Friday, July 30, 2010

The Click is Mightier Than the Pen

Greetings Happy People,

No matter if it is good or bad, the power we have lies in our fingertips.

Once this act has been done, it will be very hard to go back.

Lives will change, relationships will switch, and major outcomes will be made with a simple “click.”
Today we live in a world that is based on the internet. We make purchases, we talk to friends, and we do a wide variety of business. No matter what is done, a simple click of the mouse can make many things happen.

If we make this click for good, good things will happen. If we make this click for bad, bad things will happen. Everyday we send and receive messages to people. No matter if it is by email, social networking sites, or text messaging, what we send can come back to us. Not in a “return to sender” message, but in the result outcome.

If one person sends a good message to another, good vibes will be created. If one person sends a bad message, then bad vibes will be created. It is just that simple. Ever since this internet boom, I have sent positive messages to happy people and negative message to other people too. No matter what I send, it always seems to come back to me one way or another.

We as human beings go through different emotions. Whether it is happiness, sadness, anger, or depression, these are all emotions we create for ourselves. Whatever we create can be transferred into this technology known as the internet. The emotion of one person can have an affect on thousands and millions of people. The difference between doing this in person compared to doing it online is due to the fact that whatever we do online will be a little harder to erase.

Why? The messages we put online is traceable. It can be used for and against us in many ways. Some of it used for awards, others for criminal activity. Believe it or not, we as people hold this major power in the palm of our hands. We as people must think before we made that click of the mouse. We must ask ourselves these questions:

“What is the intent of this message?”

“How will it affect this person?”

“How will it affect me?”

When we are able to ask ourselves these questions, we can make a clearer decision on whether to click or not to click. The power is in our hands. What will we do with it?
That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Garbage in?? Garbage Out!!

Greetings Happy People,

What the heck is that smell?

WOOO!! That is an awful stench!!

This morning, I woke up to a hideous scent that stunk up my apartment. What could it be coming from?

Was it coming from the toilet? Nope!!

How about the oven? Not a chance!!

Was it in the refrigerator? No bad foods there!!

It took me a few minutes to realize that the awful stench was coming from my trash can in the kitchen. My suspicions were confirmed when I opened the lid and nearly passed out on the floor!! My goodness it smelled horrible!!

What was in the trash can? Not too much, just remnants of chicken leg and a couple of green onions. YUCK!! With great anticipation, I wrapped up the bag, walked downstairs, went to the nearby dumpster, sniffed it one more time (EWWW), and threw it in the dumpster!! When I got back to my apartment, I noticed that most of the horrid stench was gone!! For the remaining foul odor that lingered, I sprayed some air freshener and it took out the rest of the bad smell.

Now imagine if I kept those items in the trash can for a long time. What would have been the results? Well, the smell would surely build up to cover the whole apartment. Additionally it would allow me to feel uncomfortable about where I live. Heck, it would also drive my friends away from my place – as well as a few flies.

It may seem simple, but to get rid of that smelly garbage one has to take it outside and throw it in the dumpster.

From this putrid revelation, I realized something. If one does not like the smell of trash in the kitchen, one can get rid of it. This in turn will allow that person to live a better life. If one continues to keep the trash in their place, it can only get worse. Believe it or not, this can also be applied to different situations in life.

No matter if it involves a job, friends, relationships, or anything else, we have the right to get rid of the stuff that stinks in our lives. If we choose to toss away the garbage in our lives, we can live a lot better!! It is up to us to not only find our garbage, but also get rid of it. Once we realize that, we will all smell like roses!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hail to the Redskins!!!

Greetings Happy People,

The year was 1981. A 1st grader was having fun in the playground at an elementary school in Norfolk, Virginia. He noticed a couple of young kids gathered around talking about something. What were they talking about? Somewhere in the conversation, he heard the names of Joe Theismann, John Riggins, and Joe Gibbs. Many of these kids were wearing a very interesting color combination – Burgundy and Gold.

Some of them were also wearing shirts and caps with a picture of a Native American man wearing two large feathers on the back of his head. I asked them what were they talking about. They were talking about a football team. They were talking about the Washington Redskins!! When they talked about the players, the games, and the adventures of this team, I started becoming a Redskins fan!!

Throughout the 1980’s I followed the Redskins. I celebrated with them their Super Bowl victories and wept at the end of Joe Theismann’s career. It did not matter which part of the country I lived in, I cheered for the men in Burgundy and Gold. There were some amazing players that played on that team – Joe Thiesmann, Art Monk, Darrell Green, Ricky Sanders, Doug Williams, “The Hogs,” and John Riggins (just to name a few). These guys gave me and other Redskins fans something to cheer about back then!! One of my wishes as a kid was to go to RFK Stadium and check out a game.

