Friday, December 24, 2010

The Truth Hurts, but Lying Hurts More

Greetings Happy People,

Have you ever known someone that was a habitual liar?

The person that constantly tells lies to make themselves look good? Whether it is at work, school, or any other place, we do have people that like to lie. They lie so much that you swear they make great career politicians.

Fortunately, I have known few people that like to lie. Unfortunately, I have known few people that like to lie.

No matter what they say, it seems that they are telling a 4-6 minute Tall Tale presentation. I don’t know if they think their lives are not good enough, nor do I care most of the time, but lying too many times is just unhealthy.

There is one person I know that likes to lie. To protect the identity of this person, let’s call him “Carl.” Carl is a person that can do nothing but lie. He lies to co-workers, family, and the dog. He lies about his home. He lies about building bridges. He lies about working for different jobs. Well, I would believe the one about working for the government, but he lies so much that it just loses meaning. I bet that if you give him some time, he would lie about being from the planet Venus.

One good example of his penchant for lying happened a couple days ago. I was talking to a few of my friends about the upcoming Las Vegas Bowl game between Boise State and Utah. One of my friends was about to brave the elements and attend this game. Another friend had the unfortunate opportunity to ask Carl if he was going to watch the game on TV. Carl said that he had no time and would not even watch the game because he met those obnoxious Boise State fans on the drive from Idaho. He claimed that he drove 6 hours from Boise on Interstate 5.

Can you see the red flag and smell the bovine excrement from this statement? Number one, Interstate 5 does not even touch the state of Idaho. Number two, the shortest distance from Las Vegas to Boise is approximately 665 miles. To make it from these two places in 6 hours, you have to do some insanely fast driving along US 93. I can only shake my head at this point and say “C’mon Man!!”

The next day, I was with the same group of friends and sure enough Carl comes by dressed in Blue and Orange (Boise State colors) and said, “Man!! Have you seen that game last night?” We all gave him a look that said “Really?” One day, you said you weren’t watching the game and the next day you are a die hard fan? Something did not add up here.

Note to you Happy People out there. If one is going to lie effectively, make sure your story and situation matches before you open your mouth. Otherwise one will look like a straight up fool in seconds. Even if one were to lie, it can lead to another lie to cover it up and another to cover up the first two. Believe it or not, it will get to the point where the truth will come out and the liar will end up looking very bad.

The sad part is that Carl got to where he is by lying his way there. Am I worried about him? Not really. Sooner or later, his lies will come back and get him in the worst way. It will only take a matter of time for this to happen.

They say that the truth hurts. However, lying make the pain even worse. Although we may not be perfect individuals, we got to know our limits when it comes to something like this. It is better to tell the truth and get things over with instead of having to use the smoke and mirrors of lying. It is less work and less complicated than one thinks. And when the truth is told, it builds more credibility for that person than any single lie.

And that Happy People is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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