Sunday, April 18, 2010

Conscience Decsions

Greetings Happy People,

In life we make choices. Some are good. Others are not as good.

Whether it affects one person or one hundred people, the future we create is based on the decisions we make today. Some of them are spurred by our own conscience.

Have you ever made a choice where you first had your doubts, but realized it was the right one to make? I had that type of decision this past weekend. Judging by the end results, I was very happy that I made the right call.

Let me take you back to two months ago. I was running as a candidate for District 33 Toastmasters Lt. Governor of Marketing. This is the third highest ranking position in District 33 Toastmasters – a region that covers southern Nevada, central California, and Ventura County. Back then, I was making plans for different campaign stops in the California portion of the District. I noticed that one weekend had two different Division Contests: one was in Division A (The Lancaster-Palmdale-Bakersfield area) and the other was in Division D (Las Vegas). This decision was extremely difficult because I was also the Chief Judge for Division D Toastmasters. The job for the Chief Judge was to ensure that the contests were run fairly. In addition to briefing the judges, I had to work with the timers and vote counters to make sure contests were run smoothly.

Based on listening to my own conscience, I decided to pass on attending the Division A Contest on April 17th. When I made that decision, I did not know what would happen on April 16th at 10pm……

As I was sleeping in my bed, I received a call on my cell phone. It was my mother. She told me that there was something wrong with my dad. According to her, he was shaking and becoming delusional. I put my clothes on and drove over to my parents’ house. When I got there, I noticed that the paramedics were parking in front of the house. When I walked inside, the medics were taking care of the ol’ man. Apparently he was suffering from the effects of a high blood sugar count. For a diabetic, that is NOT a good thing. The medics took him to the nearby hospital and we followed him there. As my mother, little sister, and I waited in the waiting room, we got word that it was only a blood sugar issue and nothing else. We all stayed at the hospital until 3:30am. The good news is that the doctors treated him by lowering his blood sugar and he was released. When I drove by my parents’ house, I made sure that the ol’ man made it back to his own bed. Once that was done, I went back to my place to get some rest.

When I woke up at 10am, I decided to check in on the ol’ man before I headed out to the Division D Contest later that day. When I got there, he was doing a lot better. He was able to walk on his own, watch the basketball game, and crack a few good laughs!! Thank goodness that ended pretty well!!

As I drove back to my own place to prepare for that night’s contest, I realized the decision I made two months ago. WOW!! Imagine if I ignored my conscience and had gone to the Division A contest in California. What could have happened? Chances are that the story might have been different. I probably would have had a sleepless night somewhere in California wondering what was happening 300 miles away. I felt good making the right call staying here in Vegas. Thanks to my conscience!!

Everyday we make decisions in our lives. Some are as simple as which clothes to wear while others are a bit more difficult. The only thing that helped me make a decision like this was listening to my conscience. As I charted out the campaign trail two months ago, my conscience was strongly telling me not to go to Division A that weekend. Thanks to listening to that voice in my head, it paid off big time!!

Do you have a conscience in your head? Does it scream out to you when you are making a decision? If at any point you are deciding which route you are going to take in life, it is okay to listen to that voice in your head. Who knows? That conscience can help you and your future. In the words of a famous cricket, let that conscience be your guide. The future you can create from it will amaze you!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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