Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 Years

Greetings Happy People,

Five years ago today, I was living in my parents' house. Back then, I wanted to move out on my own to "see what it's like."

Then the day came - June 8, 2006. I moved out of home and into my first apartment. When I walked into the place, I looked around and felt a sense of independence. Along with that came some responsibility. I paid a few bills, stood on my own feet, and made decisions on where to go. Little did I know, more walls were going to break in my life.

Two years later, more good things arrived. I stepped up to a major leadership role in Toastmasters (Division Governor), went to a seminar where my walls broke, reunited with a few high school friends, and asked a lovely lady out (after being dateless for a few years). Gee, I wondered how those things turned out (heh heh heh).

As time passed, I attended another personal development seminar, watched an interesting DVD that was a real "secret," and started reading more motivational books. Ironically, many of these books I read were written by people who came a long way from their own lives. Some of them had more challenging obstacles to go through, but the underlying stories give the same message - you can be whatever you want to be if you put your mind to it.

In no time, the books I read inspired me to write a blog. The same one you are reading!! Additionally, it also inspired me to write and publish my first book. Gee, I wonder what is the name of that book. I think it has something to do with Happy People (heh heh heh).

And now, I am typing this post to you in my very first home!! Wow!!

As I look back at things, I can say that I came a long way. What will happen in the next 5 years? I have no solid answer. However, if things play out the way they do, I will still be growing through different opportunities, challenges, and whatever life throws at me.

A lot can happen in 5 years Happy People. If you start from where you are right now and make the efforts to grow personally, you will be amazed with where you are and what you are doing. Who knows? Somebody might read the story you have to share. They might want to "see what it's like" for themselves.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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