Sunday, November 29, 2009

This just in...

Greetings Happy People,

When I was 12 years old, I started watching the news. For me, it was a vehicle to know what was going on in the world. I remember watching the big three news anchors delivering their stories to the American public. Tom Brokaw was the NBC anchorman, Dan Rather was the CBS anchorman, and the late Peter Jennings was the ABC anchorman. For more of my news fix, I would click over to cable channel 22 and watch CNN Headline News.

The late eighties were one of the most interesting times to watch the news because you had plenty of history happening right on your television screen. Think about it, it was the time when the Berlin Wall fell down, a lone man stood in front of tanks at Tiananmen Square in China, the drama of the Iran-Contra trial unfolded in front of the American public, the changing of the guard at the White House, and a huge earthquake rocking the Bay Area during the World Series. Those were some of the events that happened during that era. And for an early teenager to see this in front of his eyes, it was amazing.

Now the news is not too interesting to watch. It seems that when I turn to a news channel, it brings nothing but bad or worse news. One of the things that make it bad is the inundated spin on a few channels. Some proclaim “fair and balanced” issues while the other would just bring “news and views.” No matter how you slice it, there seems to be more bad news today than days before. Heck, one would probably swear that the end of the world was really coming in 2012 – just like the recently released film.

With the latest quality of news going deeper into the depressing dumps, I decided to do something different, watch and read less news stories. This was something that I started for myself 6 months ago, and it has worked pretty well for me. I noticed that I don’t get as stressed as I used to when I watched the news. I get better sleep at night and wake up more refreshed in the morning. And I also seem to carry a more positive upbeat mood too!!

I also noticed the environment around me that continue to have their heads either in a newspaper, on a computer, or in front of a television. It does not matter if it is at home, work, or any other place; the people that get inundated by these latest events are the same ones that are letting it get to them.

I admit that sometimes I glanced at the headlines, but I don’t get as enwrapped in the stories like I used to. The only time where I would get enwrapped into a newspaper is to check out the latest sports scores or the comics (Drabble, Born Loser, Hi and Lois, Hagar the Horrible, and Garfield are pretty funny).

Instead of drowning in the latest depressing news stories, I’d just go out and live my life the best way I know how. Heck, I experience my own adventures that are not covered on a CNN, Fox News Channel, or that gaudy E! Channel. As a substitute, I rather focus on something that the latest news channels rarely do – be upbeat. Hey! When one is happy, it sort of makes life easier to live. And that’s the way it is Sunday November 29th 2009.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dreaming to Dare

Greetings Happy People,

I just woke up from an interesting dream. I was at the multipurpose room at the old campus of Bishop Gorman High School. With a 5’6” (and 160 lb. frame) I stood next to a bunch of people that were taller than me. I tried out for the Junior Varsity basketball team. Even though I did not make the cut, I had great experiences trying out.

Like many tryout sessions, I went through some drills, made a couple of shots, and met some new people during the whole process. The following year, I tried out for the football team. Like my tryout experience with basketball, I went through a few drills and met some more cool people. Even though I gave what I could, I did not make that team either.

While it may seem certain that I would not have a bright career in athletics, I knew that there was something else that I would be good at. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I felt very thankful for not having a one track mind. I knew that there was something more to life than tossing a ball through a hoop or running down a field. All I had to do was find out and try other things. Thanks to a few open doors, I participated in the mixed chorus and Kiwanis Key Club (a student-led organization whose goal is to teach leadership through serving others). Both experiences were just as good as trying out for the football and basketball team. Little did I know at the time, it was only the tip of the iceberg.

When I got to UNLV, I knew that my interest in playing with numbers would take me to Engineering school. During my studies at UNLV (well before I discovered a certain public speaking organization), I honed my writing skills. It was the Fall semester in 1993 and I was taking an English A class. There I met a Criminal Justice student named Jason. He showed me the different techniques and writing styles that gave those extra punches to my term papers. Jason knew a thing or two about writing himself. Later in his life, he wrote a best-selling book that was relevant to his major.

As for me, I used my writing skills not only to write some pretty good term papers. I also used my writing skills to dabble into poetry and later turn into something called a “blog.” Hmmm, interesting huh??

Finding my own discoveries did not end at high school or college. As a matter of fact, I am still discovering more things for myself. Some are good and some I probably would not touch with a 20-foot pole. For each discovery I learn, the experience follows. Imagine if I had a one track mind in high school. Chances are that I would not get as far as I did. Heck, I would not be sitting here at 2 o’clock in the morning writing this message to all you happy people. It does not hurt to know what you are good at. It only hurts not knowing what you are able to do. When opportunity beckons you to try something out, GO FOR IT!! You never know the outcome unless you take those steps for yourself.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Red and Black: The Chip Theory

Greetings Happy People,

Before I get started on my latest blog, I want you to think of two different people.

