Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Sorry

Greetings Happy People,

Before I get started with this post, I have something to say.

I’m Sorry.

These are the toughest two words to say. Why? Some people are not too keen in admitting to things. Especially when they know they are wrong. They see these two words as signs of weakness, defeat, and total embarrassment. I guess some people would prefer to have their pride take over instead of admitting their faults. One can make many enemies that way.

It does not matter who you are. Saying “I’m Sorry” has to be done as soon as possible. If one does not do this, it will create long term pain as time passes. Possibly greater pain than the act one has done in the first place.

One good example of this is what happened with someone I used to trust. A couple years ago, this person insulted Dana. She attacked her for her looks yet never met her in person. Dana was hurt by these words and I was so angry that steam came out of my arms. I am normally a positive person, but when one gets my very upset, may the high heavens help us all for my hell is unleashed.

En el nombre de padre, del hijo, y espritu santo - Whoops pardon me.

A mini war erupted. Arrows were slung and rocks were hurled. And once the smoke cleared, I have not received an apology from this person. As time passed, the relationship between me and this person grew apart. I rarely spoke to her. When she is mentioned in my presence, I can either shake my head, shutter, or just say “whatever.” To this day, she still has not apologized for what she has done. We still have not spoken to each other. As I go on and do my things, I often wonder what would have happened if she just said those two words. A lot of the aftermath would not have happened.

Has somebody every hurt you? Have you ever hurt somebody? Either way, it helps to apologize as soon as you can. Believe me, saying these words soon will create a better relationship with the person than saying it later or never saying it at all. Like the human body, healing the wounds now is much better than healing them later. If not, more pain and infections will settle in and life is way too short for that.

That is all I have for now. Take care and than you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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