Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Final Division D Governor Letter!!

Greetings fellow Toastmasters and guest,

Before we all get together for the Toastmasters Leadership Institute this coming Saturday morning 8:00am at the CSN Cheyenne Campus, I would like to say some final words as your Division D Governor.

First and foremost, I thank each and every one of you for helping this community go further than it could. You are all amazing and I find it a pleasure to serve all of you as your Governor for this year. Without you all, none of this would be possible.

I have been to all 28 (soon to be 29) Division D Toastmasters clubs here in this Las Vegas valley. And I find that no matter which club that I am in, we all share the same dream and vision that Ralph Smedley had 85 years ago at a YMCA basement in Santa Ana, California. This is helping people become better speakers and leaders not only for this organization, but for our respective communities as a whole. I am very confident and assured that this same sense of community spirit will live on for not only the next year when fellow Distinguished Toastmaster Narayanan Doraswamy, becomes your Division Governor, but for many years to come. Together we can live the legacy!!

If I were to describe my year of serving you as your Division Governor, it would have to be that it was an amazing ride!! I am thankful to get in touch with not only the people I have served in this Division, but also outside of it too!! Whether it is working with other Division Governors here in southern Nevada and central California, or driving out to different places such as Primm, Bullhead City, San Luis Obispo, Fresno, and Bakersfield, or even just having a fun time, I really would not trade these experiences with anyone!!

I am also thankful for my team of Area Governors. Karyn, Pablo, Jake, Nora, and Adella, you are all great leaders and you are all awesome!! I find it a pleasure to work with each of you and I really could not have asked for a better team. When I looked at all of you before stepping into this role, I knew that you would be great leaders for your communities!! Three President’s Distinguished Area, two Select Distinguished Areas, and a President’s Distinguished Division – if that does not tell you about the high-caliber leadership in Division D, I don’t know what will. You have all done a fantastic job, and I thank you for helping me take this Division to President’s Distinguished heights!!

People have been asking me what is next once I step away from the role of Division Governor on June 30th. Well, I will still remain active in the Toastmaster community. I will be the President of two Toastmaster Clubs (Bachelors and Bachelorettes AND the Silver State Toastmasters). I will also be the Vice President of Education for three more (Carpe Momentum, Centennial Hills Toasters, and Starmasters). Heck I may have some time to become a Chief Judge during Area & Division Contests too!! And just when I think it is safe, I could get myself ready for another three-year run along the top District officers positions including District Governor - Hmmm. Time can only tell.

If I have any advice for the future leaders that will serve in the 2009-2010 year, it would be one simple word – community. Whether it is through your team of leaders, or through the people you serve, establishing and maintain an effective community is very important in the success of the Clubs, Areas, and Divisions. With a strong powerful community, no force can really stop you from being successful!! As long as you have the spirit, the drive, and the bonding teamwork, you will thrive!!

If I have any advice for guests that read this message, I would encourage you to check out a Toastmasters meeting!! We have 54 (soon to be 55) Toastmasters clubs in the Las Vegas Valley alone!! There are 12,000 of them all over the world in 90+ countries!! All you have to do is step in the room where a Toastmasters meeting is taking place and just enjoy what each club has to offer. You will be impressed with what is out there!! To look for a club near you, just go to the Toastmasters International website ( Come on by and tell them I sent ya!!

That is all I have for you as I write this final letter as your Division Governor. Remember to take care of yourselves and please keep the success thriving as we go forth to the next year. We all can do this as we build on our distinction. Thank you for your time and attention.



Jesse Oakley I-I-I, DTM
2008-2009 President’s Distinguished Division D Governor
(2012-2013 President’s Distinguished District 33 Governor??)
District 33 Toastmasters


Sandy Aubin said...

Great Blog, Jesse. How can I access your preivious blogs? I had thought to something similar for Division A, Area A2 since we are geographically separate. Thanks for any advice you may sned my way.

Sandy Aubin,
Area A2 Governor-to be

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Excellent speech, and great work as Division Governor I had fun serving with you as Division A governor.
I will miss seeing you so often.

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