Monday, April 12, 2010

Stopping the Cycle of Irresponsibility

Greetings Happy People,

It was a Saturday evening. I was talking to people at a Division contest in Thousand Oaks, California when I heard my cell phone ring. I looked at the telephone number and pressed the ignore button. A few minutes later, my cell phone ringed. Again I looked at the telephone number, and pressed the ignore button. When I called my voice mail, I found out it was my cousin.

He wanted to borrow more money from me. Ever since he arrived in Las Vegas, he borrowed a couple bucks here and kept asking for more. To this day, he still has not paid me back. He also tried the same stunt with other people too.

When he moved to Las Vegas, my cousin always talked about wanting to make a start here in Las Vegas. Additionally, he talked about going back to school and getting a high powered job. Months have passed and the only things he has done was hang out in bars, get drunk, and talk to different women about stuff he does not even have!!

As I made the call to him from Thousand Oaks, I could only tell him something that will end this starting cycle. I told him “No.” I was not going to help someone who is that irresponsible. Had he back his words with actions, it probably would have been different. However, I am not going to put myself through pain for someone else’s pleasure.

Have you ever had someone that was this irresponsible? Have you ever had someone that was worse than the person I mentioned? How did this person make you feel? Drained? Upset? Overwhelmed? Used? If you have an irresponsible person that makes you feel this way, you are not alone!!

There are people out there that are completely irresponsible. They do everything they want AND expect you to take care of things when they are “in a bind.” Many of these people will never learn as they keep doing stuff over and over again. The sad part about all of this is they think they are a step ahead of the person they are milking. Little do they know, their lack of responsibility will only lead them to a hole so deep…..they cannot get out of it!!

No matter if you were tricked or not, you can fall into the same hole as these irresponsible people. What starts off as a helping hand quickly turns into a helpless body. Anyone can be dragged into the mess that one’s irresponsibility can create.

The good news is you don’t have to fall victims to the actions of any irresponsible person. Instead, you can stop your own cycle by saying the following word - “No.”

It may sound cold to some people, but it is very effective. A simple “No” to these irresponsible people tells them they you had enough. It also tells them that you will not be dragged into the hole they constantly dig themselves in. Heck, it also lets them know that they are running out of options. Hopefully this will allow them to see their errors and make them more responsible.

A simple “No” can help you out too!! It will release you of any mess your irresponsible person creates. It will also make you feel stronger because you will not take anymore from these people. It will also make YOUR life easier because you choose to focus on your own life. You will feel better about this in the long run.

If you have an irresponsible person call you up and ask you for something, its okay to tell that person “No!!” Once you say that, you are stopping that cycle AND starting your path!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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