Saturday, February 26, 2011


Greetings Happy People,


Is it because you are frustrated?
Is it because you feel you can’t win?
Is it because things aren’t going the way you wanted it to?
Is it because someone or something won’t let you succeed?
Is it because everybody’s telling you that you can’t do it?
Is it because nobody cares?
Is it because you get laughed at and made fun of?
Is it because it seems impossible?
Is it because you are scared?
Is it because you found something better?
Is it because you have more bad days than good?
Is it because someone or something disappointed you?
Is it because you’re worried?
Is it because you think things are hopeless?
Is it because you can’t get along with someone?
Is it because it costs too much?
Is it because you are not the right size?
Is it because you are not smart enough?
Is it because you are not pretty?
Is it because you don’t know?
Is it because you can't find a way out?
Is it because you don't want to get hurt?
Is it because everything and everyone is against you?
Is it because you think that it won’t make a difference?
Is it because you feel it’s a waste of time?
Is it because you believe you can’t?


Because no one else would.
Because someone has to.
Because it can create opportunities.
Because it opens doors that were once closed.
Because you know something is there.
Because you have the vision.
Because you are capable.
Because you aren’t scared of the risks.
Because you have the drive.
Because you have the passion.
Because you are stronger than you think.
Because you want to learn.
Because you want to find the answer.
Because you want to keep going.
Because you believe in it.
Because you have faith.
Because you can win.
Because you can amaze.
Because you have the power.
Because you want to grow.
Because you are motivated.
Because you know there's still hope.
Because you want to get there.
Because you still have the heart.
Because you know you will come out on top.
Because you have the ability.
Because you are confident.
Because you are not scared.
Because you are courageous.
Because no one is holding you back.
Because you can break from the norm.

Because……YOU CAN!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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