Everything was going great for the Redskins, until the coach Joe Gibbs left the team in 1993. The 1990’s were not the best of time for the Redskins. Out of the twelve seasons, they only made the playoffs one time. Meanwhile, another team had great success. That team wore blue and white uniforms. They also have a blue star on their helmets. That team called themselves the Dallas Cowboys (BOOOOOO)!!

Despite that misfortunate period, I still continued to follow the Redskins. I could have jumped on someone else’s bandwagon, but chose to stay loyal to the Burgundy and Gold. When Joe Gibbs returned, the Redskins managed to have some success. When he left again, not too much success was happening. Hopefully in the future, the Redskins will have great success as they march onto the Super Bowl. They haven’t been there in 20 years!! I think they are long overdue!!

It’s great to be a fan of a team for a long period of time. You get to experience the highs and the lows. In another way, you also get to see what your mettle is made of as a fan. It doesn’t matter what sport you cheer for. It is always good to just be a fan!! Before I close this post, I have one final thing to say….


That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time an attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Teamwork Wins Championships

Greetings Happy People,

Last week, I saw something that made me shake my head. It was the decision that NBA superstar LeBron James made. After 7 years with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he decided to play for the Miami Heat. Next season, he will join fellow NBA superstars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh as they try to bring an NBA Championship to the city of Miami.

I really did not care about the decision. However, I was surprised that ESPN would waste an hour of their programming time for a something that could have been announced in three seconds. Again, I think that was a complete waste.

Before you folks in Miami and Cleveland display anymore emotions, just remember two things:

1. The Los Angeles Lakers are still the NBA Champions
2. Superstars do not win championships, teamwork wins championships

That’s right!! I said it!! You can have as many superstars as you want on a team. However, in order to be a champion, it takes the right combination of teamwork, strategy, and some darn good fortunes. No one superstar can do it alone.

For example, it took Michael Jordan 7 years to win a championship for the Chicago Bulls. Why did it take so long? He had to have the right people around him. The teammates, the coach, the owners, and the game plan made the difference in winning a championship.

This same thought can be taken off the basketball court and into everyday life. While we may not earn any multi-million dollar contracts yet, we can still get the benefits of succeeding through teamwork. That is why there are Toastmaster communities that remain successful every year. That is why good reputations are established in some businesses. They have the right people and the right game plan at the right time.

Unfortunately, there are folks out there that just cannot see this. Instead, they have people that are not in it for the team. I know people that are just in it for themselves. It doesn’t matter who they hurt, they just want to look good. In the same breath, you also have some negative people that do not believe in the game plan. Yes, they will say that they do, but their actions tell a different story. You can call these subconscious moves.

These types of actions will affect them team – negatively!! Losing streaks will develop. Mistrust among members will arise. Credibility will suffer. Companies will go out of business. And those attainable goals will become harder to reach. Call me crazy, but no one would like to be on a team like this.

Again, it is very important to realize that teamwork wins championships. When we develop the right system, we can succeed in anything we do!! To further convince yourself, look at the team you are on and decide on your own.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anything is STILL Possible!!!

Greetings Happy People,

Do you find yourself in a rut? Are you somewhere that you really don’t want to be? Have you had enough of the same old runaround time and time again? Are you at the point where you had enough?

If you are, then you are not alone.

Do you know that you don’t have to put up with the things that are dragging you down? That’s right!! You do have a choice to leave whatever nonsense you are faced with. No one can tell you what you can and cannot endure. Only you can make that decision.

Do you also know that you can be at a better spot? Well, you can!! Whether it involves your job, your circle of associates, or any financial and physical situation, you can be at a better place!! It is possible!! All it takes is to look at where you are and where you want to go.

It may sound easier said than done, but you can do whatever you want, be whoever you want to be, and have whatever you want to have. The only standards you have to live are your own and not anyone else’s.

If you have a vision on what you want to do, be a revolutionary and take those first steps!! No one is going to stop you!! In my own life, I have seen this happen many times. I have had people tell me that I cannot do this or cannot do that. Do I listen to them? Not really. Instead I listen to what I believe is possible. When I accomplish the things that people say I cannot do, I turn around and say the following words:

Nanny Nanny Nyah Nyah!!

