Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back On The Horse

Greetings Happy People,

For my next story, let me take you back to 2007. There was a girl named Doris. She was getting ready for a speech contest and wanted to do the best she can. To get ready for the next level of competition, she searched for different advice on how to make her speech better. What she got was more than what she bargained.

One person told her to move this way. Another told her to say it this way. A third person told her to stand here. A fourth person told her to say it that way. A fifth person wanted her to stand on her head and say "Wubba wubba wubba." And yes, a sixth person told her to turn around and do the hokey pokey. As I stood in the back looking all of this, I can tell that her mind was overfilled with way too many instructions for a 5-7 minute presentation.

When the time came, I was not surprised at all. Doris did a great job at the first part of her speech. She was knocking it out of the park and having the audience filled with laughter. Suddenly, she stopped. We were waiting for her to say the next line. Thirty seconds later, she was still silent. The audience was encouraging her. Her family was supporting her. Even I was saying, "Come on!! You can do it!!"

With a frozen look on her face, she said "I'm sorry, I forgot what I was going to say." And she ended her speech. Once that happened, the audience felt bad for her. I felt bad for her because I knew what she went through to prepare for this moment.

As we waited for the moment of silence, I heard her whisper to her husband "I can't do anything right." It was at that moment, I  stood up, pat her on the shoulder, and told her "It's okay. These things happen. Don't let it get to you." At the end of the contest, more people offered her support, encouragement, and well wishes.

Any person could understand if she did not compete again. These things do happen. I had not seen her for a few years. One day, I saw Doris at a Toastmaster meeting giving a speech. This was the first speech I saw her give since that contest. I went up to her and said "It was good to see you give speeches again." She replied, "Sooner or later, I got to get back on the horse." Hearing her say that cracked a smile on my face.

People can take so much advice. But it is you that have the choice on what you want to do. You can either take in a lot or a little. Just take enough that you can feel comfortable with and keep going. You never know how far it could take you. And when it comes to falling, just remember that it takes a stronger person to get up than to stay down.

Doris learned those lessons very well. Hopefully others can learn the same lessons too.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

"When life gets too serious, remember to just have fun."

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Greetings Happy People,

Another milestone has been reached!!

This is the 250th post on Mr. I-I-I's Blogsite!! YAY!!

It is an amazing thing what stories, messages, and ideas can come from one individual that goes by the name of I-I-I!!

From Day One to Year 3, all I can do is be as real as I can for you, the Happy People!!

Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. Either way, I have few regrets in writing the other 249 posts on this blog!!

The inspiration happened 7 years ago. The action started almost 3 years ago. Since then, I took off with it!!

It goes to show you that what ever intentions you have, you can make it happen if you take action!!

From this simple goal, I wrote and published a book "Greetings Happy People."

From this simple goal, other people are blogging - one of which happens to be my beloved fiancee Dana!!

From this simple goal, Happy People from all over the world are viewing this blog!!

Cool, isn't it??

Do you have those goals in your life?  Do you have those intentions to make yourself better? If you do, then take action my friend!! An awesome future can be created if you have a positive attitude and positive thinking!!

Just give it a try!! You never know who might be inspired by you!!

Here's to another 250 more post on Mr. I-I-I's Blogsite, Happy People :o)

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Monday, January 23, 2012

Respect Never Ages

Greetings Happy People,

Do you have one of those relatives that drive you crazy?

The type that demands respect despite the fact that this person is an overall jerk?

If you do, then I can only shake my head and say how sorry I am that you have this problem.

Unfortunately, I have one of those people in my life and let's just say that it has been an ongoing thing since childhood.

When I was a kid, this relative was a constant thorn in my side. She would tell me how to live my life. Try to control different aspects on what I do, when I do, and how I do things. It got annoying and rude at different times.

To make things more insulting, this winner constantly reminds the people in my family how she is the only person in the family to have a college degree. There is nothing wrong with getting an Accounting degree from UNLV, but it gets pretty disrespectful to rub it in people's faces over and over again. Eleven years later when I got my Civil Engineering degree, I turned around, looked at her and said "Really?"

Can you say "Advantage I-I-I?"

Even when we became adults, it did not stop. She still criticizes what I do. She still puts her two cents in despite no one asking a single question. Like her mother, she tries to have a hand in controlling things that were beyond her limits. She was not only selfish, but incredibly disrespectful!! Holy strawberries!!

Last year when I was in the hospital visiting the ol' man with my family, we were talking and minding our own business. She waltz in to the room with her Miss Thang primadonna self and tried to be the center of attention. It's kind of hard to be the center of attention when another person is laying in the hospital bed with an amputated foot.

Having enough of her "it don't stink" attitude, I finally let her have it!! The words I used were not only true, but they were on point. As the drama queen she walks out of the room crying her eyes out. When she came back, she wanted to talk to me. She said the following words,

"Jesse, you are going to respect me because I am older than you."

