Thursday, January 20, 2011

Passing the Chopsticks

Greetings Happy People,

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word chopsticks as “two sticks used as eating utensils in some Asian countries.” I define them as learning tools to pass from one person to another. For years I had difficulties in learning how to use these two sticks. Anytime I put my hands on a pair of chopsticks, disaster was surely to follow. From putting them on the wrong fingers to food flying across the room, I had my misadventures using these two sticks.

Thankfully, my misfortunes ended many years ago when I went to lunch with some of my college classmates. After a challenging midterm, my fellow classmates and I walked across the street from the university to a nearby Chinese restaurant. We ordered different cuisines ranging from the House Fried Rice to the Chow Mein special. When the waiter brought our food to the table, I noticed that he did not bring any spoons, forks, or knives. Instead, he only brought chopsticks.

To my surprise and horror, I clumsily tried to eat my fried rice with these two sticks. Thankfully, a fellow classmate named Heidi showed me how to use the eating utensils. Within minutes, I was able to eat all of my lunch. I was even more surprised that it only took three fingers to control these two sticks. After that lunch adventure, I practiced using chopsticks until I got better at it. The more I use chopsticks, the better I am with them.

A couple years later, my family and I were having Chinese food for dinner. While my parents used forks, spoons, and knives, my little sister would try her best to use chopsticks. Seeing her frustration reminded me how I tried to use them years ago. In no time, I showed my little sister how to eat with these two sticks and she became better at using them.

When I taught my little sister how to use chopsticks, it blew my mind because I am teaching something that someone taught me. Whether it is a friend, family member, or somebody that is influential, we all learn different things from these people. In turn, we teach these things to other people. This connection is amazing because it allows people to carry the lessons from one to another. Imagine if we are not able to pass on what we know to different people. Chances are that the present lessons will become the past.

To keep certain traditions alive, it is important to keep passing on our knowledge to different people. One will never know how or when it can come in handy. It is amazing how one person can learn a lesson from these two sticks.

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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