Saturday, November 27, 2010

Counting the November Blessings

Greetings Happy People,

This month has been pretty good to me!! While it is true that I have been having some good months lately, this one seems to stand out. What made this month so good? Well, let’s look at what happened:

1. I went to a very awesome District Toastmasters Conference in Ventura, California
2. While in Ventura, I went to different companies with the Region II Toastmasters Advisor of Marketing – and learned a few marketing tips.
3. I had an awesome radio interview (Radiantly U - CLICK HERE!!) AND scheduled another interview for another talk show on January 2011
4. I wrote and self-published my very first book (Mr. I-I-I’s book – CLICK HERE!!)
5. Enjoyed a couple Thanksgiving parties
6. Made a person’s day at my High School Alumni social
7. Went on a tour at the local Blind Center
8. Saw the Washington Redskins win more games than they did last season.
9. Saw the UNLV Rebels win their homecoming game against the University of Wyoming
10. Breaking the 900 friend mark on Facebook and getting close to 200 likes on my Variety Fan Page.
11. Had an awesome phone conversation with a Toastmaster guru on more Lt. Governor of Marketing tips
12. Spent some amazing quality time with Dana
13. Reserved a room and registered for my first Region II Mid-Year Training which will take place February 2011 in Los Angeles.
14. Had a white cat cross my path. If a black cat can cause bad luck, I figure that a white cat can do the complete opposite :o)

But wait, the month isn’t over yet!! There are still more amazing things to do!! Looking at this list alone makes me thankful and grateful to take part in these opportunities. Some of them came out of nowhere; others involved me stepping in at the right place and time (which is usually at that moment).

Nevertheless, I can say that I am very thankful and happy to experience these moments. And all of it took place this month alone. If one month can be this way, I wonder how other months can be.

No matter who you are, anyone can find things to be grateful for. It can be one thing of fourteen things. Any grateful opportunity is worth savoring. How can one start having these wonderful moments? Well, you can believe that you can have them.
When you get to that point, prepare for more good things to come your way. If it can work for me, it sure can work for you!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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