Friday, February 26, 2010

Create Your Garden

Greetings Happy People,

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “garden?”

Do you picture beautiful flowers? Do you picture ripe fruits, yummy vegetables, and crops of grain? If you do, then you can imagine the splendor.

It takes a lot to grow a garden. First you till the soil and plant the seeds. Next you add water and sunlight on a daily basis. For a period of time, you notice the budding of your plants. In no time, you have your own beautiful garden!! But you do not stop once it blooms. You have to maintain your garden by adding more water and protecting it from weeds, bugs, and furry little gophers. Maintenance is essential in establishing your garden. Without it, your crops will decay in days.

Now take this analogy with whatever you are doing in your lives. In order to be a success, you must not only grow your garden, but maintain it!! Whether it is school, work, or career related, everyone needs to take these steps in order to blossom.

For example, a federal inspection happens at my workplace every two years. To prepare for the inspection, I would read various test methods, practice, and perform them to my best ability. Also it does not hurt to have a “PLAN B” in case something goes awry. Last November, I did these things and got good results from the inspection!! On the other hand, another co-worker talked a good game but never did anything to prepare. Hence, she had a rough time performing her tests when the feds inspected her laboratory. My actions produced success while her talk produced nothing.

Another example I have involved the organization I am currently involved in – Toastmasters International. When it comes to preparing for dues renewals, I would give an appropriate amount of time for my clubs to prepare for the cycle. Without inundating the clubs and members, I would remind them about the dues renewals and surely they will be prepared for it. If a club missed paying their dues, they can lose their charter.

It does not matter what you do or who you want to be, everyone needs to grow and maintain their own garden to become a full blown success. Think of all the successful people you know. They did not get by on good looks and great talk. Instead, they followed the process of creating their gardens. You too can create your own garden!! All you have to do is go from the beginning process to the end results. Who knows!! Someone might look at your garden and be amazed!!

That is all I have for now. Take care and thank you for your time and attention!!


Jesse I-I-I

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