The first person I want you to think about is someone you can really count on. Someone that is there for you. Someone you can rely on in clutch moments. And someone that is dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. Think of the person you know that takes action in whatever they do. It could be a friend, a romantic partner, or someone at work. Do you have that person in mind? Good!!

Now I want you to think of another person. I want you to think of someone that you cannot rely upon. Someone that talks a good game, but never delivers. Someone that flakes out on every moment in your life. Someone that is irresponsible, unreliable, and downright shady. Think of the person you know that will not do anything to help you out. It could be an ex-lover, a former friend, or someone at work. Do you have that person in mind? Good!!

Now when you think of these two people, you will notice a great disparity between them. One is in a positive light, while the other is in negative darkness. While one puts you into the black, the other will have you seeing red. The more these two people do their things, the further the distance they are from each other. What would be a good way to describe this philosophy? How about “THE CHIP THEORY.”

The Chip Theory is something that can be defined in the following banking ideology. If one person does something good, they will establish credit. The more good that person does, the more credit that person will establish. People with stronger credit will not only look good to other people, but also look good to themselves. They are the ones you can rely on to get the job done.

Unfortunately, the Chip Theory has a negative aspect. If one person does something bad, they will establish a debt. The more bad that person does, the greater the debt will become. People with negative credit will have a tendency not to be relied upon. They will be seen as negative, doubtful, and undependable. Hence, they will be the ones you cannot trust to do anything!!

No matter where you are, no matter what you do, you can see the Chip Theory in action. Whether it is in your life or someone else’s, you will notice the people that either have the strong debt or the stronger credit. If you are in any form of management, you will get a better understanding of this message. Why? Because they can determine the type of team you will have. If you have a team with positive credit, you will have success. If you have a team with negative credit, you will have failure.

If you are a person with bad credit, does this mean that you will stay there for the rest of your life? OF COURSE NOT!! You can get out of the red and into the black!! How? Just make those simple steps to earn your credibility. Do the right things, be responsible in your actions, and just stay the course. Once you do this over, and over, and over again, you will find yourself in the black as soon as you think.

So if you know someone that is always reliable, dependable, and is ready to get any job done, always keep them in your favor. They will be the ones that will help you get to where you want to - you no matter where the CHIPS lie. As long as you are able to master and understand this theory, you will live way better than you even expect to.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Monday, November 16, 2009

Beyond the Cloudy Borders

Greetings Happy People,

Last Saturday, Dana and I were talking about a movie we wanted to see, “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.” We looked for this movie in theatres all over the Las Vegas Valley. Unfortunately, no theaters were playing this movie. As we were going to lunch, Dana was searching for the nearest theatre that had this movie. Through sheer determination, we managed to find a theater that was still playing “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.” It was in Los Angeles. As Dana was about to feel disappointed, I asked her this simple question….

“Are there any theaters in Mesquite playing this movie?”

For those people that do not know where Mesquite is, it is a town in Nevada that is 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas. She looked for theaters that played this movie and luckily there was one theater that still had this movie!! I don’t know about you happy people, but driving to Mesquite is WAY better than driving to Los Angeles for just a movie. Once we found out that “Cloudy” was still playing in Mesquite, we decided to go up there tomorrow and see the movie.

Yesterday we woke up, got our things together, and headed out to Mesquite. Little did we knew, we were in for a nice adventure that day. We drove northbound on Interstate 15 and had a couple good stops along the way. We drove through places like Hidden Valley, Glendale, and the Moapa Indian Reservation. When we got to Mesquite, we still had a couple hours before the movie actually started. Feeling curious, I decided to go to a few places I never been to. It is very surprising what one could find on the other side of the border.

Mesquite is right next to the Arizona state line. Of all the times I have been to Mesquite, I have never been across that border to see what was on the other side. Why? I have no idea. I wanted to see what was there, but never had the opportunity – until that moment. I drove into Arizona and was pretty fortunate that I did. Within the thirty mile trek along Interstate 15, I saw some interesting places. One of which was a set of mountains located in the Virgin River Gorge. As I drove through the mountains, all I can say is “Whoa!! This is amazing!!” Dana mentioned that if I liked the mountains, wait until I see Zion!! We got about as far as St. George, Utah before heading back to Mesquite. I have never set foot in Utah until that moment. Going beyond those borders was a breathtaking moment for me!!

As we made it back to Mesquite, we still had enough time to get back to the theater that played “Cloudy.” When we got to the parking lot, no one was there. We thought that the movie theater was closed down and was considering leaving the town. Fortunately, we waited and a few minutes later and the theater opened. We walked into the theater, ordered the tickets and went into the room. We saw the movie “Cloudy” (which was pretty good). The cool part about seeing the movie is that we were the only two people in that room. We laughed, we had fun, and we felt FABULOUS!! When the movie ended, I looked at the happy smile on Dana’s face and realized that the whole experience was 100%....200% worthwhile!! We drove into the desert sunset feeling satisfied from a very awesome day.

