th grade level. Yet he managed to become a supervisor without taking any tests to qualify. Wait, this gets a lot better. He gets jealous of people that are more intelligent than he. When given the opportunity to move ahead in his career, he steps on lots of people. In addition, he constantly sucks up to bosses that are in higher positions. He never gives thanks or appreciates anyone that helps him on a major assignment. Wait, there’s even more to this “winner.” He talks louder than everyone, just to get his point across. He loves to snoop around other people’s desks. He embarrasses himself and other co-workers by always saying something inappropriate in training classes or workshop seminars. If you have ever worked with a person like Clark, he has probably given you enough strife to want to walk away from your job.

On the other hand, Louis has been working at the same place for 13 years. He can write. He can perform calculations of different tests. He studies different test methods to make sure they run correctly. He also takes and passes the tests to become a supervisor. He encourages other people to go as far as they can go. When given the opportunity to move ahead in his career, he studies and prepares for the next levels. He works well with people on different assignments. He also thanks people. If he wants to get his point across, he speaks in a direct, professional manner. He respects people’s space and privacy. He also takes any opportunity to learn at training classes or workshop seminars. If you have ever worked with a person like Louis, I would say he is probably a real asset to your job and a joy to have in the workplace.

If you look at the comparisons of these two gentlemen, it's obvious that you would like to work with Louis instead of Clark. Take a quick glance at the sizes of the two paragraphs. Doesn’t it look like I wrote more about Clark that I did Louis? Well, it does! Remember the old saying that it takes 37 muscles to frown and only 22 muscles to smile? In this case it took 175 words to write about Clark and only 153 words to write about Louis. Interesting, huh?

Whenever you deal with someone negative, it takes much more energy to handle the negativity than it does to be with someone positive. The more energy you put out on this negativity, the more tired, frustrated, and stressed you will become. That is so unnecessary!! If you have a Clark that lives in your world, remember what he does is only temporary. It will not last forever. At some point in time, he will fall into his own trap and will have only himself to blame. What goes around, comes around.

Meanwhile, Louis will always be successful, because he walks the path where his legacy will be emulated for years to come. It always pays to be a Louis. For the good that is done will always come back to you - in a positive spirit, better health, and greater energy. If you have a Louis that lives in your world, appreciate him. The world could use more people like Louis. He could be the best thing you have in your life.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Miracle in a Month

Greetings happy people,

The room was dark. My eyes were closed. As I was sitting there with my buddies, my thoughts travelled at a steady pace. Then a vision shook me to the core. I saw a person with whom I have been close since her birth. It was my little sister. When I opened my eyes, they were full of tears.

This vision experience happened at a seminar I attended last month. I told people about what I saw during this exercise. Carol, the person organizing this seminar, said that my words had her blown away. She then told me that a miracle would happen, and I would hear from my little sister again. The date was June 20, 2009.

Let me now take you back to New Year’s Eve 2008. I was driving to my parent’s house to ring in 2009. When I arrived, my mother told me that my little sister had been gone for several hours. I assured my mother that she probably had something to do and would return home soon. I told her not to worry about it. She will be back in minutes.

Those minutes turned into hours. Those hours turned into days. Those days turned into weeks. Those weeks turned into months. We had not heard from her. Not even a single word.

At the time of her departure, she was seeing a boy, about whom I had SERIOUS doubts. In my own personal description, he was one of those wannabe thugs. You know the type - pants sagging halfway across his butt, baseball cap worn backwards; t-shirts that were less than flattering; and looking as if he had not shaved or washed his face in days nor brushed his teeth in months. Somehow, he filled her ears full of promises of taking her away. The brother was laying his lines on her way too thick. Unfortunately, she fell for it and ran away with him.

My family is far from great, yet far from abysmally bad. If I was my little sister, I certainly would have picked someone better looking with whom to run away. Seeing this happen greatly disappointed me. After all, I had been with her from childbirth, and had always been there for her. I could write many stories on where things went wrong. But I would rather focus on this one situation.

