Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's Your Brand?

Greetings Happy People,

Do you have your own type of brand? The type that makes it stand out and have folks recognize it in a split second?

There are many companies that have recognizable brands. From Kentucky Fried Chicken to the NFL, branding is everywhere!! On August 17th, Toastmasters International will release its new brand to the public in my town of Las Vegas!! The purpose of having a brand allows one to standout from the rest. It brings a noticable attraction to a variety of customers.

There are also people that have their own personal brand. For example, I have a personal brand since I was 2 years old. Yes, this was way before the "I-I-I" moniker that I use today. How did I get it? Let me take you back to the late 70's in southern Texas.

My family and I were living in base housing at Kingsville, Texas. One day my mother was preparing some collard greens for dinner. Being the curious toddler, I wanted to see what my mother was doing. Being vertically challenged at the time, I stood on my plastic chair and watched my mom prepare those collard greens.

Within a matter of seconds, the chair gave way and BANG!!!!

I hit my head on the edge of the table. The next thing I knew, blood was gushing from my head. My mother took me to the hospital and the doctors put plenty of stitches on that gash. To this day, I carry this hole on my right eyebrow - my first brand!! Amazingly, I did not cry throughout the whole procedure.

Eventhough it was a painful way to get it, that was my first ever brand. Whenever I look at that hole in my right eyebrow, I feel that it gives a unique look to a unique individual. Some things may come and go, but that 34-year old brand I got on my right eyebrow still remains.

Would I recommend you to bump your head on the edge of your dinner table to create your own brand? Not really. Instead you can have your own brand by your body trademark, clothing, or anything else that defines you. As long as you are able to make or create your own statement, you have your own brand. You don't have to be a multi-billion dollar company to make that happen. You just have to be you and that is all that matters.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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