Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mr.III's Leadership Diary: Lesson 1 - The Prologue

Greetings Happy People,

As the new District leaders wrap up their first month of service to the Toastmasters organization, I would personally like to share some words of wisdom with you. Knowing that I have been through the different levels of District leadership (Area Governor, Division Governor, Lt. Governor, and District Governor), I have plenty of things to say about the ride I have been through. Many were great learning lessons that I hope to share with those that read this upcoming series.

Some of the stories I tell will have some words of wisdom. Others may lean on the edge of controversy. And I also have those words to mention that are "interesting." Either way, these stories are from the vision of yours truly, the eyes of Mr. I-I-I.

For the people that are starting their new roles are Area Governor, Division, Governor, Lt. Governor, and District Governor, allow me to say congratulations. You are taking on an incredible responsibility that will not only define you, but also your legacy as a leader and as a person. Remember to serve the community to the best of your ability, never get carried away on your leadership title, and always determine what holds great priority.

This type of leadership is not for everyone. It takes a special person to take on these roles and the other things that come along with it - good things, bad things, and anything else in between. You have the power and the ability to write your story with how you want your chapter to end on June 30th. Despite the challenges that come from the outside, you have the inside power to create your story. The question is what do you want your story to be? A comedy? A tragedy? A drama? An adventure? A success?

It's all up to you!!!

Who knows? You may have your own story to tell when it is all done!!!

Now let's begin!!!

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