Let’s fast forward to July 15, 2009. I was driving northbound on Rainbow Blvd when my cell phone vibrated. I answered the phone (luckily at the red light) and to my surprise, whose voice do I hear? None other than my little sister!! Almost seven months of absolute nothing. Then out of the blue she calls me. WOW!! When I my nerves re-assembled, I drove to the nearby Burger King parking lot. A Whopper Jr., a small Diet Coke, and a phone conversation later, she told me that she was in Virginia. Apparently she got sick and tired of being served “the golden sh*t” from the boy with whom she ran away. She was working at a dead-end job and complained that the muggy weather was horrid. She wanted to come back to Vegas and go back to school.

Luckily we have a whole mess of relatives still living in Virginia that would be more than happy to help her get back to Vegas. Last June, Carol told me that a miracle would happen. Within a month….IT DID!! All I can say is that was one hell of a miracle!!

Sometimes we have those moments where things just can’t be explained. Amidst the chaos, some blessing comes to you in the nick of time. You don’t know from where it came, but you are glad it did!! Whether big or small, miracles do happen in our lives. A winning touchdown at the end of a game; a massive work assignment done by 5:00pm; or hearing from a long lost person; are examples of how miracles exist. No matter the situation, all you have to do is believe in miracles. The more you do, the more likely a miracle will happen. Just keep living and you will see one sooner than you think.

That is all I have to say for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Perpetual Victim

Greetings happy people,

One point or another, you have worked with a person that is nothing more than a perpetual victim. You know the type. The person that always says the following quotes, “Everyone is against me!!” “This person always wants to put me down!!” “Oh whoa is me!! I am the victim!!” “I can’t do this because I feel certain pain in my hypochondria physique!!” I have worked with people like these before. At first, I would start to feel sorry only to back away because they choose to be in this woeful spot. Yes, there is an old saying that misery loves company. Well, I can say that I am one of those people that choose not to be a part of another’s pseudo-woes. I have my own life to live!!

These perpetual victims actually feel comfortable being at their low point in life. They could stay there for long periods of time. Heck, if possible, they would like to bring people with them too. Perpetual victims always complain about certain aspects in their lives. Whether they think they are owed something or just wanting to get any type of attention, they just never stop!! The only difference between these people and others is the fact that the others would know how and when to get out of the ruts they are in.

Within the ten years of working for my current employer, I managed to not only get promoted to where I am right now. Additionally I managed to create a Toastmasters club and take advantages of some opportunities inside AND outside of my own workplace too!! This would include things that can boost my own personal stock such as taking part in different seminars, work related courses, and passing different tests that are relevant to my workplace. Meanwhile, the perpetual victim does nothing but complains and feels sorry for him (or herself). This of course being done in vain, hoping to land a sympathetic ear.

I could be one of these people, but chose not to be. Instead I choose to live in the now. If things do not go my way, I just don’t just stand there, feel sorry for myself, and hold my breath til I turn blue!! I would prefer to move on and go to the next route in life!! The only people that these perpetual victims are hurting are actually themselves and no one else!! Their personal stock, dignity, and self esteem would decline deep enough to the point where it is not at rock bottom, but below that. People with some common sense would find them to be annoying and just walk away. These perpetual victims would only attract other perpetual victims only to have a contest to see who has the most “miserable” life!! Meanwhile, the unnecessary strife they would put on themselves would cause them to age quicker, worry more, and create a greater chance for real ailments that would come along the way.

If you ever come across a perpetual victim, please don’t spend too much time with them!! Instead go forth to your own path. Face it! You really do not have the time, patience, or brain power to deal with them. Be responsible for only yourself and the choices you make!! You will be better off that way because you will be the one moving ahead, while the victims would hem and haw with their own way of life. Believe me, you are better than that!!

That Is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.

Jesse I-I-I

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When Jesse met Dana

Greetings happy people!!

I am in a relationship right now with a very fantastic lady. Her name is Dana and we have been dating for the past 14 months. She is a smart, beautiful, and such a joy to be around. I sometimes find it hard to believe that I can be this lucky meeting such a dynamite lady.
How did we meet? Well, let me take you back to February 2006.

One day I received a phone call from one of my good friends Kathy. She said that she was unable to do a spot for a radio show and wondered if I am interested in taking her place. With reluctance, I said that I would do it. She gave me the phone number to contact and I made the call to Gene, the person organizing the radio show. He told me to be at the radio station Friday at 4:30pm.

