Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Choice is Yours

Greetings Happy People,

Have you ever had someone in marketing trying to sell you the next latest thing? How about someone offering you a limitless life insurance policy? What about some smooth talker pushing their latest weight loss system in your face to the point where they call you ten times – four of which are late at night - WHILE YOU ARE SLEEPING?

I have had that happen to me on different occasions. A few years ago I would have accepted multitudes of these opportunities, because I did not have the heart to turn people away. Now, I am able to possess the power to the point where I do not have to deal with these pushy people. Would you like to know how I am able to do this? Come on!! Would you really like to know the secret? Okay I am going to give the answer to you right now!! You don’t have to buy multitudes of video tape nor buy a DVD. All you have to do is the following. ARE YOU READY??

Just say NO!!

That’s right!! I said it!! In order to stop pushy peddlers dead in their tracks, all you have to do is just say no!! I know the answer seems to sound negative, but sometimes a NO is necessary in life. Imagine if you were to say YES to this, YES to that, and YES to everything. Chances are that you would become overwhelmed with things you never really wanted in the first place.

Am I telling you to say NO to everything that comes your way? Not really. If you were to say NO to everything, you would be closing the door to something that is potentially good!! So you may want to use the power of the NO at your best convenience. Weigh things out first before you actually give an answer. See if it benefits you in the long run. You can make a clearer decision that way.

I have been one of those people that say YES to almost everything and it has reached the point where I got swamped with too much!! It not only cost me financially, but also timely. Now, I am a bit more careful in saying YES or NO to an opportunity. I now weigh decisions and find out if the opportunities are even worthy. If it is, I will go for it. If not, I will take a pass. It is just that simple!!

The power to say either YES or NO does not lie in the person selling you the mega-isa-superty duper products – it only lies in you!! You have the ability, power, and motivation to decide where you want to go. Whether it is a YES or NO, the decision is all up to you and no one else!! YOU HAVE THE POWER!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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