Thursday, July 15, 2010

Teamwork Wins Championships

Greetings Happy People,

Last week, I saw something that made me shake my head. It was the decision that NBA superstar LeBron James made. After 7 years with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he decided to play for the Miami Heat. Next season, he will join fellow NBA superstars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh as they try to bring an NBA Championship to the city of Miami.

I really did not care about the decision. However, I was surprised that ESPN would waste an hour of their programming time for a something that could have been announced in three seconds. Again, I think that was a complete waste.

Before you folks in Miami and Cleveland display anymore emotions, just remember two things:

1. The Los Angeles Lakers are still the NBA Champions
2. Superstars do not win championships, teamwork wins championships

That’s right!! I said it!! You can have as many superstars as you want on a team. However, in order to be a champion, it takes the right combination of teamwork, strategy, and some darn good fortunes. No one superstar can do it alone.

For example, it took Michael Jordan 7 years to win a championship for the Chicago Bulls. Why did it take so long? He had to have the right people around him. The teammates, the coach, the owners, and the game plan made the difference in winning a championship.

This same thought can be taken off the basketball court and into everyday life. While we may not earn any multi-million dollar contracts yet, we can still get the benefits of succeeding through teamwork. That is why there are Toastmaster communities that remain successful every year. That is why good reputations are established in some businesses. They have the right people and the right game plan at the right time.

Unfortunately, there are folks out there that just cannot see this. Instead, they have people that are not in it for the team. I know people that are just in it for themselves. It doesn’t matter who they hurt, they just want to look good. In the same breath, you also have some negative people that do not believe in the game plan. Yes, they will say that they do, but their actions tell a different story. You can call these subconscious moves.

These types of actions will affect them team – negatively!! Losing streaks will develop. Mistrust among members will arise. Credibility will suffer. Companies will go out of business. And those attainable goals will become harder to reach. Call me crazy, but no one would like to be on a team like this.

Again, it is very important to realize that teamwork wins championships. When we develop the right system, we can succeed in anything we do!! To further convince yourself, look at the team you are on and decide on your own.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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