When I got to the radio station (located on Maryland Parkway & Desert Inn), I met Travis (the host of the radio talk show “Biz Lyon”) and I also met my fellow guest panelist Dana. When we first met, I can totally tell that something clicked between the both of us. During most of the talk show Dana and I would have a 7 minute radio spot talking about Toastmasters and how we got started in that organization. When we were finished, we talked a bit more and left the radio station. On the drive home I thought that she was pretty interesting.

Between that first encounter and the first date (which was May 2008), we had many run-ins via different Toastmaster functions. Yes, we would talk to each other more often and share a laugh or two, or TWENTY. During these conversations, we would grow closer to each other as if there was some type of energy chemistry thing working between us.

At an Area Contest in April 2008, I mustered up enough courage to step forward and did something I had not done in a while…..ask a woman out on a date. Inside me I had my own concerns, but realized that the worst possible thing she could do is say no. Fortunately, she DID say yes!! On May 10th of that same year, we went out on our first date. If memory served me correctly, I believe we went bowling, had Chinese food, watched “Iron Man,” and spent some time in the pool at my apartment complex. We had a fantastic time with our first date!!

When it came to one month that changed my life…May 2008 was that month. I was elected Division Governor in Toastmasters, I went to a four-day self improvement seminar named PSI (that broke walls for me), and I had a great first date!! What could be better? Well, our second date of course!! Our second date, involved plenty of walking.

It was Memorial Day weekend, and we decided to walk on the Las Vegas Strip. The distance we chose to walk was far. How far you ask? We walked from the Luxor to the Fashion Show Mall and back to the Luxor. Yes, it was that far. During the walk, we had a nice snack, talked, saw “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay” and enjoyed the view of the different casinos and stores on the Strip. What made things more romantic was the light rain that accompanied us with the walk. Very beautiful!! This was one of many great weekends we had together during our relationship. I have a feeling that we will have many more down the road.

What is there to learn about this message? Whenever there are doors of opportunity opening for you, please do not let it pass you by. Instead, just walk through it!! It would be amazing what you would see on the other end. Imagine if I had not gone to the radio station or asked Dana out. Chances are that my life would be different compare to now!! Life is too short to start your sentences with “Shoulda,” “Coulda,” and “Woulda.” Always remember to go for the opportunity that awaits you. It can change your life quicker than you think.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Comeback System

Greetings Happy People!!

When I went to high school back in the day, those were some of the best times in my life. Yes, I did not graduate with honors, but it was an honor for me to graduate.

As mentioned before, there were some cool people that I have met during the four years I was there. Many I am still in contact to this day (Thanks Facebook)!! However, one of the coolest things I have experienced at Gorman was the art of making comebacks in different classes. By this, I mean that I started off pretty slow only to make a comeback and pass the class.

When I first came to high school, my self esteem was low. I started making the grades that I have made when I went to Junior High School. Trust me. They were not the greatest at all!! The one key class I took was my Freshman Algebra class. That was headed by Sister Lorraine Forester. When I began attending that class, I had a low interest in any type of math. My grades were starting to show in the same process.

It looked like I was going to flunk that class when I had a talk with her. She mentioned that the grades I was making did not reflect on the intelligence I had. She also knew that there was something inside me that was able to pull a complete turnaround. Slowly, I started to believe what she was saying. I woke up earlier in the morning just to go over a few of the assignments. I also studied more often and started to get the grasp of different calculations. Instantly, my grades started to improve and I passed that Algebra class!!

This was one of many classes where I used the comeback system. At the end of my freshman year, my overall GPA was pretty pathetic. Thanks to the comebacks I have experienced in many of my classes, I improved my GPA well enough to get into UNLV. As mentioned in “The Ugly Duckling,” I saw high school as a four year rebuilding process. And when I graduated in 1993, I was ready to take on the next challenge.

Like high school, attending UNLV brought on new and different challenges for me. I have faced classes I knew I was able to ace, but there were those classes where I did have a rough start, only to come out triumphant at the end. This was also done by using the same comeback process. And through that, I graduated with my Engineering degree!!

What is this comeback process and how does it work? Well in my opinion, the comeback can be broken into the following steps.

1. You have to be at a temporary point where you are in the rut or downward spiral. When you are at this point, don’t stay there for long!!

