Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The 12 Tips to an Awesome Community!!

Greetings happy people!!

As many of you know, I recently served as a Division Governor for my Toastmasters community here in Las Vegas!! With the help of many people, I led the Division to President's Distinguished honors. That is the highest honor any Division can attain in this organization!!

This Division comprises of five different Areas. An Area usually comprises of somewhere between 4 to 6 different Toastmaster clubs. These Areas are headed by Area Governors. Within my Division I have had 4 out of the 5 Areas attain President's Distinguished honors. Again, that is the highest honor any Area can have in this organization.

There were people that asked me how I had such an amazing year as a Division Governor. Well, before I served my term, I wrote and followed the 12 Tips for an Awesome Community!! What are these tips and how can it benefit people inside and outside of Toastmasters? Well, take a look!!


1. REALIZE THAT YOU ARE A PART OF THE COMMUNITY!! - It really doesn’t matter if we are in different neighborhoods or different people. Underneath the surface and layers, we are ALL a part of the same community!! Being a community brings in more togetherness and teamwork.

2. EVERYONE HAS A PART IN THE SUCCESS!! - Whether it is by obtaining a personal goal, creating something that will benefit all, or taking the time to help a friend, make sure that everybody has a stake in the community's success!!

3. ALLOW AND MAKE ROOM FOR ANY TYPE OF GROWTH - To avoid any form of decay, always allow and make room for growth!!

4. BE IN A “WIN-WIN” SITUATION - When you get to this point in your reading, toss out the “lose-win,” “win-lose,” and “lose-lose” situations from your vocabulary!! In order to become a winner, you must believe that you are one!!

a. Participate – Go ahead!! Take a step into the action!! You can do it!!
b. Be Open – To avoid any prejudices, always have an open mind to different plans and ideas!!
c. Be Honest – Enough said!!
d. Take Risks – Leave the comfort zone behind and LIVE LIFE!!

6. BE A CLEVER LISTENER - Whenever someone is talking; take the time to listen cleverly. Be there with the person!! Avoid the “uh-huh” and “uh-uh” response!!

S = Specific - Know what goals you are shooting for.
M =Measurable - Your goals must be measurable.
A = Action Oriented – To + (action verb) = Action Oriented!!
R = Realistic – Make sure the goals you have are realistic. Never under change or over change your target.
T = Time Oriented – Make sure to establish a timetable for your goals, keep track on where you are!! When you’re done reaching your goal, go for another one!!

8. STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX - Instead of the thinking outside the box, step outside of it!! You’d change your thinking and grow a lot faster!!

9. NEW MATH EQUATION - 100% Intention + 0% Mechanism = 100% RESULTS!!
No matter the mechanism vehicle you use, always remember that the intention counts!! Intention is the spark plug that drives the vehicle to your goal – PRODUCING RESULTS!!

10. WHEN IN DOUBT….ASK!! - Never be too proud to ask!! The only stupid questions are the one that are never asked.

11. WHEN YOU FALL DOWN, GET UP AND KEEP MOVING!! - Just remember that things are never over when you fall!! IT'S NOT OVER..TIL IT'S OVER!!

12. Most importantly…..HAVE FUN!!!

These are the 12 tips for an awesome community!! Whether you are going into a leadership role or are looking for more sense of wisdom, these tips are great to have in anything you would like to do. If it can work for myself, it surely can work for you. Just give it a try and you will be surprised in the results that would come from this!!

That is all I have for now. Thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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