Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stability vs. Growth - The Two Laws

Greetings Happy People,

I just ate some food for thought.

Earlier today, someone mentioned to me about job security. How one is thankful to have this type of stability.

In all honesty, that is something I find hard to digest. Why?

As I drive to different places in the Las Vegas Valley, I see businesses that either closed down or moved out of state. These once booming businesses are now a shell of themselves. If you are in the Las Vegas Valley, I would like for you to drive past an intersection that once had a thriving business. That intersection is Decatur Blvd & Meadows Lane.

Years ago, that intersection had plenty of stores, restaurants, a supermarket, and a huge auto dealership. Now most of those businesses are gone. When business was booming, I am sure that some people thought that they had job security that would last them a long time. Thanks to today’s economy, that did not happen.

Years ago, people thought that getting a government job was the fast track to stability and security. Thanks to this economy, many people in government are losing their jobs by layoffs. And for those people that stayed in their position for a very long time, they are not really seeing any type of growth whatsoever.

People are biting into a law that will hinder them in the long run. This law can be seen as comforting in the beginning. But as time passes, and complacency sets in, this law can hurt more people than it can help. What is this law we should look out for? It’s the Law of Stability.

The Law of Stability masks itself as a friend. But when you look underneath the surface, it can be one’s greatest enemy. It wraps around you, makes you feel comfortable, and have you feeling that you are in a safe spot. While you are in that comfort zone, this law weakens your abilities, dulls your talent, and makes you a victim of your own environment. This Law of Stability is a dangerous thing to have. If you carry this law around you for a long period of time, you will decay.

What is one good way to counter this Law of Stability? I have one law for you – THE LAW OF GROWTH!! No matter if it is a business, a community, or one person, when this law is implemented, we have a good chance to live better and go further than we expect!! We cannot rely on others to find methods for our own growth; we have to find it on our own. How do you think successful people became successful, they have the idea and ability to use this law to their advantage!!

What is the Law of Growth? This law is about finding ways to improve what you are doing in life. If you feel like you are staying in one position for a long time, this law will allow you to step out of that comfort zone and challenge yourself to do new things!! This law will allow you to be better in what you can do. This Law of Growth is used by many people that do not believe in the Law of Stability.

At first it may be scary to do. But when we take that first step to the Law of Growth, we will thrive!! Will there be setbacks in our growth process? Yes, there will be. But for each setback we face, we must learn from them – not run away from them. People have fears of failing. But when we learn to rise from our failures, that fear will be nothing more than an illusion.

From this Law of Growth, we can set our sight in whatever we want to do in life. All it takes are just a few beginning steps, keep our focus, and we will be on our way!! There is no telling how far we can go if we use the Law of Growth!! Just give it a try!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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Penguinlady said...

an EXCELLENT book to read for more on this subject is "Who Moved My Cheese". It is a fabulous book that talks about exactly this topic - seeing the writing on the wall and whether you wait for the change or see it coming and do something about it.

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