2. Find ways to pick yourself up – make up playbook or create a strategic game plan on how to do this!
** HINT- Sometime the best strategy can be broken down into the simplest steps.

3. Always tell and believe that you can do it!! To get to that point, just go to that special mindset where you can vision yourself climbing back on top.

4. Make that first step to your comeback. It maybe the toughest thing to do, but when you do it, the next steps would get a lot easier.
** HINT – Always find positive ways to motivate yourself to get to your destination. Whether it is by believing in yourself or having friends encourage you, always find that encouraging boost!!

5. When you get to the point where you are officially out of your rut, just be happy that YOU made it!! It’s okay to feel good about this because you have proven to yourself that you can do it!!

Those are the steps in the comeback system. If it has worked for me, it can work for you too!! All you have to do is follow and believe in these simple steps and you too can make a comeback for yourself!! IT CAN BE DONE!!

That is all I have to say. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The 12 Tips to an Awesome Community!!

Greetings happy people!!

As many of you know, I recently served as a Division Governor for my Toastmasters community here in Las Vegas!! With the help of many people, I led the Division to President's Distinguished honors. That is the highest honor any Division can attain in this organization!!

This Division comprises of five different Areas. An Area usually comprises of somewhere between 4 to 6 different Toastmaster clubs. These Areas are headed by Area Governors. Within my Division I have had 4 out of the 5 Areas attain President's Distinguished honors. Again, that is the highest honor any Area can have in this organization.

There were people that asked me how I had such an amazing year as a Division Governor. Well, before I served my term, I wrote and followed the 12 Tips for an Awesome Community!! What are these tips and how can it benefit people inside and outside of Toastmasters? Well, take a look!!


1. REALIZE THAT YOU ARE A PART OF THE COMMUNITY!! - It really doesn’t matter if we are in different neighborhoods or different people. Underneath the surface and layers, we are ALL a part of the same community!! Being a community brings in more togetherness and teamwork.

2. EVERYONE HAS A PART IN THE SUCCESS!! - Whether it is by obtaining a personal goal, creating something that will benefit all, or taking the time to help a friend, make sure that everybody has a stake in the community's success!!

3. ALLOW AND MAKE ROOM FOR ANY TYPE OF GROWTH - To avoid any form of decay, always allow and make room for growth!!

4. BE IN A “WIN-WIN” SITUATION - When you get to this point in your reading, toss out the “lose-win,” “win-lose,” and “lose-lose” situations from your vocabulary!! In order to become a winner, you must believe that you are one!!

a. Participate – Go ahead!! Take a step into the action!! You can do it!!
b. Be Open – To avoid any prejudices, always have an open mind to different plans and ideas!!
c. Be Honest – Enough said!!
d. Take Risks – Leave the comfort zone behind and LIVE LIFE!!

6. BE A CLEVER LISTENER - Whenever someone is talking; take the time to listen cleverly. Be there with the person!! Avoid the “uh-huh” and “uh-uh” response!!

S = Specific - Know what goals you are shooting for.
M =Measurable - Your goals must be measurable.
A = Action Oriented – To + (action verb) = Action Oriented!!
R = Realistic – Make sure the goals you have are realistic. Never under change or over change your target.
T = Time Oriented – Make sure to establish a timetable for your goals, keep track on where you are!! When you’re done reaching your goal, go for another one!!

8. STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX - Instead of the thinking outside the box, step outside of it!! You’d change your thinking and grow a lot faster!!

9. NEW MATH EQUATION - 100% Intention + 0% Mechanism = 100% RESULTS!!
No matter the mechanism vehicle you use, always remember that the intention counts!! Intention is the spark plug that drives the vehicle to your goal – PRODUCING RESULTS!!

10. WHEN IN DOUBT….ASK!! - Never be too proud to ask!! The only stupid questions are the one that are never asked.

11. WHEN YOU FALL DOWN, GET UP AND KEEP MOVING!! - Just remember that things are never over when you fall!! IT'S NOT OVER..TIL IT'S OVER!!

12. Most importantly…..HAVE FUN!!!

These are the 12 tips for an awesome community!! Whether you are going into a leadership role or are looking for more sense of wisdom, these tips are great to have in anything you would like to do. If it can work for myself, it surely can work for you. Just give it a try and you will be surprised in the results that would come from this!!

That is all I have for now. Thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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