Monday, May 14, 2012

I Am Awake

Greetings Happy People (or Good Morning Happy People),

No matter where I am, no matter what I do, I am glad to be awake right now.

Even at 4'o clock in the morning, as I type this message to you, it IS good to be awake. Heck, it is better than the alternative.

It amazes me how some people take the simple fact of waking up each morning for granted. Many people wake up worrying what the day will bring. Others wish they don't wake up at all. Nevertheless, these people overlook the importance of getting up each morning. How can anyone do anything if they can't wake up?

Within my 36 years of living, I have met people that have been through what life has dealt them. Whether it is a financial hit, a terminal illness, or some bad break in life, they are able to wake up and continue the day that awaits them. Call it what you want, but they chose to get up when life knocks them down.

For me, I am glad to wake up in the morning. Each day allows me an opportunity to determine not only how to take on the day, but also find the different opportunities and possibilities that are out there.

Do I have challenges in my day? Yes, I do.

Am I going to make mistakes? Probably.

No matter how big or small these challenges may be, I know that they cannot keep me down forever. I know that I can overcome any obstacle if I choose to do so. All I have to do first is just wake up. If I don't do that, what else could I do??

As you wake up and read this post, you have a choice to look at what I am writing. You can choose to go on your way and miss this message entirely, or you can choose to be thankful that you are up this morning.

Either way, the decision is up to you.

Just remember that when you make this decision, be sure that you are awake. It helps.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.



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