Monday, September 6, 2010

Under the Microscope

Greetings Happy People,

I had someone told me something interesting today. Somebody told me that I was being watched. Watched for what? I have no idea. Am I scared about this? Not really. All I can be is myself. Whether it is through my job, my hobbies, or writing the latest post for you happy people, I am going to do what I am going to do. This is because I like doing the things I do without having to worry about someone “watching me.”

In all honesty, I feel quite honored because someone is taking their time to look at what I am doing. Instead of doing things for themselves or having their own lives to life, they would rather watch what I do, live, say, and breathe. For the watchers “watching me,” I hope they like what they see. If they do, than they can enjoy what I post, what I write, and what I do in my life. Hopefully these watchers can inspire other folks in their community. If they do not like what they see, all I can say is that I’m sorry. I can only be me and no one else.

Being in many things allow me to be under someone’s microscope. There are two types of views that people can take when they look at me under the microscope. The first view come from the negative people. These negative people watch me under the microscope to find any possible thing to bring me down. These people spend their time poking holes and digging for whatever they possibly can on me. These negative people will not be satisfied until I am brought down. I don’t know about you happy people, but that is a lot of energy to waste looking at what I am doing.

On the other side of the coin, there are positive people that like what I am doing. Whether it involves helping people out, serving the community, or making things better for some folks, these positive people get inspired by it. Of all the maladies that can happen in the world, these positive people look at me in a bright light because I am doing something positive not only for myself, but for other people too!!

No matter what I do, I will still be Mr. I-I-I. Am I under someone’s microscope? Yes I am!! Will there be positive and negative people looking at me? Yes there will be!! Am I going to worry about this for as long as I live? I don’t think so!! While others watch what I do, I am going to just keep doing what I do. Hopefully, if we have more doers in this world than watchers, this world can move better than before. All we have to do is keep moving and give folks something worth watching!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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