It is such a great feeling to be out of the negative and in the positive. There are other people that have not only realized this, but also improved their lives to a better standard!! Does this mean that whatever we accomplish is the end of our journey? Not really. For when one journey is complete, another one can begin. I am at that place where I can say that. I am also at the place where I can say I have other visions that still need to be made real. What are they?

Heh heh heh – that’s for me to know and you to find out!!

So if anyone tells you that you can stay in one place and cannot do anything, just remember that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and STILL come out on top!! Anything is possible!!

That is all I have to say!! Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Power of a Good Compliment

Greetings Happy People,

When did you last receive a good compliment? Was it a couple days ago? Was it weeks ago? Was it long before that? Chances are that if you received a good compliment, it made you feel better than before. No matter if you received one, two, or twenty, good compliments go a long, long way.

I received plenty of good compliments this past weekend. Most of them were from a presentation I did at a District 33 Toastmasters Governor’s training in Selma, California. When I left that place, I really was not sure how good of a job I did until I started receiving messages from the Area and Division Governors that attended that training. It felt pretty good to receive those types of compliments.

As I was riding back to Vegas, a few fellow Toastmasters and I stopped at a restaurant in Barstow. We talked, had dinner, and discussed about the happenings at the training in Selma. As I was chewing on my hamburger, I heard another pretty good compliment from a fellow Toastmaster. How good was it? Well, it was good enough to make me say “WHOA!!” Apparently, this person made a compliment about not only the training, but also the incoming top three leaders of this District. Note: I am one of those top three leaders (District Lt. Governor of Marketing). He not only made a compliment about that, but also past contributions I have done as a Division Governor. That not only made me feel good, but it blew my mind in the same process.

Compliments like those can make a real impact in one’s life. It gives a bolt of energy to someone that allows them to be a success in whatever one does. No matter if it is big or small; compliments have a magnitude that is a thousand times greater than an insult. Being a person that received both, I prefer compliments over insults any day.

Take it from yours truly. If you receive a compliment, take the time to savor it. It shows appreciation. It shows a sense of respect and admiration. It shows more positive things that one can really imagine. It can really help you grow as you become a success in your own right.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

Monday, July 5, 2010

Open Door Goal

Greetings Happy People,

For the last month, I have been enjoying the World Cup. Thirty-two teams from all over the world vying for soccer supremacy. Throughout this tournament, there have been close calls, blowouts, and questionable calls by FIFA referees. Nonetheless, I enjoyed every minute of the action.

I have been a follower of the World Cup since 1994. That was when the United States hosted this event. Like the current World Cup in South Africa, the 1994 World Cup had some amazing action too!! Speaking of 1994 and South Africa, that nation was going through a major change back then. This change made a major impact around the world. That was when Nelson Mandela became the first black President of South Africa. Before this historic event, the country was plagued with apartheid for many decades.

From 1948 to 1994, apartheid was the main law in South Africa. This meant that the whole nation was segregated between races. This also allowed the white minority to take control of the land. Throughout these years, there were mountains of injustice that happened in this nation. Many people that stood against this type of law were either imprisoned or killed.

Throughout the apartheid years, many sporting organizations banned South Africa from competing against any other nations. For instance, the United Nations banned South Africa from 7 Summer Olympic games (from 1964 to 1988) and 8 Winter Olympic games (1964 to 1992). The apartheid laws also kept South Africa from playing in the World Cup as FIFA banned them from 7 World Cup Tournaments (from 1964 to 1990). In addition, they were even banned from their own continental soccer tournament – The African Cup of Nations from 1959 to 1992. They were also banned from international play in other sporting competitions.

In 1990, when F.W. de Klerk realized the economic and social damage that was being done by these nefarious laws, he decided to take steps in repeal apartheid in South Africa. Within the next four years, the apartheid laws were fading until they no longer existed. As these laws were finally eradicated from South Africa, the international community decided to open their doors to the nation. They were able to do business with other nations and were also able to compete in many international competitions – which include the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.

And now South Africa is hosting their first major international tournament via the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I wonder what could be next – possibly the Summer Olympic games?

Whether it involves one nation or one person, a closed mind often leads to closed door results. These closed doors will affect people one way or another. It can affect them financially, spiritually, psychologically, and physically. The unfortunate part about this is that the people that practice these closed mind philosophies are unable to see the overall picture.

While it may be best to try and tell them to open up their minds, all we can do is hope they do it themselves. All it takes is for someone to think that this way is not working AND there has got to be a better way. When one can realize that, then the doors will start to open. If only the whole world can adopt this thought.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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