Sunday, May 31, 2009

The infinite roads to travel......

Greetings happy people!!

Are you stuck in a one way path? Are you feeling like you just CAN’T go anywhere except for that one path? Are you one of those people that think that pushing a 4 ton boulder up a mountain is the only way to get things done? Well buddy, I have some good advice for you!!
Remember the following saying that I am about to give to all of you: “There is more than one way to skin a cat!!”

Yes as graphic as this metaphor would sound, that is a true statement. When one can realize the possibility of finding more that just one way to get to their goals, they can not only feel a sense of victory when they get there, but also have a great sense of accomplishment on the many paths traveled to get there.

Great leaders always realize that there is more than one path to get to their destination. Their key secret is in the intention.

Many of you out there are saying…”Huh??” What in the world does intention have to do with getting to your goals? Well, the intention is the spark plug that drives you to where you want to go!! It does not matter if it is by walking, running, jumping, and flying, moon walking, or digging to your destinations, once you have that intentional focus-NOTHING can really stop you!!

Go ahead, give it a try!! Do you have goals in your life that you want to accomplish -That promotion in your job? What about becoming the world’s greatest speaker? Heck, what about taking that dream vacation or hosting a great party with some cool friends? IT CAN BE DONE!! Just remember to keep your intentions on focus.

There will be times that the path you take will become a dead end. Just remember that if PLAN A doesn’t work, always have a PLAN B in your back pocket!! If PLAN B does not work, go for PLAN C in your shoe. Just how many “PLANs” must you have to get to your goal? Well, developing a plan is an easy as sitting down with a pen and pad and writing down as many options as you can to get to your goals. Some plans would make sense, some would be way too silly, some would be safe and simple, and some would be waaaay out of your league, while others would just lie in between. As soon as you write something down, you my friend would have a plan!!

Once your intentions and plans are set, now you would be able to get to where you want to go!! Just remember that some paths maybe smooth as silk, while others are as bumpy as one can take. But when you get to your destinations, it would all be worth it because you are able to get there.

And does this just end with one goal? OF COURSE NOT!! In life, we have many paths to take and many more roads to travel to get to where we want. Once you are done completing a goal, just remember that there is always one more goal to focus on. And with all this, the more experiences you have in your travels, to more you would be able to grow from them!! Always blaze your trails and never stop growing!! That is the ONLY way to go :o)

That is all I have for now, take care and thank you for your time and attention.


Jesse I-I-I

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