Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Four Capsules

Greetings Happy People,

Today is December 30, 2009. We are only two days away from a brand new decade!! To celebrate the welcoming of this new decade, I have some things to share with you. Excuse me while I bring them in….my goodness they are pretty heavy!!

As you all look at these huge pill-shaped items, you are probably wondering what the heck they are. Well my friends, they are my four different time capsules. Each capsule is from different years in different decades of my life: 1979, 1989, 1999, and 2009. Some of them are dusty while others are a little newer. What I am going to do for you right now is open up these capsules and just take a look at some of the events and situations that happened in my life so far. Before I open them, we may drift into different years between openings. Are you ready?? Well then, let’s begin with 1979.

WAIT A MINUTE!! Am I hearing “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson inside this capsule? Oh this one will be interesting to open. Where is my crowbar??

(Opening 1979 capsule)

Wow!! I see a four-year old kid inside this capsule!! He is living in a house somewhere in Norfolk, Virginia. I also see his mother and his two older sisters. His dad must still be in the Navy. It looks like he is in the midst of pre-school. Within the next year, he is about to embark on an adventure known as Kindergarten. The friends he would play with, the lunches he would eat, the many times he would hurt himself when he falls off of those monkey bars. This kid has an interesting looking afro. He looks so happy and carefree. Heck!! He looks very smart too!! Okay its time to close this capsule.

(Closing 1979 capsule)

That was an interesting look into the 1979 capsule. Now it's time open up the next one, the 1989 capsule. Before we open it, let us see what we can hear from this capsule. Okay I am hearing something from Milli Vanilli. It sounds like “Girl You Know Its True.” Okay…let’s just hope we don’t see a 14 year old kid with dreadlocks and bad lip-syncing skills.

(Opening 1989 capsule)

Oh-kay!! I do see a 14 year old kid inside this capsule. He is now living in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been in this town for 5 years. Instead of dreadlocks, I see him sporting a flattop-afro combination with his hair!! It looks like he is just starting high school. He is wearing a buttoned-up shirt and some dress pants. He is in a private school located on Maryland Parkway and Oakey. He still has a mom and a dad but now he has three sisters. His younger sister was born just a year ago. After being in so many different schools in Norfolk, Seattle, Virginia Beach, and Las Vegas, he is going to stay in this one for more than just two years. Look at the classmates around you 14 year old Jesse, these will be the people you will remember for a long time. Okay its time to close this capsule.

(Closing 1989 capsule)

That capsule was not bad to see. He did have a few growing pains, but he managed to live through them. Now it is time to open up the 1999 capsule. As we open this capsule, you can hear Prince play his song “1999” over and over again. Okay we are at this year, now let’s see what inside this capsule.

(Opening 1999 capsule)

I see a 24 year old young man. He just graduated from college with a Civil Engineering degree. After leaving school and his student internship, he is starting his career with some government agency. Thank God he got rid of that flattop!! He took some tests for his Engineering certificate and passed it. He is taking some more tests to hopefully get promoted in the future. I also see he got rid of his first car a 1985 Ford Tempo. This time, he is driving a 1999 Geo Tracker. Be careful on windy days driving that thing!! He is not only a brother, and a son, but also and uncle too. He also did some writing, hope that goes well for him. Okay its time to close this capsule.

(Closing 1999 capsule)

That was only 10 years ago. I find that very hard to believe!! Time really does fly if you let it!! The next capsule I have here is the newest one. It is my 2009 time capsule. What music do I hear inside this capsule? Ah yes, I hear Taylor Swift. This is great music. Wha-WHAT?? Now I hear Kanye West rapping!! That was pretty rude to interrupt Taylor in the middle of her song!! Oh well, let’s open up the 2009 capsule.

(Opening 2009 capsule)

I see me!! I have gained new friends!! I got promoted at work. Oh what’s this I see? I see me with a beautiful girl at my side!! She has a great smile and she manages to be his right brain through certain times. I am sure she will be there in future times too. He also served in leadership roles through Toastmasters!! He is also reuniting with some of his classmates through a technology known as Facebook!! He seems a lot happier than before too!! Apparently it could be from those personal growth seminars he has been attending. He also undertook some positive thinking methods too via DVD and CDs!! This guy is on his way!!

(Closing 2009 capsule)

Well, we finished looking at my four capsules from 1979, 1989, 1999, and 2009. It was quite the interesting experience looking at all of them.


It is another capsule!! It looks empty. On the side it says 2019. I wonder what will be inside this capsule. The only way I can find out is to live another 10 years!! Hopefully, this capsule will be filled with plenty of interesting items that will prove nothing but more success and more positive outcomes. Oh well. I guess I will start filling up this fifth capsule when the New Year comes.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention. HAPPY NEW DECADE!!


Jesse I-I-I

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