Sunday, November 1, 2009

Create Your Fun!!

Greetings Happy People,

I had a fantastic weekend!! How fantastic you ask? Well let me go over things that transpired within the last four days:

THURSDAY October 29th
- Celebrated being 17 again
- Received some gifts that were handy around the house (TV stand, patio table, two TV trays, new eating utensils, and some bath items)
- Received birthday wishes from lots of cool people in my life
- Helped with some final organization for the District 33 Toastmasters Fall Conference coming up this weekend

FRIDAY October 30th
- Opened a few windows in my place and just let the cool breeze flow in
- Went to see the movie “Fame” with some fellow past and present Division Governors. Fame was a pretty good movie. Great musical scenes, but it had some limited storylines that went all over the place.
- Had strawberry shortcake ice cream at TGI Friday’s after the movie.

SATURDAY October 31st
- Watched the TCU-UNLV football game (despite the 41-0 beating UNLV took at the hands of the Horned Frogs)
- Went to see round 2 of the Professional Bull Riding World Finals at the Thomas and Mack Center with Dana, Denise, and Denise’s mom – YEE HAW!!
- Went to a Halloween after party at Torino’s Bar and CafĂ©. After seeing all of those bulls at the rodeo, I ordered a nice juicy hamburger.

SUNDAY November 1st
- Had a Sunday Brunch with Dana at the Orleans Hotel & Casino. They had lots of great seafood there
- Took a nice stroll at the new M hotel and Casino – very nice!!
- Created another strawberry concoction!!

Sounds like an interesting weekend huh? Well, ever since I took on this way of thinking, things really opened up for me. I became more positive in my outlook. I realized that the only person that can REALLY make things FUN is me and no one else. And I also realize that I can also create more fun not only for myself, but for other people around me. All I have to do is just step forward and just make it happen!!

The simple message I have for you tonight is to create your own fun. You really don’t have to be analytical about it!! You don’t have to wait for your birthday weekend!! HECK!! You don’t have to wait for the weekend!! All it takes is for you to step up, think positively, and just do it!! Remember, all the fun you have truly comes from within!! You got to believe it, find it, and just let it out. Once you realize that, you will have more fun, frivolity, and happiness than you can imagine!! Only you can make it work!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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