What message can be made about this story? Well, if you have a vision…act upon it!! You will never know the feeling of amazement, satisfaction, experience, or accomplishment if you do not take those first steps!! Imagine if Dana and I decided NOT to go to Mesquite. Things would have been different. We would not have experienced the things we had that day!! No matter how great or small, if you have a goal that you want accomplished…JUST GO FOR IT!! The only person that can stop you is YOU!! Once you go beyond your borders, there’s no telling how far you can go!! Just have the vision and step to it!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Behind the Community Spirit

Greetings Happy People,

Last night I received an amazing award. I received the Division Governor of the Year award from District 33 Toastmasters – a District that covers Toastmaster clubs in southern Nevada and central California. As I look at this award, many things come to mind. The most important one is feeling happy and grateful to serve this role with awesome people. Whether it is with fellow Division Governors, a District Governor from Texas, a couple of Lt. Governors, the people from the 29 Toastmaster clubs that makeup this Division D Community in Vegas, or the people from other neighboring communities, I really feel fortunate to have them in my life.

Are there are certain goals and accomplishments that can be attributed to this? Yes. Could it be done alone? Not really. In order to be successful in what one does, they must have a well-working community. Without it, reaching and achieving different things would be impossible. When I served as a Division Governor, I have visited all of the 29 clubs in this community. While each one has a different flavor, they all have that same friendly positive spirit.

Ever since I took on my first leadership role in this organization, I focused on three words….community, vision, and fun. Why those three words? It’s pretty simple!! First in order to accomplish great things, you must have, create, and establish a great community. It follows that law of attraction thing where “like attracts like.” You are as good as the community you are serving. Second, you must have the vision. How are you going to get from point A to point B without it? Having the right vision will keep you focused on what you want to do. Third is having the fun. When you have the fun, it makes things easier to get done. Fun leads to positive thinking. Positive thinking leads to doing more. Doing more leads to a better chance at getting to your goals. If you have these three words in your mindset, you will be in great shape to simply get the things you want done. Who knows? You might make a new friend, or two, or twenty :o)

There is no secret to it. Having these three words in my mindset helped me in the Division Governor role I served. It also produced results that were sometimes greater than I even expected. Do you want to know the cool part about this thought? The cool part is the fact that everyone had a stake in what they have done in order for this community to be successful. Whether it is accomplishing a personal goal, or contributing to their respective clubs and areas, no one person can do this alone. It simply takes a fun-spirited community that shares an overall vision.

My wish is that other people outside the Toastmasters community can have this same thought process. Just imagine if that were to happen. We’d be living in a better world than we are right now. Until then, I feel very thankful and grateful to the people I served in my role as a Division Governor. Without them, none of the success would be possible. Thank you :o)

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time, attention, and cooperation.


Jesse I-I-I

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Create Your Fun!!

Greetings Happy People,

I had a fantastic weekend!! How fantastic you ask? Well let me go over things that transpired within the last four days:

THURSDAY October 29th
- Celebrated being 17 again
- Received some gifts that were handy around the house (TV stand, patio table, two TV trays, new eating utensils, and some bath items)
- Received birthday wishes from lots of cool people in my life
- Helped with some final organization for the District 33 Toastmasters Fall Conference coming up this weekend

FRIDAY October 30th
- Opened a few windows in my place and just let the cool breeze flow in
- Went to see the movie “Fame” with some fellow past and present Division Governors. Fame was a pretty good movie. Great musical scenes, but it had some limited storylines that went all over the place.
- Had strawberry shortcake ice cream at TGI Friday’s after the movie.

SATURDAY October 31st
- Watched the TCU-UNLV football game (despite the 41-0 beating UNLV took at the hands of the Horned Frogs)
- Went to see round 2 of the Professional Bull Riding World Finals at the Thomas and Mack Center with Dana, Denise, and Denise’s mom – YEE HAW!!
- Went to a Halloween after party at Torino’s Bar and CafĂ©. After seeing all of those bulls at the rodeo, I ordered a nice juicy hamburger.

SUNDAY November 1st
- Had a Sunday Brunch with Dana at the Orleans Hotel & Casino. They had lots of great seafood there
- Took a nice stroll at the new M hotel and Casino – very nice!!
- Created another strawberry concoction!!

Sounds like an interesting weekend huh? Well, ever since I took on this way of thinking, things really opened up for me. I became more positive in my outlook. I realized that the only person that can REALLY make things FUN is me and no one else. And I also realize that I can also create more fun not only for myself, but for other people around me. All I have to do is just step forward and just make it happen!!

The simple message I have for you tonight is to create your own fun. You really don’t have to be analytical about it!! You don’t have to wait for your birthday weekend!! HECK!! You don’t have to wait for the weekend!! All it takes is for you to step up, think positively, and just do it!! Remember, all the fun you have truly comes from within!! You got to believe it, find it, and just let it out. Once you realize that, you will have more fun, frivolity, and happiness than you can imagine!! Only you can make it work!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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