Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Power of Happiness

Greetings Happy People!!

Of all the feelings in the human body, nothing compares to pure happiness.

YES!! Happiness is the best emotion because it makes you feel good!! I have been through a variety of feelings (sad, fear, depression, angry, worry, confusion, and disenchantment) and I admit it. There is no greater feeling that happiness!!

When I am happy, the good vibes go all over my body.

When I am happy, my smiles are wider.


People can tell you that they are happy, but saying and feeling it are very different. Through my own understanding, to really feel happy, it must come from within.

That’s right!! In order to truly feel happy, you must first have that happy thought. When you have the happy thought in your mind, it automatically transfers into your feelings.

What happy thoughts can spark this euphoric feeling? Well, any good thought you can think of is a great start!! Whether it is your children, your family, your pet, a vacation getaway, a good song, or a certain red fruit with seeds on the outside (Strawberries), any happy thoughts will work!

Ever since I acquired this elated feeling through thought, I feel more upbeat, my moves became a little swifter, and I notice a sense of freedom from fear, despair, hopelessness and anything that is opposite to feeling good. In addition, my confidence and courage levels have skyrocketed to amazing heights!! Feeling happy is incredibly AWESOME!!

To further prolong this feeling, I would do other active things such as watch less news stories, listen to good music, and partake in a walk outside to breathe in the good environment around me. Laughing also helps power the positive energy!! For every good chuckle comes a burst of happiness!!

Who has a right to feel happy? WE ALL DO!! Face it! All of us have the right to just be happy!! The only person that can make us experience this wonderful feeling is the one in the mirror. Go ahead and give it a try!! You will be surprised in how one simple thought shift makes a difference in your day!!

Once you found your happy feeling, allow it to come into your life! When you are finished, ALLOW MORE HAPPINESS TO COME IN!! There are no complex mysteries to this feeling. When you are happy….YOU WIN!! Enough said.

That is all I have for now. Take care of yourself and thank you for your time and attention!!


Jesse I-I-I

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