Huh?? You mean to tell me that you want me to respect you just because you have 10 years on me? I knew I was in a hospital, but the words I wanted to say started with an F and ended with a you. I let her go into this overly dramatic rant knowing that she was and always will be "a piece of work."

What can one learn about respect? It knows no age. It knows no color. It knows no religion. And it knows no gender.On the other side, disrespect knows no depths.

There is no way around it Happy People!! To get respect, you got to give it!! If you can't give respect, don't expect to get it in return. If you choose to disrespect someone, you better be ready for the karma to come your way. I would not be surprised if she get hit by the bad karma wagon.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

After the Mistake

Greetings Happy People,

It's never the end. It's only the beginning.

We all make mistakes in our lives for we are human beings. For every mistake that happens, we have a choice. Either we can learn from them or let it beat us down.

Without them, it would be pretty difficult to learn what we know right now.

In my life, I have made plenty of them. Some of them on a greater scale, others were smaller. Whether it involves work, play, or somewhere in between, I do have my goof-ups.

Is it embarrassing? Yes.

Does it feel good? Not exactly.

Do I keep going forward? I do because I choose to.

Are there people that point them out? Yes, but there are two different types that emerge from my mistakes: the ones that either point, laugh, criticize, rub it in, and bring it down OR the ones that help me become better at anything I do.

It's good to have both of them because I can thank one group and prove the other wrong. In addition, you can prove yourself that you can!!

For others that can't, it is only their belief. No one can make them think different until they see for themselves. They chose to be at that point. They can choose to get out of it.

As for myself, I can only learn from each mistake I make and go forward. The memories may be there, but at least I know.

What are you going to do when you make your next mistake? Are you going to let it bring you down? Are you going to run away from it? Or are you going to learn from it and keep going forward? That decision is up to you. Whatever decision you make, I just hope it benefits you.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Saturday, January 7, 2012

True Colors

Greetings Happy People,

One day, I was at the grocery store picking up some food when I saw something completely interesting.

There was this kid walking down the aisle with his mother. He was rapping and talking some street lingo. Feeling frustrated, the mother looked at her kid and told him, "Stop talking like a black person!!"

After hearing that, I walked up to the mother and said in my American English language "Excuse me miss, but I don't talk like that."

The look on her face was priceless.

She was embarrassed. The kid was surprised. Both of them walked away without anything to say.

I don't know about you Happy People, but it's pretty fun to bust up another person's stereotype.

For me, this is not a surprise at all, I have been getting this for the past 25 years from both sides of the fence. Either I am "too black" for some people or "too white" for others. As a kid, it was pretty painful because I always seem not to measure up to anyone else's standards. As an adult, I choose to live by my own standards and just take comfort in being the person within. When I am able to grasp the latter concept, my true colors will always come shining through.

In this world, there are people that judge others on looks, behaviors, beliefs, and anything else under the sun. It is a shame that they never take the time out to look at the person. They never know the fascinating things they might find. One might like the same type of music. One might agree with some beliefs. Heck, one might have the same hobbies that the other is interested in. You never know unless you go beyond the physical colors and see the true colors.

If you feel like you don't fit into someone's standards, just ask yourself what standards are you trying to live up to? Are they your own or what others want you to be? If they are your own, then you don't have to worry about it. If they are not, just ask yourself "Why?" Life is too short to be pigeonholed into someone else's category, just be the best person you know you can be and your true colors will start shining through!!

Who knows? You might bust someone else's stereotype and open up something more!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I    

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reaching The Door

Greetings Happy People,

I have the following poem for you called "Reaching The Door." Written by yours truly :o)

My fellow friends let's not forget,
The goals we have that's at our door.
At first they may seem far to reach,
We will get there, with great belief.
Standing right now, we must move on,
For it takes strength to stay the course.

With faith and hope, we stay our course,
Achieving goals we won't forget.
With strength and grit, we carry on,
Until we make it to that door.
All it can take is some belief,
And it won't be that far to reach.

Getting closer, we are at reach,
Blazing a trail at our own course.
Challenges go past our belief,
Reminding what we won't forget.
As we make steps towards our door,
We do our best to just move on.

Never quitting, we're moving on,
With arms and hands we choose to reach.
Closer to the knob of the door,
With our hopes remaining on course.
Thoughts in tact, we never forget,
Our hearts that beat in our belief.

We put our faith in our belief,
By choosing simply to move on.
Where we came from, we won't forget,
What we did to get within reach.
We walk through weathers in our course,
Alas we made it to our door!

As we have made it to the door,
With countless efforts of belief.
Never quitting, staying the course,
We made the goal we've focused on.
For other goals that's hard to reach,
We move with strength, we won't forget.

Never forget in your belief.
Open the doors you focus on.
Reach for the goals and stay the course.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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