Sunday, May 23, 2010

All Tied Up No More!!

Greetings Happy People,


I have finally completed one of my biggest accomplishments!! After years of struggle, and years of difficulties, I FINALLY DID IT!! I used to have people help me out with this, but now I am able to do it all by myself. No tricks, no assistance, and no problems!! It is one of those accomplishments that I am truly proud of!!

What is this amazing accomplishment I am talking about?

Getting my own book deal? Not yet!!

Creating another Toastmasters club? Not this time!!

Winning some huge amounts of cash? Huh!! I wish!!

The biggest accomplishment I have done is learning to tie my own tie!! IN A MATTER OF SECONDS!!

That’s right!! I can finally tie my own tie in just a few seconds!! This is quite the amazing personal feat for me!! How did this happen? Well, let me tell you the story behind this miraculous moment!!

Like some kids, I started off wearing a clip-on tie. It was easy, it was simple and it took little time to do. I would just take the metal clip behind my tie, slide it into my dress shirt collar, and clip it!! It seemed pretty routine for a few a years until something out of the blue happened. I grew up.

During my adolescent years, I always had difficulties in tying my own tie. I would have to rely on my own dad to teach me how to tie a tie. For some reason, I was unable to get the concept. My older sisters had to help me tie my own tie. This lack of knowledge would haunt me from my college years to the years afterwards. It was then I would have former girlfriend tie my tie for me. Some of them were pretty good while others were only two steps better than I was. The pain of not knowing how to tie a tie was quite embarrassing. Oh the embarrassment!!

When I rejoined Toastmasters back in 2002, I still had trouble tying a tie!! After one District Conference, I finally said “ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH!! I AM GOING TO TIE MY OWN TIE!!” Thanks to the beauty of technology, I took the first step on learning how to tie a tie.

With the help of the internet, I realized that there were many ways to tie a tie. For starters, I picked the most basic way. It took me days to learn, but somehow I succeeded!! YAY!! Those days turned into hours. Those hours turned into minutes. And then the moment happened at a recent District Conference in Modesto, California.

I was getting ready for a full Saturday morning. I looked at the tie on the bed. I hear the background music play in head. I believe it was the theme from 2001-The Space Odyssey. I wrapped the tie around my neck, and started to tie the tie!! Within seconds, I was done!! Realizing that this was one of my greatest accomplishments, I celebrated!! I looked at Dana and told her that I tied my tie in SECONDS!!

She looked at me and said, “Yeah!! That’s great honey!!”

This was a very important step for me. I felt proud of myself that I was able to do this in a short period of time!! Oh this was quite the feat!! AND I FINALLY ACCOMPLISHED IT!! YAY!!

We have challenges in our lives. Some are great and some are small. No matter the size, there is no greater feeling than FINALLY accomplishing that challenge. You feel the excitement. You feel the jubilation. Heck!! You feel pretty darn good about yourself!! So whether it is something that involves your career, your dreams, your life, or your own tie…overcoming any obstacle will make you feel awesome!! Trust me, you will never have that tied down feeling when you accomplish YOUR challenge.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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