Sunday, September 5, 2010

Skin Deep

Greetings Happy People,

No matter how one looks on the outside, nothing compares to one’s inner beauty.

As I go out to different places at night, I see women dressed up in some interesting clothing. How interesting? Let me remind you that I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Whatever happens in Vegas, is unbelievable.

Some girls would dress up in something completely outrageous. No matter if they can fit in these type of clothes or not, they try to give that sexy image. Whether it is overage, underage, or somewhere in between, more ladies are getting into those things they now call dresses. Are they really trying to impress themselves or somebody else? What is the overall message they are giving to the world? I don’t what it is, but I can only shake my head.

It annoys me that some of these women would use their appearance to get whatever they want. Whether it involves cutting in front of the line at a restaurant or persuading someone to look at things in a different way, these ladies seem to have an advantage. Or do they? Again, it all lies in the message they are giving to the world. And that message can get them into more trouble than what it is worth.

When the outer beauty is gone, where can they go? There are two places I can think of. One is to preserve the outer beauty by resorting to cosmetic surgery. The other is to simply take a good look in the mirror. Behind the clothing, behind the flesh, behind the exterior lies the inner beauty. If one takes the time to look at it, there would be no need to mask what one has inside. Why? Because they are beautiful enough where they don’t need to wear those attention getting clothes. They are just beautiful!!

Time and time again, people ask why I go out with certain people that don’t fit their standards of beauty? The answer is simple!! Instead of focusing on just the outer beauty, I also look at what they have inside. I have had some great relationships by using this thought. Heck, I have a great relationship with a beautiful woman right now!! Every time I look at her smile, I can also see her inner beauty. That is a good thing to have.

As I return to some of these night time places in Las Vegas, and see those women in those interesting clothes, I can only wonder if they took the time out to look at their inner beauty. If they do, then they will ask themselves why. If not, who knows?

That is all I have for you today. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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