Monday, September 7, 2009


Greetings Happy People,

Throughout my blog, I mentioned “The Perpetual Victim” many times. I mentioned what they were, what they did, and how to handle one. There were stories and examples that involved this type of personality. You may say that they got plenty of recognition in the blogs I wrote.

Now, I want to introduce you to something completely opposite -The Perpetual Lion (or “Lion” for short).

Why a lion? When I think of this massive four-legged feline, the following words come to mind: strong, noble, courageous, brave, king of beasts, queen of prides, and majestic. Lions are animals that go wherever they want to go and do whatever they want.

Like the Victim, you also work with people that are known as Lions. You know the type – strong, fearless, confident, and courageous leaders. Someone that is willing to take on any challenge no matter how big or small. They also have a noble personality.

Lions can also be seen as great hunters. Instead of hunting for zebras or wildebeests, these Lions hunt bigger game. They hunt for goals, visions, and other things relevant to their personal development. Instead of feeling caged in, these Lions majestically roam in different paths. And when it comes to making a statement, Lions don’t meow – they ROAR!!

Lions also have a big heart. When something happens to them, they have the ability not only to forgive but also continue to walk to their destination. Compare this to a Victim staying at one place for a long period of time – wallowing in sympathy. Where the Victims won’t grow, the Lions will go!!

Lions are people you can count on. Lions are people you can be proud of. Lions are what you inspire to be. WAIT A MINUTE!! If you fit these qualifications yourself - you may already be a Lion yourself!!

Whether they roam alone, or travel in prides, Lions are the movers and shakers in this world. At work and at Toastmasters, I have seen many Lions in action. These people would go on to do great things for not only their communities, but also for themselves! Lions are the innovators, the motivators, and the encouragers. People like to work with Lions because they aspire to be in that same category themselves.

When you are a Lion, you are unstoppable!!

When you are a Lion, you are powerful!!

When you are a Lion, you climb the highest peaks!!

When you are a Lion…..YOU are a winner!!

The cool part about Lions is that YOU can be one yourself. How, you ask? All you have to do is the following:

1. Take in that energetic thought of being a Lion

2. Start walking the paths with fearless courage

3. Don’t let anything stop you. Even if it is temporary…keep going until you get to your destination.

In no time, YOU will be a king (or queen) in whatever you do!! Just take those steps and BE A LION!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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