Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My First True Love

Greetings Happy People,

I have a confession to make to you happy people tonight.

Before my wonderful relationship with Dana, I met my first true love.

I have been having this love affair for years. Through the good times and bad, this relationship with my true love lasted for plenty of years. Whether I lived in Norfolk, Seattle, or Las Vegas, this love has always been right by my side. I do not know how to explain it, but it is one of those relationships I had since I was young. Heck I still have this relationship with my first true love to this day!!

Now how can an engaged man have a relationship with his first true love and his fiancee at the same time? Well, let me take you back to the early 1980's - when I met my first true love.

It took place at my grandparent's farm in Newsoms, Virginia. It is 60 miles west of Norfolk and only skipping distance from the North Carolina border. I was the little runt tagging along with my older sisters and cousins. In the spring and summertime, we would sample a variety of foods that were grown at the farm. We would try different things like peaches, cantelopes, watermelons, grapes, and plums. As I was talking with my older cousins, I turned around and saw my first true love for the very first time.

Straight from the field, this love looked beautiful from top to bottom. She was wearing something red with white dots and a green top. At first I was shy, then I approached her. She smiled at me and gave me the look that said "Come here." I approached her face to face. We smiled and looked at each other with great passion. I touched her skin. She touched mine. She got closer to me and I got closer to her. We got so close that I can smell her fragrance. Then, my lips touched her skin. And she was....delicious!! My first true love is a strawberry!!

Why strawberries? Well, out of all the produce I sampled as a kid, the strawberry was the best tasting fruit. It was at that point that I took a liking to strawberries. Whenever I get sick, I would like to eat strawberries because it makes me feel good. Whenever I smell strawberries, it gives me a great feeling!! Even to this day, I still relish the sweet delicious bouquet of this small red fruit.

What is your first true love? How did it impact you? Do you still have this relationship with your first true love? Did it have the same feeling as me with strawberries? If so, then no matter where you are and what you do, that first true love will be YOUR sense of paradise and your personal nirvana. Whenever life gets you down, please remember that you can always go back to that true love that makes you feel good. It is an amazing feeling!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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