Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Positive is a PLUS!!

Greetings happy people!!

Positivity is good.

Thinking positive is GREAT!!

Feeling positive is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC!!

I am a proponent of this bright, upbeat sense of attitude. It seems that when one can feel positive, the troubles of the world would lift off of the shoulders!!

There were times when I felt negative, depressed, and would worry about the past and the future. The more I did this, the deeper I would fall into despair. It really got to the point where I really thought everything was hopeless.

Thanks to a couple of good fortunes within the last 13 months, I am taking in a VERY different outlook on life. Sure there are certain pieces of the puzzle that still need to be fit. But once the picture came together, I started to look forward to brighter days – and IT FEELS GREAT!!

Whether it Is going through powerful breakthrough moments, rediscovering my own renaissance, finding that special someone, doing a special exercise (, or just even hanging around more positive people, I can really say that this whole positive aspect is just FANTASTIC!!

Thanks to this revelation, I rarely have headaches, I worry less about things, and I just feel thankful to experience these types of GREAT feelings!! Heck, I even manage to crack more smiles :o)

Believe me. When you get a hold of this upbeat spirit, go ahead and accentuate it!! There is nothing wrong with being at this point because you have that right to live this way!! If you have been feeling, living, and thinking positive way before reading this message….please keep on enjoying the ride!! Staying in this spirited mood can take you to greater horizons!!

In today’s time where negativity would take presence, I would personally like to share this feeling with all of those that read this topic!! There are many ways to live, think, feel, and do positive things!! All you have to do is just go forth and find anything that can push you towards your positivity!! You will be amazed where this shift in direction will take you!!

That is all I have for now, thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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penguinlady1 said...

it is always much better to be positive than negative :)

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