Friday, November 25, 2011

Bragging Rights

Greetings Happy People,

Have you ever met someone that brags too much about something so little?

Unfortunately, I have met people like this. Whether they are relatives or complete strangers, they seem to get a kick out of bragging. It's good to have certain things and be proud of them, but it's another story when a person takes it over the top. One person's over-bragging can easily be seen as someone's let down.

As a strong believer in karma. I am a man that chooses to be careful with whatever he does or says. It doesn't matter if the deed is good or not. What goes around, WILL come around. If I do good, I will get good. If I do bad, I will surely get it!!

A good story about this example happened at a barber shop many years ago. I saw a guy walking into the place, wearing a UNLV jacket, overly bragging to his friends about what he is doing in college. His boys thought he was amazing. He continued to talk about the girls, the "easy" classes, and anything else that would boost his ego to the nearest planet.

Then, this "winner" walked up to yours truly. Mistaking me for my youthful appearance, he said "Maybe you will come out of high school and be just like me!!" He looked me up and down and said, "Then again, MAYBE NOT!!"

After that comment, he laughed out loud with his boys.

As soon as the laughter died down, I told him that I that was not in high school.

"Oh yeah??!!" he replied, "Well what school DO you go to?"

I pointed at his jacket and said "UNLV."

With an annoying, cocky smirk on his face he said, "What do YOU know about UNLV? You probably just some no-name Freshman pretending to be someone!!"

I looked at him and told him that I wasn't a Freshman. I was graduating at the end of the year.

That guy's smirk started to go away very slowly.

In his attempt to still look good in front of his boys, he said "Well I bet you going out of here with an easy major!! What are going to graduate with? Hotel Administration? Women's Studies? Sociology?"

I looked up in his face and said, "Oh it's just a Civil Engineering degree."

The place went silent.

Knowing that his ego just got crushed, the guy changed his tune. "Uh, yeah man!! Not too many brothers go for those majors!!"

He walked out of the barbershop embarrassed because he got "owned" by Mr. I-I-I. The barbers and the parents that were there gave me a nod of respect because I not only shut this guy down, but did it in a way that wasn't so over the top.

I have not seen the guy to this day.

This story goes to show you that bragging about certain things do have its limits. It is good to accomplish things and be very proud of them. On the other hand, it is not cool to brag to the point where one is being put down. If one does that, I hope the person is ready for the consequences it can bring.

An ego is like a balloon, Happy People. If it gets big enough, it will pop!!

Please know your rights to brag before you exercise the bragging rights!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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PurplePenguinlady said...

That was a great story Jesse and an awesome message! be careful what you say cause sometimes your words have teeth and can come back to bite you.

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