Monday, June 22, 2009


Greetings happy people!!

My name is Jesse Oakley I-I-I and I AM COURAGEOUS!!

Yes, there are people that already know that, but it took last weekend to discover this miraculous thing for myself.

I have done many courageous things within the last year: served as a local Division Governor for half of the Toastmasters clubs in Vegas, learned how to swim, sang in front of a karaoke bar audience, and asked a woman out on a date (which led to an awesome 13-month relationship).

Despite these fantastic things, I felt that more has to be done. It was like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle still needing to be placed in order to get the full picture.

While the “Living in the Now” meditation exercise is working well for me, and the certain breakthrough moments I had before helped make my life better, I knew that there was something still needed to make the overall picture much clearer than before. That was when last weekend happened.

On Friday, I experienced my deepest meditation session with a few of my buddies at a seminar. The visions I saw while meditating were truly fantastic!! I channeled deep inside my mind and it took me to places I have not been in many years. I laughed, I cried, and I awed in pure amazement. When it was all over, I discovered my own inner courage!!

Thanks to this breakthrough discovery, I created and received many miracles that weekend. I had the courage to help out with my community by sending bottles of water to thirsty people at a nearby park, I had more courage to start up a super dynamic conversation with my dad, and I had also set more personal goals for myself to establish by the end of 2009!! I also discovered that more miracles were also coming my way – whether I received or created them!!

In addition, this discovery also increased the size of my heart. I thought I had a big heart before, but once the deep, visionary meditation was done - my heart grew tenfold!! It increased my confidence, it further increased my positive thinking, it made me appreciate the things I have, and it further increased my own courageousness!!

With an increased heart also came an increase sense of love. Not just the type of love you see in relationships, sex, and marriages, but the type of appreciation that can be seen in different facets of life (such as my family, friends, workplace, and my own environment). This is way better than creating any form of negativity that would generate wars, mistrust, and victimization.

Now that I discovered my own courage, I would like for you to discover your own. If you have it, find ways on keeping and making it stronger!! Once you discover it, feel free to use it for the betterment of yourself and the environment around you!! GO AHEAD....Be courageous!! Create your own miracles!! Make a difference in the lives you touch!! It will be better for everyone to have this type of vision!!

That is all I have right now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention!!

My name is Jesse Oakley I-I-I and I AM COURAGEOUS!!

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